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Sunday, April 26, 2015

[Review + Tutorial] Philips Easy Natural Curler

Sis, can you please help me to curl my hair tomorrow? I have an important date at night.
9:34 PM

9:38 PM

To be honest, I've never use hair curler on my own before and I always rely on my sister for hair styling until I was introduced to Philips Easy Natural Curler, my life saver! A good hairstyle is very important and we often see our hair as a reflection of our identity. Many women feel that a bad hair day equals a bad day; when a woman's hair is too fine, frizzy or dry, her self-esteem would be affected. My hair got really damaged since I started to dye hair, hence I always find ways to cover the frizziness like braids or curling my hair.

Today I will be reviewing Philips's latest innovation, the Easy Natural Curler with a quick tutorial.

"Philips Easy Natural Curler makes it easy to create beautiful curls even at the back of your head. Its unique Tulip shape and clever plates hold the hair strand while styling, enabling you to create curls in one simple movement." - quoted from Philips website.

The protective ceramic coating of the curler's plates ensures even heat distribution and less hair damage for shiny and soft hair. Ceramic coatings are always the first choice of professionals because they are the healthiest and gentlest on hair. Ceramic irons are able to trap moisture by sealing your hair shaft against the curler's excessive heat.

The 4 main features includes:
  • Tulip shape - Uniquely designed for creating stylish, natural curls effortlessly.
  • One touch clip 'n curl - Automatically clip for curling with just one hand in a single movement.
  • Heat safe design - Protects against accidental burns.
  • Light and compact - Slim handle and small size to carry around.

1. Heat up the curler. A heated tool will create a longer-lasting and noticeably curls than an unheated one. For Philips Easy Natural Curler, it has a fixed temperature of 200°C to minimize further hair damage and instant heat up capacity in 30 seconds only!

2. Blow dry your hair and make sure it is completely dry without any damp sections. It is very important as curling on wet hair is very damaging and causes breakage. Then, comb and detangle your hair which will provide you hassle-free curling later on.

In the picture below, I'm using Philips ThermoProtect Ionic Hairdryer with massaging volume diffuser to volumize my hair, reduce frizz and stimulate the scalp for improving hair vitality.

3. Apply hair care products or heat protectant to prevent damage at high temperatures and add shine to your hair.

Tips: For hair care products, you can only apply water or cream-based products because hair oils might actually weigh down your hair and curls doesn't last long when your hair is too soft.

1. Separate your hair into sections and always start from the bottom to the crown of your head.

2. Take a small section of your hair and place it between the ceramic plates. Keep a distance as you would need to rotate the curler upwards later on.

3. Rotate the curler upwards (outwards) and your hair will automatically fall out on the other side. Hold it for approximately 8 to 10 seconds. In this tutorial, I'm curling my hair outwards but of course it is based on your own personal preferences whether inwards or outwards curls. I personally like to mix the curls to create voluminous and natural-looking hair.

Tips: Hold the curler vertically for looser curls, while horizontally for bouncier, tighter curls.

4. Press on the button, pull the curler down the strand of your hair about 2/3 away and repeat step 3 until your hair's end is placed inside the ceramic plates.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other sections of your hair and you're done!

My tutorial is a bit different compared to the quick start guide provided. According to the quick start guide, they actually place the curler near to your roots, rotate the curler until your hair's end is placed inside the ceramic plates and release it. No doubt that would be much easier but I realized it couldn't hold the curls longer and your hair may easily slip off the plates.

Finish by gently finger-combing curls or you could apply hairspray to set your curls. Remember not to go overboard or it will eventually weigh down your hair and loosen your curls in no time.

I would say it's the perfect hair curler for beginners as it is very easy to use (two way usage as a straightener or curler). Two buttons (power on/off & lock/unlock buttons ) and you're good to go! There's no need to adjust the temperature setting as this curler has a fixed temperature of 200°C which is designed to minimize hair damage yet creating beautiful curls even on thick hair. Design wise, it is just totally meant for beginners or noobs like me to avoid accidental burns. I was really afraid of using curler and I've never use curler on my own before (except once when I went to 5-minutes hair makeover challenge organized by Hair Depot with their staff assistants' help as well). But now I have Philips Easy Natural Curler and I can easily achieve beautiful curls anytime without waking up early and ask my sister for help. :p

I also love the outcome creating very natural curls as some beginners may not used to tight curls just like how you wouldn't go for heavy smokey look when you just started to learn makeup. Besides, this compact sized curler is definitely a plus point for all girls out there. The light and slim handle is very convenient to carry around especially when travelling. I will definitely bring it along during my next vacation.

On the other hand, the professionals may find this curler is very troublesome. The plate size is only about 20 x 70 mm and the space in between is very limited that you can only curl 3cm width of hair strand each time. It is very time consuming especially for those who have thick hair, hence I wouldn't recommend you to use it if you're running out of time. It took me more than half an hour to curl my entire head (almost double up the time compared to other curlers) even thought I have really thin, fine hair.

Philips Easy Natural Curler creates very natural curls but it also means that the curls doesn't really last long (unless you perm it). I personally think that it's better to set your hair after by applying hairspray with lightweight texture but remember not too much. Apart from that, some people might actually prefer curler with variable settings to experiment with to find the right temperature especially for those who have thick and coarse long hair, they might need a curler with higher temperature for ideal curls.

After all, I would recommend this curler to beginners but not professionals and it is quite affordable in price wise. Philips Easy Natural Curler is priced at RM169 comes with 2 years worldwide guarantee and is available at various electrical stores and Philips online store (

For more information, please visit
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  3. Pretty curls! Never tried curling my hair on my own. This looks like an easy to use device.

  4. This looks pretty simple! But somehow, curls make me look old instead of glamourous! I prefer straight hair I guess

  5. Love the final result! You look so stunning! :D

  6. Having a good curler is a must for women. Even if some of us prefer long straight hair, there are just occasions that call for nicely curled hair.

  7. The Tulip design for effortless curls makes sense. I'm thinking of getting a curler for myself, this one looks easy to use even for first timers like me.

  8. I've always admired girls that can do curly locks....but other than the hair dryer, I'm terrified to use anything that heats up and touches my hair.

  9. Hair iron served as a curler as well. Ive been doing this since forever. Great products from philips.

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  11. My daughter will love having this curler but my wife will not.

  12. Happy to see this product, because my two tweens like to have a temporary curl to their hair. And I am looking for a nice brand that will give them the exact curl they wanted, this is it!

  13. I actually love the turn out of your curls! It will go well with the summer season what with loose beach waves being in trend now.

  14. Great results - you look fab! I wish i have the patience to work with curler for such pretty locks but i know I am too slap-dash-go to ever bother much :)

  15. Your curls look amazing. My cousin knows how to do that, too, using a straightening iron. Don't ask about me. I have very thin hair that I am afraid it will fall off when heated.

  16. Wow even hair have technologies like this. haha My sister would want one of these. :D She is into these stuff. :-)

  17. This saves you a lot of time doing those curls. It also much cheaper than going to salon for the curls.

  18. There are so many curlers out there that it is great to see one in action! Philips is such a trusted brand so I am sure you can not go wrong with this one..

  19. I never have this kind of tools to make my hair looks better... Maybe I should consider owning one now..

  20. The Philips hairdryer with the massager looks lovely. You have beautiful hair. #TGIGlove

  21. I love the Hairdryer and massager, haven't used them yet! But I have used the hair straightener and curler, it works like magic on my hair.

    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!
    SAP on Facebook

  22. Wow, this seems so easy to us. I'd love to get hands on one to try out. I'm always looking for an easy curling tool.

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  23. A girl's must have! Truly awesome hair gadget! Thanks for the kind review.

  24. We have a curler but I find it hard to use, this though seems safer and much easier to use. I hope we have that here in Manila.

  25. You look lovely with these gorgeous curls, thanks for tutorial.

  26. i love this innovation! i would love to try it one day. curls are lush

  27. that's so pretty hair! i will try and buy it that curly tools.
    thank you for sharing with us.

  28. Now that's some curls! =D Pretty natural curls are the best kinds of hairstyle to go with =)

  29. Your hair looks great, this looks like a great product, I love how natural it looks.

  30. Your hair looks stunning, and it seems so easy to use! I never can be bothered to curl my hair these days as my hair always straighten after 20 minutes even with hair spary :p x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  31. wow that curler actually works amazing! I've been debating on that for long.
    thanks for the post.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I usually use my straightener for such curls. this looks like a great product.

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    - Heena,

  35. You looks so pretty!! :D Thanks for the tutorial ;) It helps me alot!

  36. WOW!!! Your hair came out so pretty! I need this curling iron in my life asap!

  37. I like the effect you can get by using it; I would love to give it a try myself

  38. I purchased this Philips Easy Natural Curler a week ago because I have a fractured shoulder and the curler is promoted that you can use it with one hand even the back of your hair. I have tried to use it once following instructions on YouTube. However, I cannot use it with one hand and I certainly cannot do the back as also promoted - even the demo on YouTube shows the person using two hands. I am therefore very disappointed that this item is of no use to me. Before I broke my shoulder I used hot rollers in my hair and so I am used to curling it but they require two hands also.

  39. Good tutorial The best thing I've used is my Karmin.


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