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Monday, December 14, 2015

[Fashion] Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, Malacca

Dear fellow shopping kakis, now you don't need to go all the way to Johor Premium Outlet or Sepang Mitsui Outlet Park, there's another outlet mall which officially opens its doors on 5th December - Freeport A'Famosa Outlet in Malacca. This 180,000 sq.ft. outlet village with over 100 retail units is located just outside A'Famosa Resort Malacca, easily accessible from the North-South Highway, about 55 minutes via the Alor Gajah Interchange from the Sungai Besi toll and only 30 minutes drive from Malacca town.

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet is set in an open air mall featuring a lake, fountains, carousel and windmill with architecture loosely themed on Malacca's Dutch heritage. Apart from shopping, this place is suitable for family outing as well as photography session. They provide more than 1,500 free car parking spaces but I can tell you it's definitely not enough as I've been told that people are queuing to enter the parking lot and they even park till the roadside. Thus far the shops opened include Nike, Forever 21, Cotton On, G2000, Puma, Sacoor Brothers, Samsonite, Triumph, Nature Republic and so on.

I was there on a Sunday afternoon and the outlet mall is totally crowded that you will have to queue up to enter the shop, fitting room and even cashier. Therefore, I will suggest you guys try to avoid weekends or else 3 hours of shopping is definitely not satisfying! Furthermore, Phase II is expected to be complete in 2016 with another 40 shops and the total outlet size including Phase II and III is 310,000 sq.ft. which will definitely be a big hit among the Malaysians!

We were actually on a shopping mission to put on our best outfit with the theme 'casual' on a budget of RM350. We were literally running from one to another shop and I ended up buying the navy shirt and black denim skirt from Cotton On for RM60 and RM30 each, a sling bag and earrings from Forever 21 for RM60 and RM10 each (they are having storewide buy 2 free 1 and I share the deal with my friends) and a pair of Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 for only RM179. Total damage RM339 and you can get one whole outfit including accessories, such a great bargain isn't it?

When it comes to shopping deals, I understand that our main concerns are always the availability of size and whether is it long overdue and outdated stocks. Freeport A'Famosa Outlet does not let me down as I still manage to get my size with ease from XS to S and I'm so surprised to find that some of the new designs actually appear in Nike Factory Store which means they do not carry old stocks only. I wish I have more time and I will definitely be back for 2 or even 3 more pairs of Nike heh. Happy shopping!

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet
Jalan Kemus,
Simpang Empat,
78000 Alor Gajah.

Operating hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM daily
Website: |

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

[Review] Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015 - 2016

Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015 - 2016 offers savings at various restaurants and cafes, and outlets are categorised based on their geographic location (by area, states and even shopping mall) and cuisine type. With 45 brands to choose from, this coupon book gives you more than RM3,000 worth of savings in freebies and discounts and all coupons valid through to 30 September 2016. Some of the brands include Morganfield's, Sushi Tei, MyBurgerLab and JuiceWorks. Besides, the editors have featured some recommendations for each restaurant to ensure you wouldn't miss them out.

How it works? With 3 simple steps, browse, tear and redeem and you may enjoy your food! Browse through the worthy book, tear out the voucher of your choice and redeem it by presenting the voucher upon ordering. Remember to read the terms and conditions before redeem the voucher to avoid any disappointment.

I find this worthy book very useful especially for a low paid employee like me and my office is just right beside the shopping mall whereby a meal would simply cost me 10 or 20 bucks and above. In addition, GST has been implemented since April and it makes us even harder to thrive in a bad economy, this worthy book just come right in time and it definitely helps me to save a lot on food (eg. buy 1 free 1 udon dishes at Manmaru Udon which I've used recently).

Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015 - 2016 is available at major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya), selected, Klang Valley 7-Eleven outlets or you may purchase it online at for RM29.90 only.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Celebrating Guinness 50th Anniversary with limited-edition bottle designs

Well I suppose that none of you doesn't know what is Guinness and it's one of the Malaysians' favourite black brew. Malaysian-brewed Guinness has been previously recognized as the best in the world, beating more than 50 breweries worldwide to win the coveted "Guinness League of Excellence" award five years in a row. In conjunction with the celebration of Guinness 50 years of brewing in Malaysia, they have unveiled three Malaysian-inspired limited-edition designs for its Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans at the Intermark Hotel last Thursday.

"It's a very fitting way to celebrate the milestone of 50 years of brewing Guinness in Malaysia," said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director at Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), "For the first time, we've created brand new limited-edition designs specifically for one country, drawing inspiration from its culture and its people. Guinness has a long and storied relationship with Malaysia, so it's particularly pleasing to be able to launch this world-first here."

The three limited-designs will be available between now and November, while stocks last. Each design is bursting with vibrant colours and intricate patterns, inspired by the wealth of history and culture Malaysia has to offer. What hasn't changed, however, is the glorious Guinness inside - it's still the exact same formula that Malaysians have known and loved for all these years.

The new limited-edition designs have not only been inspired by Malaysia; they have been created for Malaysians, by Malaysians comprised of musician Edwin Raj (frontman of local band They Will Kill Us All), artist Donald Abraham, film director James Lee, graphic artist Lefty (Julian Kam), and photographer Vincent Paul Yong.

Each limited-edition design represents a distinct era in Malaysia's journey - stretching back to our tribal roots, through to the age of independence, leading into the modern day and looking ahead to the future.

How can we attend Guinness event without Guinness? We were served Guinness with caramel ice cream which tastes really good surprisingly!

The three collectible limited-edition designs will appear on all bottles (325ml and 640ml) and cans (320ml) of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout sold from now until November, while stocks last. I've got my hands on all three designs of bottle, how about you? :)

For more information, please visit
Hashtag: #GuinnessMY50

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Next is Now | Samsung Galaxy Note5

After four months since the grand launching of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is back with another great invention of Galaxy Note5 representing its continuous commitment to the big screen smartphone market, which Samsung boldly pioneered in 2011 with the original Galaxy Note. I'm so glad to be one the first few to discover the brand new Galaxy Note5 and now I'm going to highlight some of the new and main features and I bet you will fall in love with the phone rightaway like I do!

As I have mentioned of the big screen Galaxy Note5, 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED (518 ppi) screen definitely have a great advantage for multi-taskers as you can always check news updates while messaging or taking notes with S Pen. Despite the 5.7" display screen, it ergonomically fits in one hand with a narrower bezel and curved back as inspired by the design legacy of the Galaxy S6. With the increased size of display screen, Samsung has also increased its RAM to 4GB, offering the most powerful capacity and processing power on the market, enabling you to enjoy more seamless multi-tasking, keep up with messages, post updates to social networks faster and enjoy graphic-heavy games without suffering lag time.

Another point which I find Galaxy Note5 comes in really handy is its dual SIM slot. It is very useful for mixing work and pleasure, rather than carrying separate phones for their work and personal contracts. Dual SIM phones are also useful for maintaining two personal contracts, however, whereby one might offer a good rate on calls and texts and the other offers unlimited data. Or perhaps you frequently travel abroad, you would like to carry a SIM card when you're at home and another that is local to the country you're visiting. Dual SIM function is getting more and more common and nowadays people will put it as one of the main criteria when they're looking for new phone.

Furthermore, Galaxy Note5 can now convert handwriting into text in your preferred language. For people who love to write instead of pressing the qwerty keyboard, it will be an advantage as well as time saving.

As a blogger, most of us will automatically press on the Camera app once we got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note5 and start selfie here and there. I got to say Samsung is gradually improving on the camera features all this while and now they even have Live Broadcast where you can record videos and instantly share it in real-time straight from your phone! It's really convenient especially during concerts or travelling where you would like to share your joyous moments with your friends and family. I would definitely give a thumb up to the 16MP (Front) and 5MP (Rear) F1.9 camera for capturing stunning selfies and more amazing shots even in low-light conditions.

Here comes my favourite features of Galaxy Note5, the screen off memo and scroll capture. Talking about the screen off memo, I personally love to record things or write notes on my Dropbox and now I can skip all these hassle to unlock my phone and open the app to record with this new feature. You can just write a memo or draw on the screen anytime, anywhere with S Pen even when the screen is off!

On the other hand, scroll capture is actually screen capture (eg. of a webpage) from top to bottom up to 22 pages and you don't need to repeatedly scroll down and printscreen anymore. You can also do instant editing like adding some notes by the side or highlight the key points and share it to your friends. The improved air command will be activated immediately when you take out your S Pen and you can customize up to three shortcuts for instant access.

The new features are so convenient and I think it's totally meant for me! I'm so tempted to purchase the Galaxy Note5 so most probably I will trade up with my Galaxy S5 to get a cheaper price off heh :P

Making the 5th anniversary of the Galaxy Note series, Samsung is proud to commemorate the Galaxy Note5 with a celebration of the Note Legacy. What makes Galaxy Note series so special is its larger display screen, incomparable S Pen which does wonders and its multitasking capabilities providing Samsung users with an all-round immersive experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (32GB storage) is available at all Samsung retail stores at the RRP of RM2,699 (inclusive of 6% GST) in two colour options - Gold Platinum and White Pearl. Additionally, an exclusive trade-up campaign ( will commence on 4th September where Samsung fans can trade in their old smartphones for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note5 (discounts up to RM1,150). Head to the nearest Samsung store now and discover the new features!

For more information, please visit
Product specifications:

Monday, August 17, 2015

[Beauty Review] Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover

I've never realized the importance of removing makeup until my face getting more and more sensitive that I have to visit dermatologists. I understand that most of the women nowadays couldn't live without makeup and feel insecure - especially on those nights of glitz and glam. Despite the glow it affords our skin, if we do not remove makeup properly, the same saving grace can become your nemesis. Besides, skin is our largest organ and tends to expose to UV rays and pollutants on a daily basis which will destruct our skin tissue, hence it explains why do we have to use makeup remover even if we didn't put on any makeup.

Now, I bet most of you are well aware of the makeup remover brand, Bifesta, which was previously known as "Cleansing Express" in 2006. Bifesta is Japan's 1st drugstore water-based makeup remover and they are specialize in makeup removers only. As the name suggests, Bifesta embodies the meaning of "Beauty Festival", a celebration of beauty where beautiful skin can be achieved quickly, easily and joyfully with effective, fuss-free makeup remover.

So I'll start off by reviewing my favourite product, Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover Cleansing Lotion (300ml @ RM34.90). There are four categories of cleansing lotion catered for different skin types, namely Enrich (Dry Skin), Moist (Normal to Dry Skin), Bright Up (Combination Skin) and Sebum (Oily Skin).

I'm currently using Moist makeup remover and I love how convenient is it especially when I come home late after a long day at work that I just want to remove my makeup quickly and go to bed. It is so easy to use that you just need to take a cotton disk, apply about three pushes on the nozzle per disk and wipe off gently until the cotton remains unsoiled.

The cleansing lotion contains adsorptive hyaluronic acid for translucent skin so it is recommended not to wash your face again with soap or any other cleansing product which will wash away the moisturizing ingredients. For waterproof and heavy eye makeup, Bifesta Water Based Eye Makeup Remover would be a better option as it contains oil after all.

Next up would be Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes (46 sheets/276ml @ RM24.90). Similar to the cleansing lotion, it comes in two different type, Moist (Normal to Dry Skin) in pink and Bright Up (Combination Skin) in purple packaging.

Basically this cotton wipe works pretty the same as cleansing lotion - wipe off type and no need for a second wash. Take out one sheet at a time and use it on dry skin. One sheet of cotton wipe is large enough for full face coverage so you can refold the sheet to use the clean part and repeat this until the sheet remains unsoiled. I would say cotton wipes are definitely the best creation ever especially for traveler and I'm bringing this with me to Lombok trip next week!

Here comes the highlight as well as best selling product, Bifesta Water Based Eye Makeup Remover (145ml @ RM19.80). This eye makeup remover contains two types of moisturizing ingredients, Vitamin B and E derivatives, that are gentle on eyelashes and the eye area protect eyelashes and keep the skin moisturized.

The dual effects of the water based layer which contains skin lotion-derived cleansing ingredients and the oil based emollient layer removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner effortlessly yet thoroughly without rubbing or tugging.

Since there are dual effects of water and oil layer, shake the bottle well and ensure the water based and emollient layers are well mixed before apply it onto a cotton disk. Place the moistened cotton for about 10 to 15 seconds and wipe off gently. First wipe could remove most of my makeup hence there is no need for rubbing hard.

Previously I was kind of skeptical of water based makeup remover thinking whether it can remove my makeup properly. Furthermore, all of their makeup removers are wipe-off type and doesn't require second wash. I always have the thought that water based makeup remover could never beat oil based makeup remover but it has totally changed my mind! Oil based makeup remover leaves an uncomfortable oily residue and requires an additional step of cleansing but this single bottle just does all wonder!

I'm totally loving these makeup removers and it leaves my skin clean with toned and smooth effect. I'm so surprised because it helps to prevent breakouts as well and I get quite a number of compliments that my skin is getting better day by day. ;) I'm halfway through my first bottle and I'll definitely repurchase it! Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover series are available at major Sasa, Watsons and Guardian outlets. Cheers to healthy and glowing skin!

For more information, please visit

Sunday, August 02, 2015

[Beauty Review] Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick

Eyeshadow - when worn in a flattering shade and blended properly, it can add depth and dimension to one's eyes and simply draw attention to the eyes. On the flip side of the coin, it can become a beautiful disaster if you fail to do these two simple things. I'm not a big fans of eyeshadow as I don't even know how to apply it properly and subtly and now I'm going to challenge myself with Elianto's new range of Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick which they claimed that all you need to do is just glide and go, as simple as ABC!

Made with a German-based formula, this wax-based eyeshadow stick is not only long-lasting, its texture allows for effortless super smooth blending. It is waterproof, smudge-proof cream-to-powder compound is feather light on lids. Containing Jojoba Oil, this mineral oil free, paraben free and preservatives free eyeshadow stick is both dermatologically or ophthalmologically approved.

Packaging wise, I'm totally in love with these sleek, black colour twist-up eyeshadow sticks with the product name and shade written clearly by the side and a colour indicator at the bottom where you can easily identify the colour that you want at a glance. And what's best when the colour indicator is actually an in-built sharpener which can be either used as a delicate eyeshadow or a determined eyeliner. It comes in very handy especially when you need to touch up your makeup or during vacation as the size of the pen is just right and not too bulky for me to carry around.

Tips: Be careful when you're removing the cap as you might break the eyeshadow stick and cause a mess.

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick is available in 6 shades - Black, Brown, Purple, Navy, Blue and White (from left to right). I love the shade selection as these colours are all earthy, neutral colours which is kinda fair and suitable for all types of skin tone and daily makeup look.

Upon first application of just one swipe on my hand, I'm so surprised by its pigmentation and it gives me a very soft and smooth finish. As you can see in the picture above, all the colours except for the basic black and white contains a bit of metallic accent which can enhance and brighten up your eyes. These bright and bold shade selection is allied with this Spring Summer beauty trend of smokey, sultry eyes with a contemporary edge.

These eyeshadow sticks are very creamy in texture and easy to blend. However, you have to be quick before the colour sets or else it will not budge once it dries and it will be very hard to remove. Beginners will have to practice a few times more to get the perfect finish while on a brighter note, it proves that its staying power and smudge-proof formulation is effective.

No doubt that the staying power of these eyeshadow sticks is much stronger, I've also tried and tested to see if it's really waterproof and smudge-proof as what they claimed. The colour stays perfectly no matter how hard I rub it and it only starts to smudge after about 4 to 5 hours (note that I have oily eyelids), hence smudge-proof checked. On the other hand, I would rate this product 6/10 for its waterproof formulation; nothing happened when I leave it under running water tap but when I try to rub it, the colour fades right away.

In the picture above, I'm using the basic colours - black, brown and white for my daily makeup look and I truly love the colour payoff! It is very easy to apply and smudge out the colours over my eyelid. The long lasting formulation would be the main highlights that I'm going to emphasize on. After all, I would highly recommend this especially for lazy people like me. Just glide and go; it's definitely something new for you to experiment with! Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick is available at all Elianto stores nationwide and priced at RM31.90 each.

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