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Friday, March 27, 2009


26 March
geeeeee. 2day perhimpunan wanna line up according 2 name alphabet!
LOLs! my class all ppl dunwan move d so at last kena d ><
ishh! da Miss Low ni aaa mmg wad d lorr!
bcz of her, so 3s, 3m, 3k & 3e kena tahan!!
eeeee. i don't like lahh. Jin Ren & WeiYan behind me d
dua org ni keeep zat me! rwar!
midnight was raining d so d floor darn wet & v cant put our bag down
carrying d bag 4 almost 1 hours!
banyakk heavyyy weh! ><
but we no need go 4 Sc period d yeshhh! :)
after tht v go back class & d BC essay competition start!
eeeeeee! dunno wanna write which title d lahh
heee i dunno wanna how 2 write this essay d lahh
somemore front thr vry noisy!
nehh! Ong Wei Yan tu keep kacau me :X
eee i dhk i use 1 hours & 30 mins lik tht 2 finish my essay d LOL!
m not satisfy wid this essay d lahh but really no time to write anymore d so just stop there
Rawr! see ahkln's essay really make me feel tht my Chinese sucks weh!
darn pro lahh him.
his story really vry touchhhhed! :(
compare wid him mine can throw 2 recycle bin alr ><
after tht v all just sitting behind talk talk & talkkkk! :D
Moral, teacher din teach d
while BM & Seni no teacher~
so da whole day no lesson d & v just playyyy! :DD
after skul, v staying back 4 marching again! :X
haix maybe too long time din march d so hentak also no voiceee
eeeeeeee! some i stil cant make it perfect! RAWR!
then about 4smt went out wid JinShen & JingWen
v ran in d rain to 7-11 to buy Sluppeeeeee! :DDDD
aww vry niceeee!
but i prefer Green color flavour1 :3!
then we go back skul stay awhile d & went home @ 4.45pm! :)
27 March
wake up late 2day againnn! :X
haix after bath like not feeling well ):
headache + stomachache!
act really dun felt like going skul d
bt then feels better d so just go lor
ishh all my frens said i looks so pale :X
eeee Congrats 2 JunYaooo cz he becum pengawas tetap d :)
hahaa help me ya if i kena tahan!
haix 2day really so darn boredddd lahh in class!
wanna talk d but teacher teaching infront
especially Miss Low! rawr! she's like so em song d
lol 2day staying back again 4 debate competition!
eeeee. i took part be4 lehh! :P
i still rmb tht time i was so darn nervoussss! :X
haix our team lose d
debate wid Cathssy them ler ppl so prooo!
bt it's a good experience for me :)
yeshhh! our class team all win d! :DD
LOL saw Wee Siliang tht team debate really so darn funnyyy!
eeee! i dhk they taking part just for fun lahh.
& AiMei not bad wad xD
eee klaaa i stil haven hav my dinner so just update til here :)
p/s hugged my mojojo & AiMei 2dayy! :D


Thursday, March 26, 2009

26 March

hahaa im vry good 1 & wished him at 12 sharp ytdd!
geeeeee. bt really paiseh larhh
v stil haven buy yr present :X
eeee im gonna watch EU now!
soooooo update soon :)
&&&! all da best 2 my buds 4 debate comp 2mrw!
p/s ching sheong i SURE support you! xD

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25 March

ishhh! 2day lewat 4 scul :X
geeee 2night must slp early!~
two days late for scul alr
bt luckily tdk ditahan lahh cz just late for abt 5 mins lik tht
2day skul quite boredddd lahh ><
especially SCIENCE!
eeeee! cant tahan lahh
dunno why time passed darn slow during sc period!
somemore 2day gt two teachers sit behind thr & look 4 us
rawr! make me cant finish my Mathsss!
& Sej also lahh
teacher teaching infront thr bt JiaJia & I talking abt LengZaiis behind! :DD!
eeee! not me start 1 d arrr!
is JiaJia suddenly ask now gt which stars lengzai 1
hahaa Raymond Lam really so darn charmingg lahh
bt JiaJia said he looks lik small kid -.-
p/s her taste bad! :P
Recess just wid MinXuan & KarYing d ><
almost all went 4 debate d RAWR!
eeee! i sure go & support Ching Sheong this Friday hiak xD
cant imagineeee! :PP!
ishh! ahkln & WeiYan din come d really so darn sienz lahh
tht si fei zhu sure slp late d abuden he won't didn't come 2day d
after recess KH period really like no mood wanna do kerja kayu
at last i just paku 3 d LOLs!
eeee! tht JinRen arrrhhh don't look down me!
all tot i dunno hw 2 do rawr!
haix gonna finish it at home d ler
then we go 2 APD Room
teacher say wanna oral d bt scare cant hear our voice at class so come here d
yeshhhh! really shuanggg!
ada air conddd :)
weeeeeeeee! Angel's speech so Awesome lahh.
maybe she always act 4 drama & speak on stage 1 so she lik nt nervous at all!
hahaa thn when JingWen's turnnnn! :D
ishhh she manyakk funny! LOL!
geee next week only my turn d!
so 1 more week for me to prepareee well (:
& I get back last year Sej' proj d!
taadaaaa! excellent :P!
hiakhiak really shuang lahhh xD
after skul staying back 4 discussing abt marching formation d
rawr! darn funny lahhh them! :)

to be d Comander xD
hahaaa his voiceee arr specialll! STYLE sendiri fuiyohh!
2day just about 8 ppl staying d so v just arrange d place & discuss abt d formation
weeeeeee! really yeng daooooo~ hahah xD
at last just left abt 5 ppl d so Edwin took some stones & ganti 1st
then Sir Chee Herng come over here & say wanna memupuk perasaan wid our own stones! LOLs!
hahaa about 330 went home d & bring along my stone! :D
geee thanks hong jun jie acc me 2day
paiseh lahh make him cant play bsb d xD
& I met Joyceeeeeee many times 2day! :))
klaaaa gonna stop here!

m lovin' it! :DD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24 March

just now so darn moody lahhhh!
errrm i dhk bcz of tht thgs? haix ):
btw IM OK NOW!
especially thanks SINGYANG lorrrr xD
ehhh my kaki LOL!
bcz of your PERASAN-ness & make me happy! :)
i nvr see such a guy SO DARN PERASAN!
hahahaaa! i dhk u r d 1st? xDD
& d videooo!
LOLs! it's really so lame lahh hahah bt it works!
hahaha its so darn funnnyyy weh! :DD
"it's too lateeeee~!"
anyway thanks all my budsss 4 yr comfort la :D

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yeshhh! ;DD

geeeee went out wid my girls 2day again! ;D
abt 10am thn go Kepong KTM Station & go 2 MidValeyy!
OMGGGG! ZiXuan's look really scare me lots!
superrr short shirt (like snow ppl1 LOL) + short jeans + booots!
RAWR! somemore her boot wear wrong legs 1 ><
really dunno how 2 say lahhh
i know i vry sui bt really cant tahan so keep laughing thr d PS!
&&! saw a LADYYY!
her look really darn 时尚 xD
shirt+skirt+GOLD bag+GOLD shoes+LONG socks! ==
YeeKay said hers not 时尚 is 史上 blablablahh xD
abt 1115 only reach thr :)
i dhk v too long time nvr go MidValey by KTM?
LOL! d entrance totally diff! bcz thr gt some upgrading work d
gahhhhh 1st station EAT! -- Arena d xD
eee i lovee Xuan's fooodd!
Japanese food :3! NICEEE!
bt d Green Tea just like mineral water LOL!
afta tht v go 2 cinema & buy tickettt!
act wanna watch Race to Witch Mountain d but so expensiveeee!
evryone saying dis movie darn niceee! woooots!
bt thn v decided 2 watch Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun Li! :DDD!
geeee it's 18PL! v all so scare cant buy d ticket lahh
so da last min I asked d ppl who stand infront us 2 help us buy ticket
eeeeee really THANKSS lots! & he superrr gooodd nia xD
YeeKay stil tot he won't so good lol
&&&! da ppll so darn richh! HAHAHA use Card lehh xD
then EAT AGAIN! ><
ishhh! Baskin Robinsss TAADAAA! :D
weeeee i loveee Mint Chocolate Chip! Yummyyyy! <3!
hahah ps lahh i know i eat vry slow xD
it's really so so so delicioussss! HAHAHAH
so im wanna man man dep! :P
OMG! 2day really eat a lot lahhh
before d movie start eat IceCream again! :))
goshhh! i know why this movie 18pl d lerrr
got some scene quite cruel? eeeee!
&! someone who called Nash in tht movie is so YONG SUI!
ahhahaha! v all stil tot gt leng zai come out frm da car but? LOL!
anyway this movie not bad wad :)
after movie~ SHOP again! :DD
hiakhiakhiak~ saw many shirt so damn niceee lah man! :P
but really mm seh dak ><
m nt like Mak Zai lahh so seh dak lehhh!
LOL v went Pets Wonderlandddddddd!
goshhhh! i wan da GOLDEN RETRIEVERRRRRR! <333!
RAWR! really so damnnn cutee! :D
aaaaa & d Chi Wa Wa! omgg! it's so SMALL! hahahah!
yorrrrrrrrr i wannnnt! ><
then we continue our shopping! ;DDD!
omgg! influenced by YeeKay lahh
she really sot d lahh
cant buy any clothes then must buy food! xD
before back home v bought Big Apple Donut & KFC! :)
almost all d money spend on FOOD! :P
about 5pm then went home d abuden later gonna sempit like sardin :X

pictures again! ;D


ZiXuannnn! xD

Baskin Robin

Ice Cream on her nose! ;P


geeeeee! <33

& here's a SPECIAL EDITION 2 my buds :)
Lahhh! ;DD

i dhk this is d handsomest pic? xD

he's learning Yuen Chee! xD

& his SEXY legs! xD

to me, he's really a very NICE guy, da way he talk superb funny!
& he always let me bully :P
really paisehhh!
last time i still cut his hair until gt a hole thr HAHAH~~
&&&! his file DAMN NICE1! xD
he really gt a lots of nickname lahhh
such as
rice germ bear, HIV Virus, finding angel, SITI's husband!, ni gou li, germ bear & many many moreee! :DD
ohyaaa! & 1 more
thts PI GU RUAN ZAI! hahaha~`
& he's da one who call me pi gu da zai pulak! xD
weeeeee wished him ytd at 1207am!
luckily niaa xD
abuden ltr "ni gou li" cant wish him at 12sharp lehh :)!
last but not least, HAPPY BUFDAY again!
all da best ya :DD
&&&! treat your wife better arhh! hahah SITI! :P
tht's all for 2day! XO ;DD!

BFF means?
BoyFriend fat liao?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18 March!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (:
gonna wake up early in da morning again! ><
ytd i ask WeiYan call & wake me up cz I really scare i cant wake up 2day ler
eeee so darn nervous cz gonna hang out wif my buds! HAHAH!
abt 9 smt reach Starplus d
omgg! when I jz reach thr c somebody d
lol thts Chong Geng Cheng & Dominic
Rawr! somemore jz beside our court
&&! Ng Soh Chen stop calling model d okay? OMG lahh!
geeeee really so damn funnn! :DD
v just book 1 court so YeeHui, her bro & I go 2 another court & play ourself d
hahah really so ps lahh her bro seem so busy & tired d
cz he keep running here & thr & help us pick up d shuttlecock :P
gahhhh i love 2 play wid SohChennn!
hiakhiak~ feel so shuang lahhh hahah!
I play til half d thn SS d!
WeiYan like shocked HAHAH!
we play til abt 1030 thn walk 2 WeiYan hrs 2 take a shower LOL
YEEHUIIIIIIII! u bath really so darn slowww lahh xD
u din wash hair also need 30 mins?
p/s i bath faster thn u nia :)
an hours later v walk 2 Maluri Playground thr & wait 4 YeeHui's mom come & fetch us 2 Juscooo!
really felt soooo SORRY 2 YeeKay!
she wait 4 us abt 1 hourss? omg really so sorry lahh ><
it's 1210 now bt they hav 2 go home at 3smt ler
so v go up 2 cinema & buy tickettttt!
v watched Dragonball Evolution ;DDDD!
i rmb when m stil small I was just too addicted to it! & I gt a collection of it (:
RAWR!!! da ppl really so so so darrnn lengzai + yeng lahhh!
hahaha YeeKay keep SS thr bcz? he too lengzai d ==
really sazaiii lah! xD
& d YeeHui also
she say she so darn cold LOL (her fur xD)
v had our lunch at KFC be4 movie~
LOL v all LOVEE YeeSan soo muchhh la! :D
evryone rampas 2 take pics wif her HAHAH!
afta tht v just walking arnd & taking pics LOL!
omgg! v all really so perasan lah :DD!
p/s especially YeeeeeeHui! :P
they all back alr so left me & YeeHui lerr
v just keep walking at thr LOL
i dhk over 10 timessss?
really so boredddddd lahh somemore Jusco nth 2 walk 1 ><
about 5pm only back home d (:
eeeee 2day really met so many ppl lah.

adorable! :D

wid a prettty gal! (:

LOL! influenced by YeeHui xD

hahah couple! :3
wishh you can pass ur undang test la xD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Sunday, March 15, 2009

just view his blog
abt 3/4 days didn't talk to him
bcz of da thg?
mayb my fault i dhk?
i nvr blame u tht u cancelled d plan
m just em song & dunno y we all must chg our time bcz of her
m aso nt free lahh
u tot i really can skip tuition & guitar class evrytime?
these days u didn't come & find me chat d
i dhk u scare tht im angry?
sometimes wanna talk to you d
bt scare ltr end up argue again! ):
haix IDK wad 2 do lahh
hope we still friends! (:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sports Day.

2day is SMKB 29th Sports Day! :D
hiak hiak~
this year really vry lazy 2 go 4 any marching & duty lahh
so abt 7am only reach scul d
aaaa dunno why lahh jz feel tht m vry kik :X
abt 730 thn v down 2 padang!

v wear white shirt so which hrs khemah aso can go xD
geee thn v walk 2 front thr 2 c pompom & comp
somemore go canteen or toilet vry near aso nia
RAWR!~ 2day scout march til vry bad lahh
even tht day raptai also better
psps i din go 4 marching bt jz say here ><
&&&! d pompom was sodarn niceee!
*awesome awesome blue hrs awesome!*
yuuuuu evry1 saying red hrs da best ><>
afta tht comp start d~
omg Vinoth so genggggg!!!! :DD
weeeeee hiak hiak~
&&&! Tarik Tali superrr niceeee!
support Green Hrs here! xD
so excitedddd & darn yeng! :3
& d results is
Red Hrs boys & Yellow Hrs girls get d champiooon!
OMG d weather really~~
1 umbrealla also nt enuf lahh eeeww!
goshhh! BLUE HRS GET D LAST! ):
yuuuuu! sad lahhh ><
& d cheerleading get 2nd
WHY?! i dhk tht blue hrs better thn red hrs lor!
many teacher & students aso said tht lahh
eeeeee! jz 0.03 marks!
abuden v can get da 1st! ):
hiak~ nvm aim NEXT YEAR!

Friday, March 13, 2009

13 March

it's raining in da morning
aaaaww DAMN COLD.
when i reached school OMG! a lenglui talk 2 me!
hiak hiak~ almost fainted d lahh xD
Hui Ann's ANGEL! (:
afta tht v went back 2 our class
yesshhh! no electricity d! :D
lalala~ it's so dark! tak payah study ngek~
p/s d hottest news is SIAH BEE YEE & THING GUANG!
taaadaa! NEW COUPLE hiakhiak~ :P
aarrh thn Weng Weng come & ask us down 2 dewan
perhimpunan start d & gt prize giving 4 saringan last week
scr keseluruhan v r d 2nd! yeshhh! muahahahh so shuang nia xD
& congrats 2 whoever gt placing in saringan!


afta recess seriously no mood! ):
haix dunno lahh like smt happened d
she make me vry em song her right now lahh
mayb my prob? ><
act next Wed going Sunway Lagoon wif buds
but now cancelled
if she can chg her time thn chg lah
Tues i also hav guitar class lahh thn? huiyo!
u don't know why we em song her thn jz shut up lah!
evrythgs my fault again? ><
IDK lahh i just hope tht v can b friend back & crazy like b4! XO
btw thanks lots 2 JiaJia & Mak 4 cheering me up! (scr tdk langsung? LOL)
after school staying back wif Mak (:
lol she really fei lahh xD
too bored d so v keep walking arnd in school LOL
Rawr! SiaSui together again 2day! ><
hiakhiak~ she's my best budddddddddddddy 4ever! (:
crazy together!
siasui together!
play together!
gap zai together also! :P
& she's my best partner in Scout in dhk? xD
Xoxo! 2mr Sports Day d!
RUMAH BIRU BOLEH! weeeeeeeee~`

aaaa my toe keep bleeding d >.<

Thursday, March 12, 2009


12 March
also known as SIA SUI DAY! ><
geee i stil rmb tht last year da same day i went MidValey wif WanShan, ZiWei, MeenDee, ZiXuan & ZiTeng! :D
i dhk tht was d 1st time i went out wif them? HEEE
it's FUN! but SIA SUI! hahahh LOL
v did many sia sui thingyss lahh OMG
especially ZIXUAN! taadaaa (:
act v said next year d same day must go 2 d same place again!
bt 2day is school day lahh haix ><
so i dhk cancelled? or postponed 2 next week d
2day is Raptai Penuh d
so v go down 2 d field at 3rd period hiakhiak~
RAWR! scouts banyak yengg! :D
nehh especially ahkln arr fuiyoh!
he go 2 front thr & all ppl looking at him xD
heee but its so HOT lahh!
wanna stand infront 2 see d but too hot d! ><
weeeee Blue Hrs puteri(ssssssss) are Su Bing & Zi Qian d
aaaww both LENGLUI! ngek~
&! stil da same I SUPPORT BLUE HRS! :D
da pompom so niceeee lahh! SohYieng & Suraya so darn pretty! XOXO
besides, Hui Ann their performance okok aso lahh
ahahah SOMEONE love 2 see nia xD
afta recess d went back classssssss~
& i heard smt
someone's fake?!
OMG! really cant imagine lahh
YeeHui i agreee wif u! MEMPERSIASUIKAN!
v all stil tot u really so good bt thn all FAKE?! haix ><
i dhk its d HOTTEST NEWS now d?
all discussing abt it d LOL
teehee really had fun 2day in class! :)
Seni teacher din come d so v talk in class hiak~
really lame lahh all!
fruits pulakk!!! HAHAH~~`
Apple, Bananasss, Coconut, DURIAN, GRAPES & NANGKA!
all so ham lahh! -.-
& v play games also d xD
geee really crazy lah! so darn funnyy!
FUN! :3
2 days more Sports Day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


these days many ppl were nt in class & went 2 padang for raptai d
geee feel so happpy 2day lah (:
errrm bcz scout marching better thn ytd? xD
hahah nw mmg ada Sports Day Feeeel!
*wawasan 2020*
aaaa suddenly so missss primary scul d!
i rmb tht m band member when standard 4 until 6! :D
RAWR! Saxaphone lehh kai wan xiao!
& m ahkln's sifu! hiak~
miss my primary scul life!~
relaxx & play! TEEHEEE (:
anyway *big clapssss* 2 scout ppl! u guys did a good job!
2day raptai really vry kemas lahh
&&&! Abg Chee Seng so darn yeng d! :D
wooooots! Comander nia~
while 2day recess v went 2 astaka & see pompom d
aaaa Blue Hrs 1 so damn nice! geee (:
for me lahh its d best among all hrs d xD
hope Blue Hrs can get da 1st place dis year d! XOXO
after tht KH period pula
haixxx kerja kayu!! ><
i done d so jz walking arnd in Bengkel & act like vry busy d hiak~
p/s don't dhk tht m so useless lah!
i know hw 2 gergaji 1 d lehh xD
heeeee las 2 period teacher was so tired d so let us do our work quietly
our work-- TALK! :D
ahahah really long time din crazy wif Soon Yen & Su Yi d!
LOL Hui Ann talk abt d stories hw she bully her sis xD
after scul~ staying back again wif Ann & Yuen Cheeeeeeeee!
geeee Taman Angkat!
v just go thr awhile siram air thn 2 sth d went 4 Chamber :)
aaaaaa really so dak yi lahh d PPL! xD
haha Hui Ann sure feel vry sia sui now ler cz even him aso noe she dance 2day morning xD
rain heavily after Chamber d!
thn just walk anrd & chatting wif Hui Ann~ until 530 thn back home d
geeeeeeee TIRING DAY!
ohya! weeeee m taking part in Pameran Science this year d!
hiakhiak! xoxo :3

p/s i din marching 4 Sports Day.
just don't ask why lah
my marching sucks d ><

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kakak! xD

weeeeeee went 4 scout activity 2day!
4/5 months din go 4 scout alr i dhk xD
RAWR! suddenly gt mood wanna go d
cz i wan my sweeeet juniorsss cal me KAKAK! :D
hiakhiak~ 2day abt 715 thn reach scul d
aaaa! Abg Meng Wai choose me & makzai menaikkan bendera ><
hahah too long time din come d so i just stand thr xD
aikssss 2day no ppl cal me kakak & hormat me ):
next time must abt 8pm lik tht oni reach ngek~
afta istiadat pagi Sir Chee Herng kumpul us at tapak perhimpunan
he asked sesiapa tdk hadir ytd marching 1 come out & stand in a line
LOL ZiWei is d 1st one thn he said
"有请第一位佳丽出场, ZiWei!"
RAWR! crazyyy! hahaha xD
lol thn my turn d taadaaa!
OMG reli funny lahh
apa number 3 from 20 Kepong pulak LOL
aaaaaa paiseh ehh! & my reason is tuition & mom dun let me stay back d
bt act i lazy 2 go only xD
kln shouted
"I say YuhJiun u say shopping!"
OMG "thanks" kln lah help me ans lol
boyssss turn now d! RAWR!
LOL Mr Muscleeee! omg ==
eeee Tan Chuang Keat is d 1st! HAHAH
d way he walk arrrhh evry1 aso cant learn too special d xD
aahaha funnny la! :)
afta tht v put our bag at Taman Angkat thn start work!
weeee shuang nia xD
&! ehhh ppl! dun dhk im so uselesss apa pun taktau nia :)
&&&! ada org face BLACK daoooo!
simply scold & zat ppl thr~
aiyooo WeiYan kesian nyaaa xD
afta activity v all stay back a while 4 Abg Yong Lim bufdayy!
hiak~ gtg d byeee ppl! (:

Thursday, March 05, 2009

5 March

pada hari yg mulia ini, sekolah kita mengadakan Malay Choir Singing Comp di dewan xD
RAWR! my class is da 1st!
aaaaa v sang Januariiiii!
errrmmm nice song? heeee :D
"dengarkan lagu... lagu ini
melodi rintihan hati ini
kisah kita berakhir di Januari~"
OMG all ppl like blur d :X
ppl stand behind were taking d balloon~ aaaaa KIK!
btw thanksss 4 kerjasama lahh 3s! (:
weee other class performance damn nice lahh!
like 3p, 4b, 4k, 5e & 5l~
rawr! keat sing damn niceee1 *clapssss*
& i love 4b & 4k show!
aaa funnnyyyy! (:
heee 2mr final d~ cant wait 4 it!
classsses which gt to the final are
4k, 5s, 5e & 5l! :D
gud luck ya ppl!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

28 Feb

afta guitar class went Mutiara Damansara wid family again! :D
1st thg POPULAR! RAWR!
aaaa i love Ping Ton Comicccc!
WalauA so dammn fei lahhh!
dong gan chao ren taadaa~
& da 蜡笔小新 toooo! HAHAHA~`
ishhh banyak childish! xD
afta tht sis's bf belanja us at DRAGON-i~
weeeeee!~ thanks lots :)
geehee thn v go 4 a movie
rawr! really damn funny & banyak ham sap lahh xD
& went home @ 11pm
owhhyea! got 3 pairs of earring & a heel frm Vincci 2day :D


Directions: Once you've been tagged, you've to write a blog or a note on Facebook with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to tag, listing their names & why you choose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment ("you're it") and to read your blog. You can't tag the person that tagged you. Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog/note, so I can see your weirdness. (:

1. Ng Yuh Jiun or Eugene? :D
2. love my budsss!

3. wanna hang out now! RAWR!
4. cant wait 4 march holsss~
5. wanna go 4 a vocation ):
6. I want clubbing! teeeheee :)
7. felt like wanna try smt new? :D
8. crazy bcz of Ping Ton Comic!! xD
9. lovee Raymond Lam! he's so cuteee :P
10. addicted 2 Cassie-Is It You! :)
11. enjoying scul lifee~
12. kekurangan money! $$
13. lazy do hw & update blogggie ><
14. hope can get champion 4 da Malay Choir Singing Competition
15. score straigh A's in exam! xoxo
16. all da best in evrythgs :D

I tag

1. Ai Mei
- not emo anymoree? xD

2. Heng Wei
- da cuteeee1! :D

3. Yee Hui
- gila tall & sexy fella! *veeeevitt*

4. Wei Yan
- update lahh pls!

5. JWen
- OMG slim & pretttyyyy! :)

6. Edward
- long time din chat wif him? HEEE

7. Khai
- crazy! always chat wif him abt ECX :D

8. Eugene
- lalala da szb apple! :)

9. Ken Ke
- love her cutee dimplessssss! envyy :3

10. Lizzz
- hahah ROXYYY!! LOL

March :)

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