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Friday, December 31, 2010

Back to December

Just a blink of an eyes, it is the end of December already. Year 2010 passed so fast, seriously. I bet most of you have the same thoughts as mine too. Well, reading back all my old posts, I've grown up a lot. (is it? :P) Seriously I've learnt and experienced many things throughout the year, as in... too many until I don't know which to mention here. HAHA

It's new year eve today. Yeah, TODAY. Time flies. Ops, I think I've repeated this for blardy 8923079439 times! LOL. And Imma countdown with the loved one! :D How about you guys? :)

Blast Happy New Year! :D

Oh yeah, and I think I am going to Kaka again this Sunday! So stay tuned for my new post coming up HEH. It's located at Shaw Parade (google map if you don't know where is it) from 11am until 7pm. The theme is Chinese New Year and wear red! :)

Last post by yours truly in 2010. Hello 2011! ♥


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't missed out this piggy xmas!

You must be thinking whattheheck is piggy Christmas? Yeah, it is just a simple Christmas party specially for our gang only, Zhuzaigang :) So yeah, the Christmas party started around 5.30 p.m. at Desa Park City. And it's time for games after sortition to get our Christmas presents!

P.S. I am sorry for the belated post and I had to say it's flooded with tons of pictures! :O

presentsssss :D

light dinner @ La Casa :)

After dinner, it's time for exchange presents session! And we had a special game for it :D It's complicated and I don't wish to explain it here but yeah, we enjoyed a lot through the game! Especially our group, we ran all the time around Desa Park City and everyone thought we're siao HAHA :P We are who we are! ♥

so called picnic after games ._.

Marshmallows! :D

Oh, and it's our tradition. So called prize giving ceremony HAHA

she's so unlucky to get GangWei's present :P

And here's the behci one :P

And GangWei's turn! He's freaking happy to get YuenChee's XD

like couple right? :P Wait, look at the next picture.


YuenChee beh tahan him & walked away but he still syok sendiri there HAHA!

and Xuan got mine :D

Then, it's unwrap presents session! HAHA we're so troublesome right? :P


she got KarYing's one!

tissue box?!
To be continued...

A snowman inside! :D

JingWen's turn. She's damn rude I tell you :P

Everyone wants her present so much :P

again, the dont-know-what-to-describe guy LOL

Xuan unwrapped my present and I got her a necklace :)

there are more sweet pictures in her camera HAHA

SheyLin's :) looks so messy right? HAHA

& here's the main point of her present! :O

SheyLin's turn. And she asked us to take pictures of her :P

here my turn :D

from JingWen :D 

A mug :D she draw it herself! ♥

I'm posing for another camera actually, like celebrity HAHA :P

YuenChee's turn. She takes 989347698701 times to unwrap it!

So we got an advertisement period :P I had to blurred it or else she'll kill me :/

And she's done after around 15 minutes, I guess. 

a cute mug from YianBing! :D

Yeah, another exhausted but freaking crazy fun day! Actually we took a lot of funneh pictures but I can't post it up due to privacy. :P And here's my blog so I don't mind posting up ugly pictures of mine HAHA. We enjoyed a lot but too bad the popiah, Kai Pin couldn't attend and also the baka, JinShen far away at US D: Ops, and I had to say that my boyf is being so sweet thought of giving me surprises after the party but I saw him from far, too bad :P

We've been bonding for four years and it's still counting on. :) Zhuzaigang ♥


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Belated Christmas giveaway!

Minibites by Esther, another online store which selling cute accessories :)

I know I am a little too late to blog about this. Although Christmas is over, you still can get yourself a belated Christmas present right? Yeah, the smart me. *winks* And so, Minibites took this opportunity having giveaway to shows their appreciation to all the readers. :)

the prizes. Adorable, isn't it? ;)

So grab it before the deadline, 18 January 2011! If you love pretty&cute stuffs, like me, it's a must to pay a visit to Minibites! And credits to Hilda who shares this good news. :)

Found this so interesting? For more information, check it out here. :) Stand a chance to get this home!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Honeymoon above the clouds!

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Fyi, I went to honeymoon with my boyf hubby. It was also our 21st monthsary! We had so much memories and our very first date at here too ;) So, guess where is it nao? And sorry, it's so gonna be a short&quick post since he urged me to type this by tonight and I am so freaking tired that can't wait to bump into my bed now.

Genting Highlands! :)

Forced to pose. :P Btw spot the ♥-shaped earrings on him and the banana we won today :)

Happy 21st monthsary! The perfect note of my so called honeymoon. ;) Thankyou hubby ♥


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Somewhere far away,

Fyi, I am going to the so called honeymoon with the boyf tomorrow! YAY, somewhere above the clouds! *hints* :)

I'm so in holidays mood ;)

So yeah, don't miss me even though I know you do. :P Take care everyone out there, and enjoy your last few days of holidays! BYEBYE :D


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