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Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 April

just step in da skul in da morning thn rambut kena d! ><
ishh! Abg Joshuaaa`~~
tdy nothing special happened in skul :X
since ytd teacher scold us, evryone vry guai alr ;DD
sit still, listen 2 teacher & less talking! :)
Teehee.! 2dayy i superrb guai in class!
1st timee didn't talk & listen 2 teacher nia xD
(bt just da 1st & 2nd period!)
after tht no moreee.
evryone start talking & playing thrr i dhk?
eee! after recess, JiaJiaa pek dai me & go 4 her BoonBoon! :(
then Hui Ann come & sit beside me LOLs!
damn fei lahh both of us! ;)
haha don't knw why suddenly talk bout NERD! :DD
then we keep laughing thr alr!
mmg superrrb funny weh! :)
Geee! one of da NERD(s) is OKU LeeRonKitttttt! xD
ishh.! errm can sayy bukan NERD bt vryy ~~~ ehem**
his spec (gold color wan), pencil case, bottle, bag blablahh.
all darn "CUTE" wan :P
thn we just SS non stop thr LOL! :D
gonna study now! :X

p/s 2 more weeks Mid-term exam!
Gogogo! ;DD

lclyocmcy? xD
2mrw fridayy! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

29 April

Booo! ;D
got up latee tdy bt luckily din lewat 4 skul ler!
Teehee! gt operasi tdy.
XO thanksss pandaaaa aka JunYao din catch me lu! :)
da 1st & 2nd period we were in library
bcz Miss Assunta was d judge 4 da solo acting!
blablahh. thn we just sit behind thr keep talking & laugh! ;D
ishh.! nw we only realise smt
act Mr. Rong superrb nerd :P
aaaw. he & Mama samee 1 larr xD
Geee! finally da solo acting start d!
we were been waiting 4 so longg time! ><
eee! da 1st was Babyyyy! :DD
XOXO! wooots! proo english sia! :)
&&.! NICE acting! xD
& da 2ndd is Ng Jia Rong pulak.
LOL! evryone feels boredd alr & dhk tht da 1st even better thn him lots! :X
awhile moree & we got 2 go back class alr! ><
then GG period d.
Rawrrr. we all just talking thr againn!
hahaa. Edwin & Feng mmg funny sia! xD
& perasann tooo! Booo! ;D
ishh! thn da whole class kena scolded tdy during BC Period.
Rawrrr. bcz we didn't respect teachers & didn't line up according 2 da name list during assembly :X
we hav 2 stand thr 4 two periods!
teacher's word really make me feel so regret & guilt lahh. ><
bcz I'm da always da most noisy in d class :P
eee! & she said smt really make me feel so scaree 1 lar ishh! :X
after recess we went 2 Bengkel.
LOL. talking again!
nehh. still say wanna change d bt after recess forgot evrythings alr lahh
ishh! YiXin stil say Christian won't lie ppl 1 bt thn she stil da same lah :P
& yeahh,
tdy stayed back after skul practice singing 4 da AGM
and sure, support my boy too! ;DD
blablahh. congratss 2 Prefixes & they won da match! :)

1st picha wid XINGXING~~ ;D


& lastly
8 years of friendship!

Be My Wife?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 April :D

Teehee! :D
tdy reach skul at abt 7am superb earlyy! :) (for me)
thn just stand thr & talk wid JingWen them LOLs!
eee! YianBing latee 4 skul tdy ler! & my honey, Mojojo too!
after back 2 our class, gt ppl come & ask us down 2 dewan 4 class photo session!
Rawrr. evryone discussing wad 2 pose 4 da 2nd photo! :)
ishh! & YauHong said tht wanna pose looks vry shocked! LOL!
yeshh! luckily Pn Sharif nt thr abuden gonna pin my hair up! :(
blablahh. our position all darn kik lah.
don't knw hw 2 sayy lols!
after tht went back class & talk! ;DD
HuiAnn bring her old photo(s) come 2 skul againn~
goshh! JiaJiaaa mmg so darn DAK YI sia! LMAO
I just can't stop laughing bcz of tht lahh :D
p/s I'm nt sha! Rwarrr. :P
thn Sej Period talk wid JiaJia againn! :)
aaaw. darn long time din chat wid her lik tht d ler!
really funny lahh. we can talk so muchh & changed topic frm this to that LOLs!
Geee! I just chat & laugh da wholee day!
that's my life in skul! :D
yeahhh & staying back tdy! :)
Teehee! i really so darn HAPPY & HIGH tdyy!

one month! ;DD

Monday, April 27, 2009

27 April

tdy is da photo session 4 scout
Rawrrr. so gonna wear full u 2 skul.
ishh! when I reach skul evryone asking me tht whyy I wear lik tht
aaaw. mmg darnn kik suiiii!
evryone wearing half u except Ling & me! ><

ishh! those fella sms me & said wear full u bt thn?! Rawrr!
nehh. especially LeeRonKit!
goshh! Mondayy, ah ONG gonna talk lots again during assembly!
&&&.! kelas terbersih~~ Taadaa 3S! :P
blablahh aiyaa evry time nt 3s, 4k thn 5k one larrr. LOLs!
eeeew. Form 3 zone thr evryone umbrella-ing againn!
omg its darn hot sia!
ohyaa. da performance seems so funny bt evryone umbrella-ing thr so v gt no chance 2 see
finally we can go back 2 our class at abt 845 Rawrr!
Geee! v skipped classes & go 2 Astaka straight after assembly!
XOXO! Teehee. :)
when I just at thr all juniors squad hormat 2 me!
hahaa :DD mmg darnnn shuang sia! :P
aaaaaw! thn HuiAnn & I acc ZiWei go 2 toilet~
blablahh. hahaa i really so darrn happy lah dunno why :DD
& they say sure bcz theyy hormat me just now :P
Teehee! & thn RonKit they all playing Chinese Version masuk baris thr LOL!
so funny lahh RonKit be d Comander xD
thn f4 snr came d.
she asked why v din come skul in full u
ishh! be4 tht HongJun them ask me take off d so kena 10 times nia! ><
after tht v just stand & waiting thr 4 take photo!
blablahh. until 1030 only our turn d! :X
omggg. this time gonna wear forage cap & take!
eew. 1st time wear forage cap take photo d lahh. KIK SUI! :(
Rawrrr! & wanna put my hair behind ears aaa!
haix mmg no mood 2 take d ler so darnn yong sui sia! ><
finish take d thn we went 4 recess :)
we sit & chatting thr until 11smt only go back 2 class
Rawrrr. mayb class too boredd & I felt darn tired ler!
LOLs! HuiAnn show us some pics tht when she still small.
teehee! v found out da girl behind her looks like JiaJiaaaaa! ;DD
hahaa. mmg 1 larhh. Rawrr!
&&&! OngWeiYan last time damnn NOOB! :P
HAHAHAH!~~ his hair arrr. aiyooo darn cutee! LOLs!
& others ppl also changed lots :X
after JiaJia back frm da lps' photo session, we ask her bout d pic!
omggg. & she tell us tht is her LOL!
aaaw. all ppl vry ke aii lehhh! ;D
thn da last two period we went 2 Science Lab as usual~
teacher's face so darnn BLACK cz we'r latee d.
ishh! almost fall asleep when she teaching
totally exhausted 4 tdy! ><
i dhk i wanna take a nap now! :X
buaiii ppl! :)

p/s selling coupon, siapa mau beli? :X


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy's Bufdayy!

ytd's night after dad comee back, v went out 4 dinner & celebrate his Bufdayy too! :D
XOXO! <3
My Dinnerrrrr~
Steamboat + Terpanyaki! Geee! ;)
tdyy Daddy's bufday so half priceee!
eee! Sis & I keep go & take manyy food
Rawrr. mmg darn full nia!
hahaa. v all like bbq-ing thr & playyy :DD
aaaw. so long time nvr went out together wid my family! <3
I lovee this feel!
blablahh. eeew. act after eating went hang gai d bt grandma dunwann ><
Rawrr. so just back homee & wait 4 da bufdayy cake! :D
Teehee! Blackforest cakee~~~
Happy Bufdayyy Daddyy! :)

he really loves me alots!
what i want he also will buy for me :)
if I do anythg wrong he will forgive me & say its ok, nvm.
when i argue with sis
or when mummy wanna beat me he also will help me
last time he will bring me go shopping almost evryday & travel! :D
bt since nw he so busy with his work
we less going out & talk together d.
Teehee. :)
btw You're da best Daddy 2 me! :DD
I Love You lots! :3

ps I darn lazy 2 updateee! ><

feels emo :(

Saturday, April 25, 2009


chat with AiMei just now!
& she ask 4 help.
that's ~~

to tell da whole world tht she is DakYi LOLs!

gogogo? ;D

25 April

its da 101st post! ;DD
Teehee. 1st of all


Happy bufdayy 2 you
Happy bufdayy 2 youu
Happy bufdayy 2 Daddy & ShuKooon!
Happy bufdayy 2 youuu!~

woke up pretty late tdyy.
sleep until bout 11sth only got up.
then, bath, eat, on9 & do nth lol.
just on9 da whole day & went 4 Guitar Class at 330pm.
XOXO be4 back home da bao IceKacangg! <33
Rawrrr. tdy just keep playing ps3 wid Sis :)
& nothing special else :X

Just back & celebrated Daddy's bufdayy! <3
will post it 2mrw.
Blackforest cake later
& jogging 2mrw morning! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Genting ♥

19, 20 April
Genting :D

geee! got 2 wake up early in da morning & go 2 skul
yeshhhh Genting i'm comin' :)
after reach thr v went 2 da Animal Kingdom
blablahhh~ ishh! gt many animals so darn cute! :D
&&&! v saw a chicken bt its hair so nicee! BOOOMMM~~
LOL so darn funny d larhh xD

Animal Kingdom :)
wooohh Cablee Station! :D
omg tht time really so darnn scareee :X
evryone keep screaming thr wooww~~
thn KaiWen ask us 2 take pics & sing so tht we won't scaree.

after put our bag at da hotel lobby thn v went 2 Ripley's Believe It or Not
Rawrrrr so darn funny thr! keep playingg~~
geee! i lovee d spinning tunnel :DD
after tht LUNCH TIMEEE! :)
evryone was so darn hungryy bt stil wanna wait until 12pm! ><


we skipped Choco Wonderland & went 2 playy PirateShippp! :D
while waiting we spot a White Tee girl darn funny!
LOL! her voicee aaa fuiyohhh!
like set da timing alr, when she goes up screamm darn loud!
geee! our turnn~~~
Rawrr girls left, boys right sidee! :)
we all keep screaming thr 4 no point :X
hahaa after tht I hav no voice alr! xD

p/s RonKit damn suk lahh!
he not dare 2 play da SpaceShot! :DD
woohoo! I lovee SpaceShot!
blablahh~ 1 ...... 12!
Rawrrr da pressure make me cant even shout out!
aaaww tht time really so darnn scaree! ><
hahaa YeeKayyy sit beside me thr she nt dare 2 open her eyes & ask me don't touch her! LOL

bout 730pm Dinnerr Timee!
we went 2 PizzaHut thr! ;)
eeew. Expensive somemore nt nice sia!
finish eat d back 2 hotel lobby thr & wait 2 see da Dreamz!
geee! I lovee da light thr~ & da band! :DD
lol btw da show really darn boreddd.
I just lovee da white tiger! Rawrrr! :))
darnn KE AII! :P

The Pavilion~

LOL v went 2 ChingSheong's room & had a partyyy~~
omg his room really darn dirty & smelly lah!
ahkln's underwear on da TV thr! -.-
& they throw their thgs arnd~ omggg!
bout 1sth v went 2 Cinemaa & watched Mall Cop!
lol da movie haven start & they finished their food d!
many ppl slp in da cinema blablahh~
I darn tiredd also lahh bt da movie really darn funny! & I keep laughing thr xD

Rawrrr da 2nd dayy aka da LAST dayyy :(
eeee! we all really mm seh dakk lahh
so fast aaa! ><>
after breakfast SnowWorlddd!
hahaa evryone throwing snow thr xD
especially GangWei! aim ppl darn pro! Rawrrr!
but thn awhilee moree v gonna go back d ler!
wooohoo! after pack evrythgs thn they come 2 our room & playy! :D
goshh! they eat da junk food until my bed also gt! Rawrrr.
eee! 12pm d we go down 2 lobby thr & check out!
blablahh. so darnn tired alr d lerr so sleep in da bus!
geee! bout 430 reach skul :D

in da Cable Car.


Nice View :)

aaaw. Home Sweeet Home!
after reach homee 1st thg SLEEP againn! :X

p/s moree pics in others camera ;)

I miss da days wid him in Genting! <3

24 April

I really don't knw what im thinking nw
mayb im just disturbin' u too much

m i right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday! <3

21 April

geee! sweeet 16teen sia! :)

Chuah Kah Yee,
RUDE & YAMM! hiakhiakk~~
her friendster's pics darn lady right?
Rawr! just ACT 1 larrr :P
she looks lady bcz of her clothes only xD
ishhh! & I really nvr see such a girl so darn
yellow like youuu!
alwaysss let you chao sui sia! xD
blablahh. cheeeers lahh!
dun always emo jz bcz some small matter! TEEHEE :)

23 April

its Zhuzaiii YiWen & My Joyceeee's bufdayyy!
Geee! Cheeers up! :DDD
evrythings will be finee then!
rmb, im always here lahh.
find me if you need me geee! ;DD

once again


23 April

just viewed her blog.
i really duno wad 2 say & duno how 2 comfort her.
but i just wanna say tht I always here when you need me!
cheeeer up & dhk positivelyyy!
we are always here for you! :DD
mayb smt happened just let it go!
evrythgs getting better :)
appreciate evrythg & evryone arnd youuu!


i felt tht im so useless cz i cant help you anythgs also
bt just crying here. :(

School! ;DD

yeshhh! finally i no need curi curi on9 nia! :DD
geee! ps sia bout 4 days din updateee.
21-23 April
(that's why i cant on9 ><)
blablahhh. this time just Intervensi 2 only bt teacher want us sit according angka giliran! Rawr!
at 1st i really darn scare lahh. cz cant copy d lerr xD
somemore I nvr study at all!
Teehee. bt luckily JiaJiaaa, ahkln & WeiYan them stil arnd me thr! :)
da 1st dayyy. BM & BI!
ishh! Bm need 2 write Bhg C krg d lerr
& just 1 hours I scare tht i cant finish it larrrh.
BI~~ woohooo! quitee relax sia!
10 obj ques + a summary! ;DD
blablahh. finisheddd thn ly down on d table lerrr :)
2nd day. SC, SEJ & MM!
aaaaa! tdyy bring so many books 2 scul stil tot can read awhile be4 exam
bt after perhimpunan go back class straight start d!
goshhh! darn hardd! >< (for me)
haix i dhk this time Science paper i really will FAIL! :(
ishh! MM lagi teruk sia!
10 ques shj blablahh~
i tot i can get higher marks this time bt thnn?! ><
after exam they all discussing thr & i only realise tht i hv many wrongggg aaa!
I really nt dare 2 show my results 2 my parents alr d!
eew. during exam really so darnn boredd!
& I just keep drawing on d paper & ly downnn ler!
Teehee. ;DDD
last night i still darn relax & curi on9 thr hehee ;)
BC~ blablahh. saya paling suka mata pelajaran ini! hiakhiakk~
tdyy mmg darn relax! geeee!
da last paperrr KH!
teehee. 15 mins finishh! :P
after tht just hugging my bag & ly downn on d table thrr~
eee! mayb too tireddd thn fall asleeep d! ><
aaaaaa! bt last 5 mins teacher's voice wake me up d!
1st time i will fall asleep in skul d ler! goshh!
blablahhh. finally exam overrrrrr!
Woohoooo! i really so darnn HIGH tht timee! :D
suddenly felt lik jumping & singinggg! HAHAHAHH~
yeahhh! 1.20p.m. skul over d!
ohyaaa! be4 tht v sang Bufday song 2 YiWen! :)

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to YiWennn
Happy Birthday to youu@!

p/s 2mrw is da last dayy 4 Si Nv Renn~ :DD

Don't promise me anythings if you can't do it! :(

Saturday, April 18, 2009

18 April

Teeheee. :D
Genting 2mrw@!
so darnn excited :)
blahh will updatee soon.
Don't miss me :P


Friday, April 17, 2009

17 April

geee! skul dayy ><
so darn boredd in class.
just ly down & chat wid JiaJiaaa.
blablahh. she really darn YELLOW!
ishh. she almost same wid JingWen d lahh :)
LOL. they go & gap GG Teacher's BUTT!
mmg zadaoo lahh.
she stil say tht she wanna za teacher's butt! ;D
hahaa. so funny wehh.
btw teacher's butt mmg ROUND! :DD
JinShen said twoo watermelon! LOL!
even JinRen also loseee lehh! hahaa pro niaa xD
geee! after skul staying back to see Debatee Comp! :)
woooots! so geng lahh ZhanFeng tht teamm can go 2 da Final!
blablahh. Gambatehh! ushhh xD
eee! abt 1pm Final 4 da Chinese Debate Comp start! taadaa~
teehee :D Edwin not bad lahh. fuiyohh :)
blablahh. & da 1st time i see RonKit debate weh!
walao he nt nervous at all lahh.
& i lovee his ending thr! AWESOME :DD
geee! at last da result is
3S ZhanFeng team WINNN!
yeshhh! this time mmg shuang si liaoooo! yeahhh! :)
& Congrats 2 AiMei teamm.
not bad alsoo! got 2nd placeee ;)
blablahh. Zhan Feng is da best debater!
geee! then walking arnd wid HuiAnn in skul!
arnd 415 went homeee.

Sunday Genting! :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

15 April

geee! its raining when I woke up in da early morning.
blablahh. da 1st period Sivik!
eew. Miss Assunta ><
Rawr! now arr mmg darn em song her!
scold JingNee until she cryyy! ><
darn hurt lahh. scold ppl useless monitor. DAMMN!
afta tht she ask JingNee go 2 front thr bcz she wanna talk to her
Rawr! she arrr. mmg wad d lorr!
thn start talking again! :)
eeee! darnn tired lahh. so I just ly down & talk to JiaJia.
these days really vry happppyyy! :DD
dunno why lahh.
blablahh. now mmg Rubik Cubeeee season!
evryone taking tht & playyy! LOL.
after recess KH period En Yahya din comee in class d.
OMG! i really cant tahan our class tht twooo XX ><
rawr! I also dunwan 2 see them 1 larr.
thn YauHong straight call their name & ask them stop doing smt disgusting!
thn v keep talking thr really so darnn funny!
hahaa YauHong keep posing thr!! LOL!
& thn talk about ytd dat Si NP!
hahaa ohyaaa. tdyy WeiYan sit beside me & draw boy's hairstylee thr.
i really feel tht he's drawing fruits larrr.
Strawberrry. Pineappleee. Duriannn!~~ :)
blablahh. staying back tdy againn!
LOL I 1st timeee heard RonKit SING!
taadaa! :D
hahaaa nicee nia xD
walaooo his voicee mmg SPECIAL! :)
I heard ahkln voiceee all da time!
this show tht he's PERASAN! blablahhh.
&&&. dun alwayss no mood larr my boy. ;D
geee! went homee bath thn sleeep.
blablahh about 7pm only wake up & go 4 tuition.
tdy tuition darn funny also.
v do d krg about langkah langkah utk menangani masalah cetak rompak.
thn SheyLin said go & beat dat ppl & kacau his stall pulak! LOL.
tdy vry relax! :DD
no homework. blablahh~
gonnaa stop here & prepare 4 my lisan 2mrw!


14 April

ishh! tdy 3s & 3m kena tahan!
bcz 3m students line up at my class thr.
Rawr! not our fault also why wanna tahan my class wor.
then d prefect keep talking thr ><
blablahh then i saw MunHui argue wid da NP! xD

after tht back 2 our class & I saw many ppl darn em song alr.
geee! I heard tht da Si NP scolded WeiYan!
eeew! & he stil wanna use his special pose pulak!
darn funny larhh all ppl learning him hahaa :)
Pj teacher absent againnn!
thn Pn Maple come in & ask us 2 do da Personality Test
blablahh. i darn lazy 2 do tht lar so i just ly down & talk wid JiaJiaaa.
wooooots! ahkln kritik diri 99%! mmg ~~~
then when they doing da test a prefect came in & wanna check beg penuhh.
eee! i just bring Bi text book tdy blablahh :)
after tht I just keep playing in da class! geee! :D
YiXin bring smt tht darn funnn!
evryone playing d thg & Rubik Cubeeee also!
blablahh tdy Miss Jamielah dunwan giv ahkln & RonKit da handout
dai sei lahh. evryone doing hw they 2 playing Rubik Cube pulak.
geee! finally my turn ORAL! ><
ishh! tht ZhanFeng & JiaJia keep saying tht if i stil dunwan oral 0 mark arr!
make me darn scareee.
so I ask RonKit them help me to tell teacher tht I want oral.
Rawr! he raise up his hand & tell teacher tht ME this fella haven oral!
eeeew! fella pulak. da whole class laughing thr LOL
blablahh. ahkln blog write me til so suiiii! ><
when I jz start my oral thn they all say Pardon~~ blablahh.
darnn sui lah!
geee! finally i done my oral ler. blablahh no worriess! :)
thn da last two period we went 2 ICT labbb~
LOL teacher jz teaching awhile thn evryone playing games & chit-chatting thr alr
HuiAnn them mmg sui! stil draw out d NP pic! :DD
hahaa darnn funny!
& they save n set d pic as desktop background! eew.
then ZhanFeng them playing smt like Zuma.
Rawr! all play til so darn excitedddd.
eee! after scul gonna stay until 2pm ler bcz no transport.
blablahh so I follow JingWen them 2 Pak Hailam & had lunchh.
I just sat down awhilee thn wanna go back scul d.
geee! its raining heavily againnn in da evening.
went tuition tdy.
darnnn funny!
JingWen- Pengerusi OKU! hahaa xD
whilee ahkln Setiausaha & RonKit bendahari LOL!
ishh! thn teacher talk abt GRO pulak.
JingWen mmg straight lahh. she jz ask teacher izit ayam (pelacur)? xD
eeew! ehemm ** thn all start dhk wrong alr niaa~
LOL mmg speechlesss!
they just keep OKU & GRO here & thr aiyooo!
blablahh. after tht went homeee & had dinner!
Rawr! i rushh 4 d GG proj until 12smt bt after i donee also no use
cz printer out of ink!
& im using ebuddy cant send da file 2 WeiYan & print ><
eeee! aboutt 1245 only sleeep. darrnn tired.


Monday, April 13, 2009

13 April

blablahh back 2 skul again! ):
geee met MinXuan in d early morning outside skul & v walk to tapak perhimpunan together~
really darn long time din chat wid her on d phone ler.
eee! da 1st period all teacher went 4 meeting! yeshh! :D
& v start talking & playing in class!
Rawrr! my Seni teacher changed :X
blablahh bt idk her name.
aaaaw! later BI period gonna be my turn 4 oral!
ishh! whole class done just left me ><
so darnnn scare larhh & d STUPID WeiYan stil kacau me!
hahaa don't knw why i felt tht he changed these days.
he loveee 2 sing! eeeew!
after teacher comee back she asked us 2 go 2 Seni Lab.
yeaaaaaap! finally I can sit wid my gang same tablee!
& v talk about Cartooooon thr LOL!
hahaa i lovee Lilo & Stichhh!
blablahh. :D
& 007 also!
zz tht edwin's favouriteeeee! xD
blablahh. then teacher giv us see d sampleee of d Seni Proj.
ohhhh. saw smt nia xD *shhh*
LOL idk wad 2 say lar. all keep laughing thr hahaa!
geee after tht BI period.
omg i really so darnnn nervous lah.
BUT! luckily teacher forgot sia!
taadaa :DD
she just giv us hw & do niaa blablahh.
tht time mmg gt mood 2 do hw d so JiaJia & I rushh & finish all homework.
hahaa shud thankss me lah 1st timeee she wil finish her hw in skul! :P
after finishhh ngam ngam Recessss!
LOL! v found out smt niaaa xD
En Ilamaran looooks like Madagascar 2 tht LION!
taaadaaa! HAHAHAHA~
ishhh! mmg darn funny weh! :)
blablahh. after recess nth special lu :X
Bm & Sc periooooddd~
LOL da Scienceee teaching abt pregnant ishh!
SohChen them mmg luan luan ngappp lahh! ><
blablahh. after skul stayinggg back agn wid my boy! :D
btw cheeeers lah! geee!

I <3 YOUU!

I darn HAPPY now!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

11 April

yeshhh! skipped skul tdy! :)
blablahh so wake up at abt 11am.
eee i gt a dream tht make me so confuseddd haix! ><
suddenly i so misss my primary skul standard one!
geeeeeeee! i rmb tht time i lovee to go 2 toilet nia xD
hahaa ponteng saja!
& evryday during recess v play at coridor thr
blablahh really so darn shuanggggg! :D
heee. stayyy at hrs da whole day!
& play my ps3! taadaa!
blablahh really so darnnn happpy wehh!
eee went guitar class in d afternooon~
ishh! obviously my practical better thn theory lots ><
tdyy teacher darnn free so gt extra timeee!
duno why larhh 2day darnn exciteddd! :DD
geee gonna stop here & do my homework. ><

blablahh :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

10 April

tdy mood DARN GOOD! :D
keep playing & laughing in class!
i don't knw why lahh just superb high 2day! xD
just bcz a small matter bt i can laugh like crazyy lol
eeeww WeiYan darn sui larhh.
keep zat me ishh!
u make me really wanna scold u rude words!
geeeee staying back againn tdy!
for d Genting meeting pulak
yeshh! so darn excited larr! :)
mayb sat v go 2 Jusco 2gether 2 buyy junk food! heee.
taadaa! i gt my ps3 tdyyy! :DD
a bufday present frm sis~
blablahh. :P
niceee sia! BUT no gamee! ):

i lovee my ps3! :3

Thursday, April 09, 2009

9 April

tdy i skipped classes & go 2 Pameran Science again!
ishh! mmg darn sien lar.
sitting thr & doing nth ><
evry1 is playing d tealight thr LOL
haix tdy nt really in mood lar.
darn boreddd & our experiment faileddd.
eee! im no mood 2 blog here tdy.

ps3! :)

8 April

tdy whole skul r having Senamrobik so evry1 gonna wear t-shirt 2 scul :)
blablahh. 1st time our scul r having dis kind of thg!
i was standing at middle thr wid SoonYen, SuYi, YiXin & JiaJia blahh.
ishh! v all go & cabut SengYi's whiteee hairr! :D
hahaa mmg angkasawan xD
evryone tried tht but cant! LOL
in d early morning dah begitu high lahh.
& ahkln them really so darn funny! :)
they all follow wad teacher do & like dancing thr xD
GangWei them also. ishh!
mmg so darn HOT standing at thr
so v all stand behind JinYang hiakhiak~
& saw someone tht time fuiyohh! :)
two couple behindd us wehhh lalala~
after tht v go 2 kimia lab 4 Pameran Scienceee.
tdy is d last dayyy ler & ltr after recess teachers will come & giv marks!
dis time v just wanna make it easyy blablahh.
& JingWen said wanna use leaves as deco? OMG!
after recess im nt staying at kimia lab 4 explanation
bcz i din bring pinaform! rawr!
then tot of wanna put my bag in class & go 4 kh
but i saw my class was sitting at foyer thr & waiting?
ishh! kh period wehh sure straight go 2 bengkel 1 larr.
thn En Ilamaran came 2 us & ask
haix mmg longgggg storyy! at last RonKit & I kena scolded i dhk? ><
we all sitting thr & chit-chatting blablahh.
ahkln & I din bring books so just doin nth thr lor
lalala. d last two period were Moral!
aiyaaa it's time 2 chat againn! :D
ahkln arrrrrr. 1 word YAM!
teacher talking abt d keburukan ICT thn he go infront & write PORN thr! LOL
hahaa & i keep playing WeiYan behind thr!
hiakhiak~ come & beat me lahhh :P
v really talk alots behind! :)
HuiAnn asked us 4 a test!
hahaa im 65% SS/perasan?
aiyaa at least better thn ahkln & edwin! :P
they 80% lahh. d HIGHEST! blablahh.
after skul im stayinggg back again!
4 badminton & chamberrrr.
thanks a Hannnnnn 4 d Ice-Creammm & play guitarr for me :P
<3 loveee storyy.
blablahh & thanks KahYee u all cheering me up larhh.
ishh! i want learn drummm & electric guitar! ><
darrnnn YENG! geeeeeee.
abt 430 went homee. :)
mmg darn tireddd lar.
yeshhh! skipped tuition again tdy!


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

haix i just feel darn fan right nw! ):


7 April

tdy mmg not in mood! ):
my leg was so darn painn & our experiment failed! ><
haix i really don't knw what to do
act stil tot 2day must finish all!
bt in the end?
haix mmg no hopeeee!
& I heard tht thr's 10 prize 4 sesi pagi.
ishh! suree losee d larhh ><
geeeee. tdy my whole class r taking part in Pertandingan Wau~
hiakhiak~ be4 tht i stil tot tht v can play at padang thr
so JingWen & I skip Pameran Science go 2 foyer thr
bt act is make a Wau lar blablahh.
we go into dewan thr & d ppl ask us 2 sit down
haven start also sien alr so v just go back 2 kimia lab nia xD
LOL although our experiment failed
bt v stil had fun at kimia lab! :)
tdy Petugas Pameran Science r Ng Jia Rong & Yap Wing Teck blablahh :P
ishh! they mmg funny larhh.
MinXuan tht group is homemade perfumee
omggg! busuknyaaa~ xD
taste so weird!
she said its orkid & v tot green apple pulak! LOL
but i dhk at least better thn our group lahh.
rawr! i dunwan 2 be ketua! & IM NOT KETUA lahh.
omgg! our group mmg d worst! ><
MOST noisy
MOST dirty &
at abt 12pm they asked us 2 clean up our tableee
but all ppl sitting thr & playing d magic cubeee? LOL!
after tht v go 2 dewan & meet JiaJia themm!
ishh! ahkln mmg YAM!
his mind really duno made of wad!?
since he teach me so many YAM thgs alr so just dun mind talk abt it again lahh.
thn v go 2 ICT lab.
mmg boredd lahh
sitting thr & talk blablahh.
yeshhh! 2dayy no class so no homework againn! :D
geeee. im waiting 4 2mrw senamrobic & fashion showww!
omg. our class wakil mmg specialll! :)
taadaa! Tan Wei Jian & Kerk Yan Juin pulaa!
da "sweeeet couple" in class fuiyohh! :DD
btw my leg was hurt badly & i dunno 2mrw senamrobic how lerr ><
ishh! just nw tuition GangWei & ahkln stil wanna zat me!
dun let me knw u two fall down next time! RAWR!
eeee. tdy im nt staying back at sch ler.
sooo darn SORRY 2 my boy wehh! ><
i felt tht i make u so down 2dayy larh.
anyway take careeee! :3

ciaoz! :D

Monday, April 06, 2009

6 April

im taking part in Pameran Science so stay at kimia lab d whole dayyy! :D
yippeee! skip all spotcheck! hair & beg penuh blablahh
geeee 2day my bag KOSONG!
just a t-shirt, bottle, pencil case, & smt need 4 d experiment! :)
lalala~ 2day perhimpunan is abt Minggu Sc & Mm, Seni & Geografiiiii!
1st! our kelab Seni Pengerusiii give a speech blablahh
nehhh! tu Hwan Khing Yuan pula xD
after tht performancee blahhh~
LOL! apa tariann bocor bocor? eee! idk larhh xD
hahaa Edwinnnnn's favourite! :P
ishh! sitting thr mmg hot lahh.
thn WeiYan said awhile moreee can see tht many ppl umbrella-ing again!
mmg "lucky" lahh.
JinRen & WeiYan behind me & keep zat me pulak!
okayyy. back 2 my Pameran Scienceeee.
hahaa we did smt quiteee weird?
ishhh! when i explain RonKit they all taktauuu~ *blur*
geeeeee at last our experiment SUCCESSS! :DD
yeshhhh! ehh i tried ytd d lar dun play play :P
v finished our experiment d then just walking arnd~
abt 1230 we gonna go back 2 our respective class & study ler ><
eeeew! sciencee period lahh.
hatee it! tht RonKit mmg YAM!
he said teacher gonna teach us Chapter 4 Reproduction so he must go back class!
ishhh! wads tht larhh LOL
hahaa darn funny larhh bcz of BANANA SUCKER!
lol! my table all yam lou! omg.
aiyooo. laugh non stop thr larhh xD
after sch pula stayy backkk~
rawr! marching marching marchinggg! ><
mmg sia suiii arrr!
gonna march infront of my boy! OMG!
&&& felt so sorry 2 Edwinnnn!
i hurt his hand d larhh ><
RonKit & WeiYan them so shuang larhh.
im marching thr & they just like Sir keep saying hand 90 degrees blablahh!
rawrr! so so sooo paisehh! my marching mmg mm dim! ):
after finish marching go & find my boy againnn! :D
weeeeeeeeeee. gt a superb secret frm him!
woooots! mmg cant imagine lahh. OMGG!
heee about 420 back homeee d!
ishhh! be4 tht i did smt mmg SIA SUIII! ><
rawr! i was fell down at sch front gate there.
eeeeew! sangat sakit lahh!
& i cried 4 almost half an hours? ><
mummmyyyy arrr!
till now! my leg stil bleeding haix!
2mrw i really don't knw wanna how 2 go sch larhh.
& d sei khaiii stil zat me ><
eeee. im gonna stop here & hv my dinner :)

mmg lovee my boy so muchh! :D
I Miss Him.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

4 April

i didn't blog for almost a week
bcz i really darn lazy & busy recently!
evryday staying back afta tht homework, music, tuition blablahh
ishh! this week almost evryday aso lewat lerr ><
eee! these days really so darn relax & happy! :D
come school just talk & talk in class!
afta hols many teachers bcum vry fierce alr
like my gg teacher & Miss Jamielah~
eeeee! i felt tht my class really so sui lahh
nw so many teachers tak boleh tahan us alr
lik wht they said
the best class always gt many attitude prob!
heee last Mon's
my group selling Rojak at canteen thr during recess
ishh! stupid sivik proj larhh
abt 10am v go down & prepared
RAWR! tht Miss Assunta really darn fan lahh!
we doing work & she keep ngam ngam ngam! ><
eee at 1st many ppl come & buy
hahaa & they said nt bad? :DD
i din try so i don't knw~
weeee v all really so darn high at thr lahh!
hahaa & ahkln shouting thr LOL
eeeee! at last we sold alll!
hiakhiak~ earn about rm180
yeshhhh! its a good experience for us :)
ps act i nvr help anythgs at all!
just stand thr, wait & put a stick on it only!
banyakkk relax my job! :P
while last Thur's
Rawr! thr's a Geografi Ceramah 4 form 3's students!
my class skip perhimpunan & go 2 dewan arrange chairs
omg really so sien lah~
it end at 1030 & v stil wanna go back class row by row!
JingWen keep saying tht her Tomyam bo liao lahh LOL
after recess v ponteng class & go 2 foyer for the Congkak Competition! :D
eeee! i didn't take part larhh just go thr 4 fun!
stayed at thr & play about 1 hrs xD
1st round vs JingWen!
yeshhhh! I WIN~
taadaaa! really so darn fun lahh!
hahaa since secondary scul i didn't play congkak ler
i miss tht! ><
geeeee! act v wanna go 4 Batu Seremban bt ppl said full
so v cant play d haix!
while d last two period v go back class & guai guai study ler :X
it's d last day Pn Roslizah teach us! (i dhk i din spell wrong her name? )
& she changing skul on next Monday
4 months!
she taught us 4 four months & v nvr listen to her! xD
so 2day must do her homework, listen 2 wad she said~
wonders next Mon who will teaching us Seni? lol
after back home saw mom bought many thgs for us! :DD
she went Jusco 4 d J-Card Dayy~
eeee i loveee my mummyy! :3
yeshh! im waiting for my ps3 next Mon! :DD
okayy. i dhk im just stop hereee.
teeeheee (:

i love EDWARD TAN lots! :3

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