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Thursday, May 29, 2014

[Beauty Review] BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner

Blusher makes us look healthier; foundation makes our faces appear more symmetrical; eyeliner and mascara make our eyes look bigger and gleaming. I always heard people saying they can't live without eyeliner or mascara that they must draw a thin fine line even when they're going for grocery shopping or running errands. Are you one of them too? :) In relation to the topic of 'make up' today, I'm going to do a review of my new addiction, BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner.

Of striking hot pink colour and heart shape patterns, I have just fell in love with their lovely packaging! And what's best is they even attached a simple tutorial to guide you for the perfect cat eye look.

BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner is actually two products in one with a twin headed applicator, definitely a plus point especially for travelling purposes. They have labelled it clearly which side is mascara or eyeliner so you won't get mixed up. You may also refer to the colour of the packaging as the shade for mascara is jet black colour while shiny brown for eyeliner.

  • Shiny Brown Eyeliner - Brown eyeliner with glamorous glitters to accentuate your eyes for striking look.
  • Long Lasting Effect - Eyeliner clings tightly to the skin and stays fresh for a long time.
  • Ultrafine Brush - Firm, ultrafine brush allows you to draw perfect lines easily.

  • Jet Black Colour - Enhanced blackness for a more lustrous look.
  • Excellent Volumizing Effect - Formulated with volume-up wax to coats each and every lash from root to tip for voluminous lashes.
  • 24 hours Curled Upward - Contains curl-keep polymer to keep lashes curled all day long.
  • Waterproof - Resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum.
  • Superfine Brush - Able to separate and apply mascara to each strand of lashes evenly.

As you can see in the picture above, BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner makes such a huge difference on my eyes; it does enlarge my eyes and makes me look more lively. Now I can has blazing eyes too! :P

The eyeliner brush is very easy to use as it is very thin and fine. However, I think it is more suitable for people with double eyelid but not me as I need to apply very thick eyeliner for it to be visible. The shiny brown colour is very natural-looking, perfect for those who are bored of plain black eyeliner and wanting for some colours on their eyes. It's also suitable for party or prom night with a touch of glitters.

I have typical single eyelid and my lashes tend to aim downwards all the time (refer to the picture above), so normally I will curl my lashes and put on falsies instead of mascara. Surprisingly, this mascara has did a great job as it volumize my lashes and it stay curled for a long time.

Not forgot to mention that this product is highly waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting too! I have been wearing this up to 10 hours yet it still looks good and the colour is so pigmented. During the grand launching of Cosans Coffee at Solaris Mont Kiara last Sunday, their air-conditioners were not working unfortunately and we were sweating like mad, out of expectation, my eye make up was not affected at all! It doesn't produce 'black sweats' or smudge at all yet the lashes stay curled all night long. :O

BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner retails at RM69.90 (30g) and it's available at selected Sasa outlets only.

For more information, please visit

Friday, May 23, 2014

[Gadget Review] Samsung NX Mini Interchangeable Lenses

Good morning peeps! Do you still remember my previous post (link here) about Samsung's slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera, Samsung NX mini? Today I'm going to do a short review focusing on its interchangeable lenses. Samsung has introduced two NX mini lenses (NX-M) which are optimised for use with the NX mini body, providing a variety of options to meet individual shooting preferences: NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED lens and NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens.

The one I'm using currently is NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED lens which has an ultra-slim design (only 13mm thick!) and its wide angle makes it the ideal choice for those capturing landscapes and self-portraits. However, do bear in mind it is not zoomable and it does not contain optical image stabilization.

While the other lens, NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens (available on 1st June 2014) is a micro-compact zoom lens yet it is small enough to comfortably fit into pockets and bags. Differ from the normal pancake lens, it offers a variety of shooting options from wide-angle to telephoto shots, with optical image stabilization for sharp results.

3.0-inch flip-up and touch display that rotates 180-degrees matches with the ultra-slim 9mm wide angle lens, you can easily capture group shots from an arm's length. #WefieNX

For professional photographer, you can use other 15 NX lenses on Samsung NX mini by using a specialised NX-M Mount Adapter too. Do note that these lenses are sold separately.

Now let's see some of the pictures I've taken with my NX mini and I gotta say I'm kinda impressed with the outcome. I didn't expect it can take such clear and sharp quality images and they are rich in colours. Perfect for selfies and street shooting! :D

With 'Smart-Rich Tones' mode 

With 'Smart-Food' mode 

With 'Aperture Priority' mode 

With 'Smart-Landscape' mode

'Smile shot' with 'Smart-Beauty' mode 

'Shutter Priority' mode without flash 

With 'Smart-Food' mode

As a blogger, camera is a very important tool and I think Samsung NX mini performs pretty well actually. I will do a full review later on; from unboxing, its signature 'wink shot' feature, 'tag n go' feature and so on. I can't wait to bring it to Macau and discover more about it! :P In the meantime. do follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures taken with this NX mini with hashtags #myNXmini.

Samsung NX mini comes in 5 colours: white, pink, mint green, brown and black. It retails at RM1,399 only (with 9mm F3.5 lens) while the other kit lens will be available starting 1st June 2014. For more information, please visit

Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Minutes Hair Makeover Challenge with 360° Auto Spin Curler

Good morning everyone! No more Monday blues because I have just won myself a 360° auto spin curler during my lovey dovey date with the Butterfly Project yesterday yay! As the title suggests, it was a 5 minutes hair makeover challenge actually with Hair Depot's new product, 360° auto spin curler. Check out the video below to get a clearer image of the auto spin curler.

As simple as ABC, put your hair in the swivel cord, press the Left or Right button and you can get perfect curls!

There's a demonstration by Hair Depot staffs on how to use the auto spin curler before we go for challenge. Everyone was so nervous yet excited because it's our first time using this new curler and the 3 best makeovers will be bringing back the auto spin curler home! *screams* Due to insufficient curlers, we were splitted into 5 teams since there were 10 of us and there you go!

Normally my hair makeover is done by my sister as she is a makeup artist, so it's my first time using curler actually. I was pretty clumsy at first that I got stucked for a few times but I still managed to finish curling my hair in 5 minutes teehee.

And tadah! The before and after picture of my hair makeover. How is it? :P

I think it's not bad for a first-timer right? 360° auto spin curler is very easy to use and convenient especially when you're rushing for work/meetings. Perfect for beginners! (Y)

A picture with my opponent, Kah Mon and look at our lovely curls here! Now take a look of the other bloggers during their hair makeover jeng!

I have mentioned that the 3 best makeovers will be bringing back this auto spin curler home right? Guess what, Hair Depot is so kind to extend to 5 winners as we were splitted into 5 teams. In addition, there's a special case for my team as Hair Depot thinks we both did a great job, hence Kah Mon and I also won an auto spin curler yay!! What a big surprise :D

Group picture with the person in charge of Hair Depot and other winners :D (missing out Caroline)

Thanks to the Butterfly Project and Hair Depot, it was a fun outing with the bloggers; chit-chatting, taking pictures and trying out the auto spin curler. Honestly, I'm a big fans of Hair Depot that all of my hair care products are bought from their stores; from shampoo, conditioner, nourishing spray, cream and even serum, and now there's another new product added to the list. I just can't wait to try out the new curler at home and I'm sure I can do better now :P

They were having some crazy sales booth at e@curve up to 60% off their products and RM150 off for this auto spin curler (N/P RM380). Although it has ended yesterday, you can still check out their store as they will have different promotions from time to time! No worries if you stay far away from e@Curve, they have more than 20 stores in Malaysia (check out the store locator below) or you can purchase online :) Happy shopping!

Hair Depot, e@Curve
No. 1-33, e@Curve,
Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya 47810
Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation Hour: 10:30 AM - 10:00PM daily
Website: |
Store Locator:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grand Launching of Elegance Club Boutique & Fashion Show by Dato' Bernard Chandran

Of diamonds and glitters, Elegance Club has finally launched its first luxury jewellery watch boutique in Pavilion last week. Since 1991, Elegance Club has been renowned for its exquisite collection of jewellery masterpieces, catering to both local and international clients including royal families, celebrities and trendsetters. The brand showcases one-of-a-kind creations, personally designed by Datuk Tracy Ong who has carved a name for herself as jeweller to the stars. Elegance Club's signature range features exquisite necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, signature tiaras, and now they even unveil a wide range of limited edition jewellery-adorned timepieces in collaboration with renowned master watchmaker, Claudia Patrick.

The opening ceremony was graced by the royal presence of KDYMM Tuanku Nur Zahirah, Sultanah of Terengganu and KDYMM Tuanku Hajah Kalsom, Sultanah of Pahang, and then followed by an elegant fashion show by Dato' Bernard Chandran featuring Elegance Club timepiece collections. Guess what, Lady Gaga has been spotted in designs from Dato' Bernard Chandran's collections during an interview woots!

I was so glad to be invited to the fashion show because it was simply fabulous! I love how the models bring out the personality and elegance of their timepiece collections. Surprisingly, their timepieces collections are quite affordable actually, starting from few thousands onwards, especially when it is set with diamonds & gemstones and limited pieces. Oh my, I couldn't get my eyes off their beautiful watches and jewelleries collection! They're way too gorgeous, isn't it? :)

Elegance Club Boutique
Lot 3.1.4, Level 3,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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