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Monday, July 11, 2011


Okay for those who has followed me in twitter or facebook, you guys should know what happened to me. Something I've never expected to happen in my life. TEEHEE :D

So to all the 1994's, you'all should know that the National Service name list came out yesterday. And....

I got a freaking TAHNIAH ):

Actually I don't feel happy or sad, just.. no feelings? I am still wondering whether I should go for it or just keep postponing until they forget me lol. After awhile, I told my sister randomly, "Since I am so lucky today, later go & buy toto lor." Then daddy dropped me at Magnum nearby and picked few numbers randomly. Okay, everything's just so random kay :p Then I guess it's around 9p.m. daddy rushed into my room and said, we macam.. kena Magnum!

For that moment, I've gone crazy seriously! I can't believe it and we two keep looking at it. :O AHHHH, I... I... I REALLY KENA MAGNUM!!! :3 Ajajaja I was just joking in the afternoon but, who knows? :)

Honest to say, I'm still freaking happy now hehe :D

Although it's just a special prize, it's really enough for me and I think at least it's better than nothing? :D The amount of money doesn't matter to me, I am happy because I feel that I am so damn god lucky? Hohoho!! It's like all the good things coming to me now :D Nyeh

Alright done with the good news and here comes the bad one. :( It's gonna be my last blog post until I've finished SPM. Not much time left and yet I keep online here&there. Hey fellow bloggers, please don't ever forget me 'cause I'll be coming back real soon and I promised you will see my face in more bloggers event :P I'll be driving next year heh

So it just gonna be a short update here about the happenings recently. Well, last Saturday was my school's Carnival. Finally I don't need to duty this year & fully enjoy with the bunch :D Before that, we got the 1 Murid 1 Sukan thingy run for 1.5km. Phew, easy job aha :P

#1 the awesome one :)

#2 stop in the middle of the road & take picture while running HAHA

#3 _ _AH_A_A Fill in the blanks, haha!
#4 bumped into JingNee accidentally teehee :D I didn't see her for long time TT

#5 with the so called ice-cream man xD *he was forced* :P

#6 okay as y'all know, kawanku loves to do smt outstanding :)

#7 Yau Hong with the... idkwhatisthat :/

Overall, this year's Carnival not as good as compared to previous year. Or I guess I was too free? LOL. Anyway, I had so much fun with the lovelies and I've enjoyed a lot ♥

the latest me :) wait me for 5 months & I'll be coming back soon!!

Well said. Life is full of ups, and downs.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Gone Wrong

Hello hello, I just got home from badminton and so I'm super energetic now to blog :D Yesterday I went to watch drama titled "I'm Sorry" with my sister at PJLA, Jaya One :) Fyi, there are three different love story directed by three director and one of them is my sister's boyf :B He got free tickets for us teehee :D

Honestly, their storyline is quite touching and suitable for couples to watch because you will learn how to appreciate your loved one. :) My sister actually cried too although she watched for the second time. shh :p

The first story was directed by my sister's boyf :) 《错爱》之《偷偷表。错情》

《错爱》之《不要再酱错下去,好吗?》 The second story not bad too! *thumbs up*

& it's the last story :) 《错爱》之《(不能)错过的爱》

nyeheheh :)

with Fayse :) he is so friendly & humour :D

with JC :D He's a model & quite handsome too. But this picture okok only ._.

the lovebirds :) my sister & her boyf!

taken by me heh :D nice kah :)

Overall it is superb! I'm waiting for the next show :) oh btw I got a good news to share :) Last Saturday was our school's sports day & you know what, KASAWARI, blue house is the big winner woots! After 8 years, blue house finally won heh. I've been shouting all the way during the prize giving ceremony :D congrats yeah!

I'm proud to be a kasawarian :D

Whoops, I shall continue study nao kthxbai! xx

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

N years ago,

Ohai people, I'm half dying now. I was supposed to go to kite flying and picnic with the bunch but I am stuck at home now & blogging here. Thanks to the fking period pain that made me freaking suffer since the early morning until now. Oh my mama miaaaaaaa ._.

Fyi, I've stop blogging for more than a month and I guess I haven't update about Yi Wen's birthday bash right. So now I feel like posting it up. We had a lil celebration for her at De Pastry, Bandar Menjalara since she wanted to eat spaghetti :) P.S. It was N years ago haha.

#1 My awesome girlfriends :D

#2 Take two after Kar Ying leaving. =3

#3 the b'day girl :D she's looking damn lady tdy :)

#4 both the sampat one heh. :)

#5 the only guy who attended that day :) 

#6 Yuen Chee and the b'day girl :)

#7 Kai Pin was there too heee :)

 #8 I don't know why we love to do this pose that day aha =3=

#9 ah bang & Yi Wen :)

 #10 Teehee my turn to take picture with the b'day girl :D

#11 so called b'day kiss :P ♥!!

#12 Another group picture before leaving. It's ..... taking picture infront of the entrance o.O AHA

Oh yeah, our dress code was skirt :D You can see that everyone of us were wearing skirt :) After lunch, we went to Yi Wen's house. Weeee we talked and play a lot! It was a crazy yet fun day instead :D

#13 spot the big big doraemon :(

Before I stop here, Imma post up a video and share with y'all :) Watch it! (Y)

Shoo sweet right heheh ♥ Alright I guess it's time to bump into my bed now since the pain just won't go away ._. Although my holidays is going to end soon, but I'll still keep this blog alive and updated, alright :) Stay tuned for the next blog post from me xoxox


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tonight, we're living it up!

hello weeee :3

Gotcha! Just got my blog a new layout heh, so how is it? I'd prefer bright colour :) I need some feedbacks eh :D So yeah, exam is over finally and time for holidays yay. June is gonna be a good good month for me because I have two weeks holidays! Put your hands up in the air weee :)

I had a real good time bonding with the bunch yesterday :D It was a good hair day where seven of us went to sing k as a small birthday celebration for Yuen Chee :)

We're young; we're rock! ;)

After a round of screaming singing, we went for bowling and tea time @ Wong Kok Restaurant. :) Since yesterday was Yuen Chee's birthday, so we got the free big tub of tea! AHAHA, I don't know what other words to use except tub :P

a new different way of taking picha weee :3

 One last picture before JingWen and YiWen are leaving for tuition :( And so left five of us ss there AHA

the b'day girl aka my best best bestie ♥!!

*closer take* It's really a big tub of it :/

And so we all pose with it after that :D Bang on the left and Shey Lin on the right!

Me and Kai Pin :D:D

We also ordered some snacks and toast heh :)

XX Noodles :/ I don't know its name but it tastes good! Nyeheh

Potato Wedges without with cheese sause :D

Ham and Cheese sandwich :)

Tuna sandwich on the top while crispy toast with ham and cheese on the bottom :) both taste not bad!

the b'day girl and I :) ♥ ajajaja

kind of olympic logo heh ._.

Noted: We're all in hot pink which the colour is most hatred by the b'day girl and she's wearing green colour which is her favourite colour heh.

There are more pictures actually but I can't post it out due to privacy and some are not with me now :) Alright, that's all for today and I gonna get some rest! June, please be good to me and you know I love you heh.

Signing off...


Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy birthday, mom!

9:27 PM 30/5/2011 Monday

She's my favourites ♥

Mummy's girls :)

30th of May is her birthday. And so I am here to wish her have a sweet and blast birthday :D She is always the best of the best for me :) The one who sacrifices her rest of life to take care of me ♥ No one can ever replace her in my life, you know. heh


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