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Friday, October 30, 2009



skipppped school
napp for almost da whole dayy

prepared myself
& went to Angel's hrs for da farewell partyy <3
almost all ppl reached and I looks kinda weird? LOL

our leading roleee, JinShennn!
once she reached
BoonLay had to go out & invite her & da wedding music started :D
but she feels like nothing rawrr!
aftaa that, EATTT time! :DD
many food made by their ownself
not bad HAHAHH
and and
ZiJing's litttttle band NICEE <3
especially da sound frm her flute touchhed!
and also da video frm YiWen & da boyssss
one word, COOOL! :))

hugged her & got her KISSSSS tdy! <33
bestiee yeahh!


skipped school again
i dhk less than 10 ppl going school tdy? o.O

at night,
another farewell partyy LOL
at DPC :))
had our dinner at the Steammmboat! :D
& i dhk bcz of this make me fall sick again =X
afta dinner, PLAYGROUNDDDD! :DD

more pichaa in FB! (:


skipped schoool AGAIN!
fell sick seriously x.x
bless me (:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's have some fun :D

venue OU
date 25.10.09

Kay Kayy b'dayy! :D

gathered at Kay's hrs & went thr together :)
thought of sing k or watch movie but expensive lahh
so just walk arounddd
took 'big head photoooo' as memorial :D
ten of us squeeze inside thr LOL
afta that edit pichaa
i lovee Mak's, simple & nicee <3

walking around looks for clothes
and had our lunchh at Bbq plaza :DD
did alot funny thgs thr rawrr!

fried rice LOL!

yaakkk! ><
da next tableee


afta lunchhh went to buy TEE againn :)
but i wanna save $$ lahh so only use bout rm10 ++ :D
met honeyyy thr
and walk arouuuund thr bout one hourss
followed Kay's car backk & reached her hrs bout 7 plus lol
she bought a Blueberryyy Vanila cake & it taste goood :)

HAPPY B'DAY hubbbbyyyy :DD
all da best & have a sweeet 5teeeen! :)

mine :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

School ♥♥.!


stayed in da hall before recess
for da taklimat bout form 4 course
after recess,
pichaaaaa time :D

back benchessss!

class photo! :)

girls ♥


staying back after school
and pichaa againn <3

yeng right?

nearer spot

spot RonKit's leg

da sweet couple in our class XD

zabo as da background ==


went over 3m class and play KILLER :))
its kinda fun & syokkk!


kinda scaryyy
my bag are all full of brg larangan
but at last, i PASSEDDDDD :D
thankss my buds ;]

before recess,
preparation for fashion show
our model, RonKit & JingWen ♥

bestieeee ♥

after recess,
went to da hall
fashion show and science quiz :)
went to backstage as helper :D

zhuzaiii <3

MunHuiiii :D

I'm tallerrrr :P

our class lose in da fashion show
nothing really ever goes da way it's planned

stayed back with YeeKayy
it's been a tiring dayy =/

maybe its da last day for JinShen
bestieee foreverr! ♥♥

p/s more photo(s) get from me :P

evrythg just seems to be changed.

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