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Sunday, March 28, 2010

28th March ♥

328, sazai sounds familiar eh? ;P
its our year anniversary, my botak babyy =D
Im so so glad & happy to have you in my life,
and we are still that sweet as the first day ;)
si fei zhuu ♥
he's such a sweet bf to me :D
I miss every single moment with you, babyy ♥
and of course he still being that small gas
even angry me for the whole day grr ><
the 3 words and 8 letters :)

365 days ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 2010 School Camp

ELLO, I'm backk! :D
Now imma blog bout da scout camp which held on 18-20 March during holidays in da school :)
Oh well, I'm just post some pichas here since I'd already updated @ *clickable
I'm taking da pose as AJK Dokumentasi, sounds pro huh? ;P
but my job is superb relax which is taking da camera & run everywhere
eleh, its my job :D

@ registration :)

and Abang Chak Long keep spotting for the brand of guys' underwear lol x)

& of course not forgotten CAMWHORE!! :D

after that, they divide into 8 patrols & start discussing abt tepukan and sorakan :)

spot this guy!
guess what he doing? 面壁思过 LMAO!

& this is what we do when the others working hard outside ;P


Opening ceremony,

sorry sorry :P

MC, ZiWei & WeiYan

Backwood, HARMEE!! =D

Station game :)

practice before station game start :D

During the activity, baby came school & pass me the McFlurryy :D
Aaaw, how sweet of him =P ♥

& the next morning,
Amazing Raceeee.

maggi as breakfast ._.

WOW! o.O


after marching & few station game,
its time for preparation of MK
every patrol is practice hard for their performance at Foyer while the AJKs relaxing at QM =D
oh yeaah & we had McD for lunchh :)
credits to MEEE who suggested xD
and then baby came school and acc me for 2 hours bcz he knw im sick =D ♥

spot me with my spongebob =P

Abg Joon Lim! =D

& MK starts officially at 8pm =D

the one we waiting for! =DD
so yeng lahh!~
please kindly refer to my facebook for the video, hehh XD

after the MK, it will be the last day overnight at school
& few people also went back home alr :(
as usual, we got meeting from 1am to 230am & another half an hour to rest
but I had no mood sleep & was on the phone with babyy, so didnt get to sleep until the next morning ._.

Sir Kok Wah bought champaign :DD!

he used my spongebob to cover his eyes ishh ><

The last day,
cleaning up the school compound and closing ceremony ;(


Last but not least,
Credits to the AJKs who worked hard on it & all my cute juniors xD
Without their attendance & cooperation, how we gonna make it a success? =D
Although something happened during the camp, but at last we got it settled & everything goes fine, all activity carry out like usual :)
Im so happy that I heard some of them said that they miss the camp much & food are nice!
TQ! =D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh, bye =(

I will not be around here for few days.
Away to school camp frm 18-20 March :)
I'll be back & update my blog soon

Thursday, March 11, 2010

BOO ;)

My blog is so dead now. So I'm here to have an update :)


Went to AddMaths tuition in the afternoon like usual.
and I found out that three of us were so ngam wearing the same colour tee :D
and its all about LOVE on it <3 YELLOWISHHH! :)


11th March ;
and the 92s coming back to take their SPM results ;) *winks*

today is totally a PONTENG day for me :)
opss should be for ALL OF US xD
skipped perhimpunan since the early morning and sitting at astaka thr,
chit-chatting and walking arnd :D
tdy super got SUKAN feel bcause of pompom I guess? o.O

ponteng to 4K class after recess! ;)

Gambateh SohYiengggg :)

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