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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

every moment last forever

Sat, 27 June

its saturday
but we still gotta go skul ><
for hari ganti
can say quite fun todayy?
except maths & sc lesson ;x
bm teacher dint com skul again
so we all just did da same thg TALK :P
and and
play BINGO! lmao!
play until so syok thr man :DD
& thn Edwin keep talk bout ZhanFeng' STORY :P
LOL really damn funny lahhh!
while gg lesson we gonna form a group & bentang
ishh! & I'm da one to bentang RAWR!
chg our seat todayy ;x
yeshh sit with JiaJiaa again but diff place only :D
teacher let us to choose our seat
& thn we all rampas thr
damnn fun lahhh =)

Sun, 28 June

woke up early & went Tropicana City Mall with family :D
finally got to watch Hannah Montana the movie
bcz we got da free ticket :)
love Miley Cyrus' song <33
NICE nyaaa
thr's not much place to shop
thn Sis & I went Cobay thr & game :D
LOL both of us vry childish niaa
even play a game call GoGoBall
thr things all got discount rawrr
clothes arrr all 50% off!
even da gsc got what spin wheel & get free coke LOL
after da movie went Room Eighteen and had our lunch
phewww not bad nia :)
bout 4 plus thn heading home d ;x

its da 3rd month <3
i love him! :D

Mon, 29 June

damnn fun all da dayy! :D
except bm lesson
really mm guan with my seat nw ;x
but behind us are WeiYan & BoonLay
so can talk againnn :DDD
seni lesson damnn funny lahh
teacher knw that i copy Feng's proj wan ;x
but i draw myself wan! ;P
not photostat or what ishh
si RonKit them keep sying da world changing blablahh
ehh cannot study izit? rawrrr
& da last two period, science
yeshhh did experiment :DD
funny lahh weh :)
1st time I love my science lesson :3
and thn
last 20 mins teacher going out for meeting
and we got FREE time again :D
hiak hiak~
play BINGO!
mmg ci gek lahhh :D

gotta stop here

Saturday, June 27, 2009

27 June

i think i'm alright
thanks buds!

Friday, June 26, 2009

26 June

kena tahan again tdy
not dc, attitude prob or what
but Pn Maple wanna look for us & say that next Tues got a motivation talk
we all must go abuden gonna pay back rm30 LOL
yesh yeshh tak payah studyyy :D
but wanna stay until 5pm ;x
its another relax dayy again! :)
Pn Radziah dint come skul
& we guys just talk and talk and talk
2mrw we gonna change our seat ;x
hope that still sitting with JiaJiaaa lahhh :)
mayb what you said are right :)
don't forget my breakfast 2mrw :P

heee gonna have my dinner nw
ciaoz guys :D

Carnival. ;)

a superb late post. ;x
gonna blog smt bout last Sat, SMKB Carnival.
woke up early in da morning & went skul bout 6am.
reach thr evryone just sitting on d pentas
no one wearing full u thr
lol luckily i took off my full u in d car abuden really sia sui
bout 7am kumpul & gonna pick rubbish.
ofcz NOT me lahh rawrr! ;PP
we girls just check DC or walk arnd what
after assembly, thn we start our duty.
its our turn to sell balloons! ;DD
hiak hiak~
and i found out smt
walk with HuiAnn can sell more compare with Eunice ;P
bout 9am shift time thn we walk arnd & find food to eat :)
LOL they keep telling us which nice which not nice
& thn we went to ahkln's stall thr to see them play the game xD
is a game that you use the water bag & throw d pail to make d ppl fall down.
actually we wanna go 2 the school hall & see the talent show
but thn seems nt fun somemore need to pay rm2
so we continue our duty & walk arnd luu
and and
heard smt
"you can run but you can't hide
we will hunt you down
-elephant hunter"
this msg is KarYing's bro write to fei lynn wan xD
got many others also.
& one!
LeeRonKit to Hindu Priya <3
aaww. da msg is You're special to me ;DD
fuiyohhh but i dhk she dint hear it? rawrr!
hmm nth special else
met many friends today
& heading home bout 230pm :)

life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.
xoxo :)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

25 June

tdy assembly take damn long time
bcz of ah ong
keep talk talk talk
after that da whole class kena tahan again
bcz we didn't line up quickly LOL
after back to class,
guys are learning da way that da prefect talk
damnn funny lah lmao! :)
many teachers didn't come today again
and yeaahhh
i finish my homework in skul nia :PP
guai nyaa ;D
did experiment tdy during science lesson
its bout properties of minerals
lol RonKit went out & do d experiment
omggg he darn noob lahh :P
at last yiu jing went up & help him bt kena chao sui ;D
ahkln they all bought dedication card & wrote some stupid msg on it LOL
apa i love you, i love you too OMG.
during maths lesson ahkln & JiaJiaaa act like smt like the Ribena plus lemon advertisement
rawrrr banyak swt sia!

seems like I'm not the one for you anymore.

if you can't do it
don't make it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


23 June

normal skul day
chit chatting da whole day in class.
teacher all dint come :)
create some new & special names for zhuzaigang during pj lesson LOL
and our Zhu Leader is Shey Zai Bao :P
somemore we still got logo for evry name zz
JingWen's most nice wan :DD
today KaiWen bought a book to skul
that's bout sex education lol
evryone rampas thr
at last HuiAnn & I took the book & reading thr
ehhh wait.
its like a comic & talk bout those thg only ;x
dont thk wrong rawrrr!
went ICT lab da last two period
lol had fun thr :D
listening music, playing games, chatting blahh
really looks like a cafe :)
finally done my sej proj & pass up alr lu :D

24 June

having assembly today
finally ah ong got chance to talk @@
another relax day for me :)
can say kinda emo today? =/
just bcz of my results
wadeva lahh i'll try my best the next time! =)
& thanks buds for cheering me up :DD

smile for your blue skies
for those time u felt alives. :)


thanks for the roses :3



i just wanna say
THANKS buds :D

p/s 上一次blog是特别写给一位初恋5分钟的女生。如果你脸皮真的有那么厚,那我想你知道我说的就是你。;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

22 June




Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 June

kena tangkap again during 2day assembly.
bcz my fingernails too long & my pass lost d.
wth ><
wonder why evrytime skul reopen da 2nd day sure ditangkap wan ;x
at last just kena demerit & go back to classroom
2day can say darn syok in class lahh :DD
chat & laughing thr da whole dayy.!
during KH lesson lagi teruk lahhh
all of us didn't bring buku nota & just sitting thr talk talk talk
feel so sorry to teacher lahh
but at last i also gt copy notes & listen to teacher d wehhh ;P
and its da 1st time? :D

read colourful ppl's essay.
omgg so touchh lah :x
i love reading his essay ;PP
(jangan perasan xD)
aaaw. wonder if my essay so good like his wan ><
da last two period my class are so damn noisyyy!
especially our gang thr? :DD
LOL ahkln them keep talking bout yellow thgs lahh :x
and and and
not I want to listen or what
is u all talking at my place thr RAWRR!
& I laugh bcz its so funny lah lol

p/s 3s, 2mrw dont hv ceramah so pls bring ur books lahh :)

you know what...

Monday, June 15, 2009

15 June

raining in da early morning
and no assembly tdyy ;DD
evryone is chatting thr & discussing bout proj lol

gaahhh got seni paper tdy =)
woooots! paper 2 41/50?
1st time got so high marks x)
but but but!
paper 1 sucks lahh! omg ;x

many ppl go & ask teacher for more marks
at last i got 3 extra marks also
hiak hiak :DD

ermm BI paper can say got quite high marks?
gaaahhhh ;P
78% xD
eee! mayb its quite bad for the others but I'm vry satisty with this alr :)
&& I win RonKit they all
Edwin, its not miracle but I'm PRO :P
but the other subj like BM & Science sucks lahh
science nvr study at all ;x
and I'm da lowest i dhk?
I dont want to be the last again.



Sunday, June 14, 2009


9 June

went One-U again with my dear, YeeKay & her sis, YeeSan. :)
to acc her sis shopping.
be4 that went to a restaurant to have our breakfast.
lol YeeKay & I keep laughing thr bcz of da decorations.
after bought d movie ticket, just walking arnd
went Honeymoon.
& three of us ordered a mango ice
inside gt many "ke dou de dan" niaa LOL!
omg dont knw why YeeKay & I just laughing thr non stop sia! ;X
& we keep playing da thingy for service wan.
bout 1 plus went up to cinema & watched Night at the Museum 2.
darn funny lahh lol!
after da movie, thn just keep shop arnd.
did many sia sui thgs :X
YeeKayyyy, sendiri tau lahh rawr!
bout 5 plus follow Kay went back home.
be4 that, her aunt went to a pet shop & buy crickets & birds.
Kay & her sis screamed like hell thr omggg :DD
heading home bout 6 plus :)

Happy B'Dayyy Soon Chyi! :D

10 June

just stay at hrs & on9
chat with Maooo & Kay da whole day :)
darn funny & high lahh :DD

Happy B'dayyy WII WANG
may your dreams come true =)

11 June

woke up early in da morning & went tuition =/
met YeeSan thr ;DD
after tuition went out for lunchh.
thn start doing my stuff.
bout 4 plus went Sg Wang & Low Yat Plaza to buy a new Ram :D
and thn just shop arnd & going to fetch my sis back frm work.
while at night going tuition againnn! :X
lol still da same just chatting arnd thr :)
Bear sent a software to SheyLin & tell her tht its vry useful for her.
what is it?


its a calender & you can set your menstrual period thr
and it will tell you if you want to give birth n get a boy should ~~ on which date
damnn yellow right?

and and and
tuition halfway,
suddenly WeiYan smsed me
& ask me to see da Pegawai's shirt LOL!
swt lahh ;X
ppl's shirt darn nicee d okayy?
celebrity's style fuiyohhh.! :DD

12 June

went tuition again in da morning.
suddenly JiaJia sms me & say tht vry miss me?
3 more days & I gonna meet my buds :)
so tak payah miss me lahhh ;PP
tdy da tuition end bout 1215 & our parents haven't come so we just lepak in da kedai buku lol
we talk alot of sampat thingys thr :D

gaahhh since I'm not going out tdy
so after back home just stay at hrs on9 & lepak arnd x)
sis coming back late tdy so not going sing k ler
*sobsss* =(
didn't do much thg today
practising guitar
and find some information bout da Interior Design :)
after form 5, i dhk im going to take this course? ;PP

while chatting,
ahkln show me his dp & say she's lenglui x)
but when I saw da pic
I feel that vry A? LOL ;PP
thn he show me a pic that girl wearing bikini pulak.
ishhh! ;X

13 June

got up superb early & went hospital x.x
for check up.
gaaahh can say that become more serious alr? ><
after that, went Sunway Pyramid :DD
didn't shop much bcz bout 3 plus gonna rush back for guitar class.
my practical & theory going higher grade ;PP
weeeee! freaking happy weh :D
but that ahkln dont trust me ishh!

done my sej proj in an hours ;PP
fast lehhh? ngekngek~~
but that bian tai ahkln keep kacau me & ask me see lenglui's pic RAWRR
i dhk he just too free? LOL
somemore go & find lengzai's pic @@
yeaaa, although they are gay but they darn sweet!
aaaww. better than others couple lots!
somemore lengzai plus cuteee ;PP
&&& thanks ahkln!
for helping me in proj & show me those lengzai pic :DD

14 June

its da last day of hols
and its Valentines day aka kiss day ;D
(soonchyi teach me wan ;P)

actually going sing k with sis today
but thn i decided to stay at hrs
and and and
guess what I did today?


hiak hiak~
eee! act just taking da book but watching movie thr ;P
did homework & proj today.

its time for tv ;P

i love you! <3

Monday, June 08, 2009

7 June :D

woke up early in da morning
and went out for breakfast with family :)
heading to 101 mall to look for my ps3 games.
bt at last we didn't bought any games bt clothes :P

bout 2 plus went ahkln hrs for bbq! :DD
act we are going 2 bake a cake for ZiWei but ahkln bake alr.
so we just chit-chatting arnd & wait for the others.
omggg. ahkln's dog so damn dak yi!@
whn v wanna take pic of it, it will sit & posing thr ;D
after tht we go to ahkln's room
woooots! got many bears thrr nia xD
& he said tht his FANS give him d fuiyohhh.!
dont knw why lahh just feel darn high LOL
thn suddenly ahkln and edwin go & take primary skul's photo
omgggg! i saw my photo @@ ishhh!
i dont knw hw come he gt my pic wan rawrr!
gahhhh superb no imej lahh!
da pig WeiYan even take down da picha! ><
& they said i really changed alot lol

bout 5 plus we are going to the playground!
hiak hiak :D
bt thn they like dont want play d so we just go for a walk :)
lol saw many ShihTzu thr!
omg omg! so cutee lahhh wei! :DD
i want to hav a pet dog bt so sad tht my mom dont want =(
bout 7 plus we start bbq! :)
aaaw. so damn hot thr!
really so ps lahh bcz i dint really helping thr xD
lol ronkit so good lahh help us to roast chicken thr fuiyohh
he said his skill so pro omggg!
thn JiaJia and I went MaxValu to buy soft drinks.
I'm riding bicycle while JiaJia walk out thr :P
met LingLing thr :)
ishhh! tht time i just feel so kik & mm guan with his bicycle
when we back RonKit only told me tht I cycled with d head terbalik punyaa
after bbq go to ahkln's room & chatting thr againnn :D

bout 10 plus heading home! :)
and I slept at 4am lol
chatting with my fei zhuuuuu! <3
btw thanks lots to WeiYann
feels better after chatting with you :)

and lastly,


p/s ahkln's baking nt bad nia :)
& CHILL bud!

when you feel your heart's guarded
and you see the break started
when the clouds have all departed
you'll be right here with me

Saturday, June 06, 2009

6 June :)

went Curve with sis today!
actually we planned 2 do many thgs & shopping
but thn smt happened so just window shopping.
had our lunch @ Sutra, The Sanctuary.

sistaa <33!
lazy bloggin'
going to watch tv nw.
ciaoz ppl! :)

once again.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I wonders how is it? =/

didn't on9 for few days due to some reasons.
okayy, gonna blog smt bout last Mon, 1 June.
went One-U with buds for shopping & moviee! :D
be4 tht, went ZiXuan's hrs to wait for YeeKay.
ishh! her dogg arrr
darn small in size but its voice darn sharp!
we did nth thr just keep chatting & I'm playing piano thr! :)
I just knw the qing tian front part thr LOL
finally YeeKay came & we reach ou bout 11 plus.
met many friends thr & also my dearr! :)
after bought da movie ticket, went McD for lunch.
yeahhh, and thn start our shopping plan! ;DD
four of us bought a tee & thn went for movie.
we watched Terminator Salvation.
not bad lahh but da sound effect damnn geng! LOL
after movie I walk with my boy while MakZai them continue their shopping~
after tht can say just walking arnd until back home rawrr!
bout 6 plus we go back home by teksi.
lol & thn start taking pichaa again! xD
wait at YeeKay’s hrs until 7pm only back home. :X
gaaahh, that day shopping can say not enuf for me lahh :D
but I do enjoyed lots & super happyyy! :)

XOXO! :)

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