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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My gang since Form One

30 Dec,

A day with my another bunch of girls :D
sing k @ Neway from 1130 until 230
and we had our lunch thr too ;)
at first, KaiPin and me just sitting thr & listening songs
but at last we sing until dont wanna go back HAHHAHA!
and we'd alr no voice whn singing New Divide by Linkin Park
especially KarYing she even screaming thr lol x)

let's start with da yongsui pics first ;P

her voice super diff whn singing!

after sing k,
we went down thr & play bowling! :D
i guess i nvr touch it for a years ;x
well, da pro-est, of course MEEEE again! ;PP

we kinda enjoy for da 1st round
but after that getting bored alr
& guess what we did?
now, we aiming LONGKANG! ;PP
hahaha & we super enjoyed! :D

& evryone had to pose whn they turn arnd LOL!

spot da J?
its me for da 2nd round!
da worst results in my fifteen years HAHAH
cause keep aiming longkang ;x
and then just walking around until her mom come & fetch us! ;D

super tired for da day & body aching ;x
opss shud say BUTT aching? LMAO!

and now,
new year's eve! ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The last week,
i hope i can fully enjoy with my budds :D
  • 25 Dec, x'mas night. He acc me to stay up late though he's tired. ;)
  • shopping @ Sungai Wang & Times Square, Saturday.
  • 28 Dec, our 9 Month Anniversary babe! ;D although he's in South Africa now but he still countdown with me ;) love you babe! <3
  • viewing webcam with him in the midnight ♥ & woke up at 3pm the next morning ;x
  • DPC with my girls & ride bicycle, tuesday night. :D
  • met two kids there; they keep hitting our butt and even throw YeeKay's coke =/ miang budak!
the two crazy kids ;x keep chasing after us omg!

mao straighten her hair!~

webbiee later with him! ♥

Monday, December 28, 2009


the day we waiting for, 28th ♥

9 Month Anniversaryyy Babe! :DD

I love spent all day lying in your arms ;
and listen how fast is your heart beating for me
I love the moments when you sing for me every night before I sleep

I love you, babe. ♥

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Booo peopless! ;)
24 Dec, its Christmas Eveeeee :D
and also another big day for all form 3 students ;x

I'd been insomnia for da whole night
4.30AM i'm still awake and keep rolling on da bed =/
so woke up late in da morning and went skul bout 11am
almost evryone got their results & chit-chatting arnd
well whn I got my results i really shocked and straight got into da car ;x
its not like what I expected
and what I can say is SUCKS! ;x
yeaah i don't knw what the hell am I doing
i thought i won't cry bt at last I did ==
nt bcz of my sucks results
but i made my family dissapointed
and also to those who put high expectation on me
i failed them =(

CONGRATS to those who got straight As :D
CHEEEEER to those who had da same fate with me ;x
PMR mean nth bt SPM is really important
work hard for it :)
*say is always easier than do.

after taking results,
heading to OU with mummyyyyy :D
she said she belanja me bt end up had our lunch @ Little Taiwan ;x
and and,
watched Avatar :DD
its really a superb nice movieeeee :)
but so sad that 3D wan is full grr!
while night,
DPC with my girls gang! ♥
spent most of da time at playground thr :D
had a super crazy & gossip dayyyy :P
and also a day without pichas WOOTS!

and now,
25 Dec 1.09 AM
see, MERRYY X'MASSSSS peopless! :D ♥
thanks guys for da wishes and making my day :)
i guess i'm insomnia again tonight.

cry isn't a bad thg
cause dad said,
he will buy me anythg I want :D
muacks! ♥

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wish me luck

tomorrow gonna be a doom day for me
oops i think should be for all PMR candidates
and also the day decide my future & evrythg ;x

and I would like to wish all of you
GOD BLESS YOU budds (;

Grow your love,
let your love grow tall ;)

I love you, babe.

x'massss! :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Two One

20 Dec,

night, campfire with ZiXuan :D
kinda paiseh and boring thr ;x

21 Dec,

Pavilion, with JingWen :DD
to see Jay Chou LOL!
been thr for almost whole day :)

tdy's outfit (:

it just 4 plus bt evryone waiting thr alr ;x

Pavilion' xmas deco '09!

and and
camwhore in toilet :P

cameras evrywhr ;x

ppl keep going up and down to see Jay & Chiling x)

nearer spot

WINDOW shoppingg! :D

taken by a pro camera man
he even adjust and zoom in & out woots!
bt so bad that my cam isnt a dslr ;x

spot those ppl taking pics?
they sitting and let d guard halau :P


22 Dec,

The Curve, with MOM :D
cause i just want to see da x'mas deco thr ;x
and and,
SNOWFLAKESSS! ♥ me likey.!

super cacat here ;x gosh!


simply love this pic :P

they looks so enjoy whn snowinggg! :D

The Street.

i need a new sweater! :(

Ikano' xmas deco :)
wishh you a bubbly christmas! ♥ ♥

gosh, x'mas feel evrywhr :D
and it just around the corner!
i can't wait for x'mas partaaayyyy!

babe babe ♥

another week, 28 ♥

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