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Friday, December 26, 2014

Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen

I know many girls out there love to go to nail saloon for gel nails but it's kinda pricey and troublesome when you need to remove it. Guess what, today I'm going to introduce you a cheaper and easier option yet can achieve similar results - the Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen

Miracle Gel is the first ever part-lacquer, part-gel manicure system that delivers up to 14 days of lasting colour and shine in just 2 easy steps. Simply apply two coats of the Miracle Gel Colour Coat and followed by Miracle Gel Top Coat and you're done! Affordable prices (RM34.90 each), no UV/LED light needed and the regular nail polish remover will do, sounds awesome isn't it? :)

They have more than 45 eye-catching shades but currently they only bring in 11 shades + 1 top coat in Malaysia. Look at these fun and cheeky colours, definitely all girls' favourite!

During the workshop, we were also introduced to their nail treatment as well as nail art products since we're going to create our very own Christmas nails in a while. 

There was a short tutorial/demonstration session by the Sally Hansen team to give us a brief idea of what can we draw for our Christmas nails later. As usual, trim your nail cuticles and apply base coat/nail treatment before you apply your desired base colour.

Add a little designs on your nails like polka dot or you can even draw a snowflake on it. 

Finish it with top coat and you're done! Loving this Christmas nails creation, they're so lovely isn't it?

Here's my first attempt on nail art (with the help of Google :P), yay or nay? I gotta admit the Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen is one of the best creation ever; I love the vibrant colours and glossy effect offer by Miracle Gel and they're very easy to apply. The texture is a bit runny but you can achieve fully opaque nails with just two coats of the Miracle Gel Colour Coat and followed by Miracle Gel Top Coat. Now everyone can has salon-quality manicure with affordable price range at home too!

For those who're interested, I would recommend you to take up their Christmas Duo Pack which consists of a Miracle Gel Colour Coat (choice of shade 210 Pretty Piggy or shade 240 B Girl) + Miracle Gel Top Coat for only RM52.90 instead of RM69.80. The Miracle Gel Colour Coat and Miracle Gel Top Coat were developed to be used together and only with each other, hence you may not achieve the gel shining effect if you use other top coat over Miracle Gel colour.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Colour (available in 11 shades) and Miracle Gel Top Coat are both priced at RM34.90 each and are available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Caring Pharmacy, Parkson and AEON 1 Utama.

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Watsons Malaysia LINE Launch

Being one of the leading health and beauty retail brand, Watsons Malaysia has launches its official account with LINE and enhances its customer loyalty program. The Watsons Malaysia official account will be the new portal to connect with customers and members on the latest members' benefit, offers and rewards in a fun way. In less than a month, Watsons Malaysia official account has more than 201,000 followers (and I'm one of them!) and the numbers are growing rapidly.

To bring the famous LINE characters to live, Watsons Malaysia has launched the Watsons LINE Limited Edition Card with Touch 'n Go feature and it comes with 2 collectible designs featuring LINE popular characters. The Watsons VIP Card is now comes with Watsons Dining Privileges as well whereby the members can enjoy discounts up to 20% in over 90 F&B brands at over 600 outlets nationwide (eg. Bubba Gump, Burger King and Delicious).

The launching event was kick start with a lively and energetic dance from the Watsons crew.

Followed by a sharing session with the representatives from both Watsons Malaysia and LINE, Benjamin Wong, Senior Business Relations Manager of Watsons Malaysia, has mentioned that Watsons Malaysia has created a set of LINE stickers representing Watsons' identity in health and beauty for customers to download when they follow the official account. They have also lined up a few exciting programs to reward their followers such as the RM5 worth of Watsons points through Watsons Malaysia Trivia on their official account, and you can expect more rewards coming in the form of Watsons products and LINE merchandises as well.

Two of the celebrities, Reem Shahwa and Mark O'Dea were also invited to share their experience and journey of being Watsons VIP members.

About the Watsons LINE Limited Edition Card with Touch 'n Go feature which I've mentioned earlier, it's priced at RM20 and is only available at selected Watsons' outlets such as Watsons Mid Valley, KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama, Alamanda, Pavilion, AEON Station 18, AEON Seremban 2, Queensbay Mall and JB City Square. The limited edition card not only has the existing benefits but also comes with a set of USD 1.99 worth LINE stickers and preloaded with RM5 worth of Watsons points for new members. I've got myself in LINE Cony character, how about you? :P

For more information, please visit
LINE ID: @watsonsmalaysia

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Swimin12 - Learn to swim in 12 hours only!

Have you ever experienced that when you visit some amazing places like beaches or islands yet you can't swim and enjoy yourself? That's exactly how I feel when I entered the Emerald Pool in Krabi. The fact that I can't swim is also one of the reasons why I chose this travel package (includes Hot Spring Waterfall, Emerald Pool and ATV adventure) instead of island hopping. After I came back from Krabi, I've decided to go for swimming classes and approached this Swimin12, which highly recommended by my friends. As the name suggests, they actually guaranteed that students can learn to swim within 12 hours with the latest research on accelerated teaching methods and if you take longer time, they will continue to teach for FREE until you get it! Isn't it sounds awesome? :P

So far I had 3 classes with them and I'm so surprised to see myself improving every lessons and overcome my water phobia bit by bit. I used to be very brave that I dare to jump into the water and float on my own but there was once I was drowning and my sister did not save me at the very first time and I've developed water phobia since then.

Back to my swimming classes with Swimin12, as usual, breathing is the very first thing that I learnt during my first session. EJ, my swimming coach, also explained to me the importance of breathing for better understanding as it is the key to overcome my water phobia. He then moved on and taught me how to land in the most stable pose yet looking graceful but first I will have to act like a dead body and float on the water while facing down the pool. It's such a huge challenge for me and I was not dare to float on the water without holding anything. I was hesitating for quite a while then EJ advised me to hold onto the pool ladder and slowly let go of my hands and finally I did it! I know I'm the only one who can help to overcome my water phobia; all I need to do is just have the courage to float on the water and EJ was standing right in front of me if anything happen. Seriously I'm so glad to have EJ as my coach and he has been really patient with me throughout the whole lesson. He will correct my technique and encourage me whenever I hesitated to follow his instructions. So all you need to do is just relax your body and believe in your coach!

The following lessons were conducted by another coach, Alex, as EJ has some personal issues to deal with. Alex has great patience as well but he's more of an aggressive type of person. During my second and third lessons, I was taught how to paddle my feet and come out of water to breathe in order to stay under water longer in preparation for my next lesson for breaststroke. Basically when you're dare to float on the water while facing down the pool, just paddle your feet (without bending your knees) with correct hand movement and you can swim already! The best moment when I can actually move from one point to another :D

Group photo with Swimin12 coaches :)

I can't wait for my next swimming lesson and I'll be learning breaststroke yay! Do stay tuned at my blog for more updates and in the meanwhile, if you're also interested to learn swimming, Swimin12 is now offering 1 hour free trial for first timers! Drop them an email at or you may contact EJ, who is also the founder of Swimin12, directly at 6016 3533 555. No worries, they don't bite and have fun learning! :)

PJ Palms Sports Centre
1, Lorong Sultan,
Petaling Jaya, 46200

Tel: 6016 3533 555


Monday, December 01, 2014

Peripera Limited Edition Disney Frozen Collection Review Event

Seems like the Frozen frenzy will never be over until another great Disney show comes up and you can still see many kids dress in Frozen costumes in shopping malls and people now are even naming their babies after Frozen characters! Peripera Malaysia has took this opportunity and release a limited edition Peripera Disney Frozen collaboration collection to capture women's heart. Inspired by the elegant Queen Elsa and her cute sister Princess Anna, the collection features eye shadows, cushion cream, powder, eyeliners, glam tint and many more...

The event was first kick start with products introduction and makeup demonstration of Elsa inspired look. Elsa inspired look is more emphasized on her eye makeup and the main product used here is Tap Tap Eyes #1 Let It Go (purple colour eye shadow kit @ RM59.90). For the eye shadow part, they first apply the darkest purple colour to define the lower part of the eyelid, then apply the light medium purple colour on the lower lid beneath the crease. Blend the colour out and upwards slightly without blending out the defined line and lastly apply the lightest shade on the crease to highlight. Then, use the black pencil liner from Wholly Deep Liner Kit (which consists of five different colour with matte finish @ RM79.90) to draw the bottom of the eyelash and lower eye and finish up with mascara on both top and bottom eyelashes.

A makeup will never be complete without lip colour. The pink cranberry lip colour used here is Magic Glam Tint #1 Let It Go (@RM35.90) to create the splendid and elegant look of Queen Elsa.

This is the complete Elsa inspired makeup look, pretty much easy to create and looking elegant right? :)

For those who preferred a more defined eye makeup or preparing for a night out with friends/family, you may touch up your eye makeup with Wholly Deep Auto Gel Liner #3 (purple colour with glitters @ RM39.90) on the bottom of your eyelash and lower eye. The easy drawing soft texture can be used as eye shadow as well and no worries it wouldn't the eye shadow colour which you've applied previously. Can you see the differences on the model's left and right eye?

They then moved on to Anna inspired look. Contrary to Elsa, Anna inspired look is more of innocent, fun and playful look and the main product used here is Tap Tap Eyes #2 I'm Christopher (orange colour eye shadow kit @ RM59.90). If I'm not mistaken, the shade is different but they apply the same way as Elsa eye makeup.

The lip colour used on Anna is Magic Glam Tint #2 I'm Christopher (coral lip colour @ RM35.90) which gives the feeling when Anna fell in love with Prince Hans. The makeup artist suggests us to apply the lip colour on the inner lips and dab lightly using fingers to create Korean gradient lips.

The complete look of Princess Anna, which is more of natural look and is suitable for daily makeup as well. Similarly, when you're going for dinner, you can touch up your eye makeup with Wholly Deep Auto Gel Liner #2 (brown colour with glitters @ RM39.90) for soft smokey eye makeup.

Now take a look at the whole range of limited edition Peripera Disney Frozen collaboration collection, I'm totally fall for their cute packaging and not forgot to mention, they are nice to use as well especially the Wholly Deep Auto Gel Liner; vivid colours with glitters, easy to glide on yet highly waterproof & smudge-proof! (Y)

Peripera Malaysia is currently running a few promotions whereby customers may collect the redemption cards which are available inside the products packaging to redeem special Frozen pouch as well as a Frozen party which will be held at Neway, 1 Utama Shopping Centre in December 2014. The Peripera Limited Edition Disney Frozen Collection is now available at major Watsons store, Frozen fans don't forget to check 'em out!

For more information, please visit

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