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Monday, March 28, 2011

Two years anniversary ♡

I just need you a lil' more. ♥

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We rocked in our own way!

Factsaboutme: I love it when my school life is full of events and laughter. (:

Last Tuesday was a blast for me. I took part in treasure hunt together with Yuen Chee and Ling Ling. It was sucks but we do had lots' fun ♥ While after school, the whole class stayed back for the so called photoshoot for the purpose of school magazine. Oh, and some random&epic moment in class (:

My best buddy ever. Does it looks like wedding photos? (:

the two who sat behind me in class, Choi Ying and Ling :D

kononnya the sejarah guy in my class, dang!

epic sial when we're trying to take a jump shot (:

My cute classmates! The favourite shot after all ♥

the gossip gang of mine in class :D

ex profile picture (:

well said, I'm her (Choi Ying) second wife HAHA :p


That's my wonderful life in school. Friends around me and everything that are matters to me. ♥


Sunday, March 13, 2011

At Frames.

Woohoo! Finally it's holidays now. I have a great weekend with the family these two days (: I went to hospital for x-ray check up on Saturday morning. Woots, it's getting better I think. YAY! Shopping with momma after that and we had our lunch @ Frames, Sunway Pyramid. Before that, I've purchased voucher from Hahah deal that offers 52% discount and meal for two @ only RM29.90. The 2 pax meal includes a starter, two main courses and free ice lemon tea for two. (:

I love the interior design over there (: There's so many frames hang on the wall, and I think that's why the restaurant called Frames.

a very nice place to chill too!

Ice lemon tea with honey. It tastes better after adding in honey. Before that, it is tasteless!

Gamberi Tomato Bruschettas as starter (:

It tastes not bad though (:

So here comes the main course! Momma's choice, Diablo (:

Many people recommended this (:

Momma with her pasta :D she said it's not bad too, but a bit salty for her.

And here my chicken burger. Overall it's ok except the french fries, it's too salty!

Lastly, outfit of the day (: I love b/w pictures!

Overall the food is okay, but not as good as what I expected since I've heard of lots' good responses from people. Oh, but their services is good! (: thumbs up for that. (Y)

FRAMES Cafe (next to the main entrance right besides Starbucks)
Lot OB.K4N, Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya

Telephone: 03 5631 9989 or Fax: 03 5631 9986

Thursday, March 10, 2011



I don't mean love, but friendship.


Monday, March 07, 2011


She's strong, because she knows what it's like to be weak. She keeps a guard, because she knows what it's like to cry herself to sleep.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A great girls night, indeed ♥

Another gathering this weekend! Or I should say it's a birthday celebration, too (: So at last, we've decided to have our dinner @ Daorae. It's a typical BBQ Korean Restaurant, in case anyone doesn't know about it.

Games before dinner @ Metro Prima :D We had lotsa fun there!

Go Go Ball on the run!

Around 7 o'clock at night, we off to dinner @ Daorae, which is just next to Carefour, Kepong.

Super Junior's poster with their signature on it!

both the birthday girl :D

Cakes from Secret Recipe. It tastes awesome man :(

AHA, present giving ceremony time :D present for Shey!

It's super nice seriously! Made me wants one too :(

AHA look alike? :D

Ops, thumbs up for my picture! :p

some side dishes were served :)

Kimchi soup that we ordered :D I tell you, it's freaking yummmmmm!

KarYing's one. It looks nice but actually not (according to what my friend said lol)

AHA, nice photo ever! :)

Yian Bing on the left and Kar Ying on the right :)

 JingWen and her DOTDOTDOT... 

And now, pictures time! Ahaha, we are all camwhore pro now!

KarYing and I :D

yours truly with freaking messy hair here, I know D:

Yuen Chee, the one who sits beside me in class :)

with ze bday girl :D:D

And last but not least, group photo is a must! *thumbs up*

Oh, and last picture with JingWen's beloved one HAHA.

It was great accompanied by the bunch of lovelies! Awww ♥ Imma looking forward for more outings with them. By the way, I've made myself a shopping list, to-do list & etc. HAHA no choice, I'm too free and I even plan for March's holidays. LOL another outing this weekend, enjoy! (:


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