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Thursday, May 27, 2010


BOO! Since my bestie, NYC b'day coming soon, we decided to give her a surprise as she nvr expect that we'll celebrate for her :) HEHEHE! & she's going to celebrate her bday with Khalil Fong!! :( eleh, long story at her hrs & I'm so lazyy to write it out ;x so keep it as secret lahhh! :P
*peaceee out*

a pic of YiWen before she leaving XD

not readyy ;x

zzgang updated picha :D

(bad qualityyy xD)

our leader for tdy is eating kfc :D


Thursday, May 20, 2010

E, 520 ♥

A special day to say that I Love You. :)
520 ♥

science paper tmrw
& I'm still onlining here ;x
ready to fail ._.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


BOOM! I'm backk :D
I left my blog so dead for a week plus already
I'm lazy to update & of course busy studying ._.
tmrw addmaths
aim A+? I hope so. *cross finger*

Click click :D *clickable*
It's not virus but just a campaign $$ :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Past

random pic of the week :)

Meeting up with my girlfriend, Chang Shu Ting last Thurs :D
She came pick me up & have a drink @ MillWheel hehh
she had a hair cut & her fringe so cute lahh!
we chit-chatted alot & keep ourselves update XD
Btw, cheer up my dearie :))

prove to baby that I took prize :P
but of course not the best student among Form 4 XD

Monday, May 03, 2010

We Are Happy Family :D

Oh gosh, its monday again..
schooling day like usual & idk why I'm freaking high tdy XD HAHAHH
& I guess today is not-so-lucky day for me?
called by Herman bcz I didn't change shirt after recess ._.
demerit 3 marks & kena 'fit' luu~

WayHannnn aka lou dao :D
don't be shy lahhh!

VengYie looks so hardworking huh?

my aunttt XD

Seriously ignore us!! XD

waaaaa, BIG lorr :O

HAHAHH, the moment Chee Seong comes in
VengYie & I scream like hell bcz we too happy dy XD

my cool momma always :D

When VengYie said En Lim at outside lol..

looks so formal? LOL


Sunday, May 02, 2010

They made me insane :)) ♥

On 1st May, dating with the boyfriend @ OU :))
and guess whattttttt,
the moment i reach thr, i saw TH signing album!!!
too bad i don't have their album TT


after that, went for a movie with babyy
Cycle of Love :)) its freaking funny man XD
& went for a drink @ Choc Lounge :D
Idk why time passes so fast when I'm with him :((
He supposed to go back home by 5 because he got dinner at night but he acc me to stay one hours longer :DD ♥ hehh

well, I decided to go Tokio Hotel's concert by last minute!
so lucky Kawei, Sue & Sherly acc me :D
we queued up for almost an hour :((

Sue :D

Kawei :))
I look sucks here bcz of the big fan ;x

Finally, the concert starts officially at 7 plus!! :D
& unfortunately, it starts raining already :((
Thanks to the aunt who lend us her umbrella & she ROCKS!
Hahaa she knows how to sing all the hitz song! =O

Pop Shunt

crazy fans! XD

I love "through your window" :))

what's everyone waits for,
TOKIO HOTEL!!!!!!! :D ♥♥
*screams out loud*

cameras :O


Awhile more later, we went behind thr because the malays who stand beside us keep pushing over here! Grr >< Sue & Kawei went for a drink while me & Sherly stay thr until the end :D Heheh! Their live performances are AWESOMEEE! :))
I ♥ Bill's voice :D

TheEnd. :D

PS// Credits to my parents who fetching me go & back,
the boyfriend who acc me the whole day ♥
and of course Kawei for the extra tickets :))


Saturday, May 01, 2010

He's HOT!


So lucky that I can see his LIVE performances!

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