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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kaka Art Market is back in town!

2:10 AM 11/4/2011 Monday

Weeee I'm so happy now, and that's why I am blogging here (: Thanks to the drama of every romantic/sad scenes, junk foods that daddy bought for me and every matters that cheer me up heh.

Fyi, Kaka Art Market is held on the first Sunday of every month @ Shaw Parade, Pudu. It's just located right behind Berjaya Times Square. Google it if you don't know. (: And so, I went there on last Sunday, 3rd of April. It's roughly about handmade stuffs, music, photography, pottery and etc. Oh well the theme of April is about animal kingdom.

#1 the banner (:

#2 all types of rings and earrings (:

#3 Among all different kinds' of arts, I love pottery the most. (: Too bad, I'm rushing home that day and I missed it ):

#4 It's ain't cheap, I tell you ._.

 #5 cupcakes with the animals' look on it (:

#6 creative hairclips heh.

#7 handmade clutch :D Got a few is really very nice but sold out ):

#8 Necklace by Lollipop (: 

#9 and rings too ♥

#10 all handmade soft toy wow!

#11 especially this one ♥ me likey :D

#12 paper puppet set (:

#13 It's one of my favourite too :D But I bought another one at last (:

 #14 Clay art ♥ definitely my all time favourites xoxox

#15 Happiness (:

#16 Accessories that made up of clay :D but it just too expensive for me ):

#17 One of my favourite stall of the day (: vintage fashion ♥

#18 hmmm (:

#19 Oh wait, I said I've bought a bracelet right? Here is it :D Noted, non-edited picture except for the watermark (:

After all, I had a superb day! Seeing all those cute stuffs can really makes me happy :D Oh, and I went to Kajang after that (: They booked a resort over there heh. I tell you, the bungalow there really makes you goes awww. Big like a palace and super pretty that you can't imagine at all :O Pictures are not with me so I can't update yet. So yeah, don't cha miss out the next kaka, 1st of May. (:


Sunday, April 10, 2011





Friday, April 08, 2011

Fried Oreooo!

Yeah, it's fried oreo! Credits to Carmen, I had this super awesome dishes for tea time yesterday. I missed out the dessert night at Carmen's house last Saturday so I've decided to make it myself heh. Fyi, Imma oreo freak :P I always wanted to bake a oreo cake but I'm such a lazy bum, you know. ): But now I can replaced it with fried oreo whenever I'm craving for it (: YAY

According to Carmen, it's actually damn easy to make fried oreo. Just follow the steps below (:

Firstly, what you need is flour.

Then, add some water and a pinch of salt into the flour and stir it together.

Until it becomes like this. (:

Then, take out the oreos and put it into the flour made. Make sure it's thick enough before you put it into the pot.

Oreos! But I think I've brought the wrong brand. ): It's Jack n' Jill one.

Heat up the pot and you have to put quite some amount of oil in it. Then, deep fry the oreos until it becomes golden brown colour.

TADAH! And it's done :D

Yeah, I know it doesn't looks good but it tastes yummeh :D

Oh, the taste is like.. fried ice cream I would say (: Crispy but soft like ice cream inside awww.
You can rarely see me walking in kitchen and cook except for something that I'm interested in and I would like to try it out myself. (: Shh but still, 3 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down ): Because it's unhealthy and fattening awww. Anyway it's kind of dessert that you should really try out (:

P.S. Pardon me for the handphone's camera quality ):


Tuesday, April 05, 2011


#1 super cute rings from Lollipop. (:

#2 It's just really so adorable, don't cha think so?

#3 Fruit tarts brought to you by Yuh Jiun ajajaja! 

#4 another shot (:

 #5 ze girls that I adored (:

  • Did a lil' shopping at Kaka last Sunday and mummy bought me a bracelet :D It's all handmade stuff over there so it's really special one (:
  • Fruit tart is one of my favourites. ♥ And I just made it with sister yesterday. I tell you, it tastes perfectly awesomeee! I think I'm so talented ajajajaja!
  • Was having class photoshoot today morning. My camera can really take very nice and clear photos although it's not DSLR or semi-pro (: I love my camera more & more now! Oh, and my not-so-awesome classmates heh.
  • I AM SICK ): Flu, cough, sore throat and headache all in one. I just really hate it and it makes my voice goes arghh.

There are many things I need to update as well but I just really lack of time. Mid term exam is coming very soon in just a few weeks time. So yeah, see you in June (: And I promise, I really change my blogskin this time! Yay, TATA!

Sunday, April 03, 2011



#I love it when five crazy girl lepak at mamak and watch football. HAHAHA & MU won!
#I love it when we do super crazy and sia sui stuff although there's a lot people watching.
#I love it when we're like getting heart attack while playing UNO :P
#I love it when we gossip like a 8 po!
#I love it when we laugh out loud and cry together. (:

Nothing much to say, but, I love you 'all. ♥

Friday, April 01, 2011

Say yes to me (:

After 392839146257 days, finally I am back with updates! Please say that you're happy to see me yeah :P I've been feeling down the whole day, I don't know why. FML ): And I guess blogging is the only way to express my feelings and somewhere I found my happiness back. (: Browsing through the old photos album, and I just realized how much fun I had before. Oh of course, I am enjoying my life now too. Just that, plus a little bit more stress and complicated feelings. :/ How I wish I am still a kid now, cry out loud without any reason and even laugh out loud anytime. awww

Oh well here are some random photos I found in my old album and I feel like posting it. (:

#1 One day trip @ Kuala Sepatang, 20th July 2008.

#2 Happy happy bday to Zi Xuan! '08

#3 One day trip @ KLCC, 13th December 2008.

#4 Happy CNY, buddies ♥ '09

#5 First time went to Genting with boyf & friends together ♥

#6 3S, my favourite class ever! ♥

#7 Fashion show, 23rd October 2009.

#8 First time ever ponteng in my lifetime :p shh

#9 The second time see Jay Chou together with Jing Wen (:

#10 First time that I've been to a concert with boyf & his friends ♥ so happy!

#11 Say hello to my baby baby ♥

#12 Coincidently we wore all yellow tee together to tuition, 10th March 2010.

#13 Superb night @ DPC with them ♥

#14 Favourite shot @ school carnival, 26th June 2010.

#15 BBQ @ Yuen Chee's house, 3rd July 2010.

#16 First time ever kite flying with friends ♥

#17 Six blue sapo was having lunch (:

#18 First time hang out with Ru Shan (: Lee Hom's showcase!!! ♥

#19 First time took part in amazing race @ DPC (:

#20 I know it's ugly, but I still love it (:

#21 I had a date with the sapo :D

#22 I want that big big bear! And I miss my long hair nao ):

#23 A picture of mine a month ago. Now I'm an apple girl heh.


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