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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let's get this party started with Party Hat!

Everyone loves party, don't you? When I was young, I always wanted to have my birthday party well decorated with balloons, buntings, pretty cupcakes and etc but my family were so lazy to buy all the props, pump balloons and decorate the house. But now you can have all these things done easily with just a text message or an email.

HUH?! Yes, no joke, Party Hat is a party planner which offers mobile kids party and various party decoration service for weddings, birthdays, full moon and social events (Mother's Day, Girls Night Out!). They are the first party planner in Malaysia to bring parties to your home. Let's see what type of package they have :)

Bento making party 

I love the idea that they use fresh and healthy ingredients to bake the pizza so parents don't need to worry about the unhealthy diet.

Okay I love this package the most! They provide manicure, pretty hairdo, light make up and even a princess tiara for your little one ♥ awww

Dessert table decoration 

Personalized party printables

Love it? :D All you have to do is choose a party theme and venue (it can be your home or your favourite restaurant) and they will show up with all the necessary party supplies! Many of Party Hat's customers chose these kids party to reward their children after a long semester of hardwork and exams. That's why school holidays are the busiest time for the party team, so remember to book them in advance! To understand more on these mobile kids party, please visit

Party Hat also designs cute decoration things like tags, toppers and banners according to your theme design! When most design companies would charge you a fortune for designing fee, Party Hat Malaysia usually offer it as a free service. Do check out their portfolio here to get more ideas for your next party!

So now Imma show you my bumble bee party deco kit from Party Hat!

Mini bunting

Round gift tags x 10

Hershey's chocolate labels x 10

Scallop food tags x 10

Tadah! Cute much? Can't wait to use these for the upcoming picnic session with my girls, stay tuned for it :D Hmm maybe I shall contact Party Hat soon for my sister's wedding decoration. How good if they gonna sponsor me this teehee *wink* So how about you? Check out their website and give your family/friends a surprise!

Facebook: Party Hat 
SMS/Whatsapp: +60173805560

Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm one of the beauty ambassador from HiShop?!

So recently I was invited to join the HiShop beauty ambassador program. *jumping around happily* I was so happy when I got the e-mail because it's so rare that people will invite you to become their beauty ambassador right? Since I am not artist or any famous blogger T_T At first I thought it was a spam, but who knows... :)

HiShop (pronounced as hai-shop) is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They only carry genuine products and they believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone - anytime and anywhere. HiShop provides a wide range of beauty products from make up, skincare, fragrance to health food. They have over 30 brands on their online store such as Antipodes, Arty Professional, Shills and Yadah. Omg sounds great, isn't it? :D Let's see what I got in the box!

Products that they handpicked especially for me :D Love 'em all!

Vouchers from HiShop and (they are under the same company)

I love how HiShop pack their products in bubble wrap so that it won't break easily :)

Yadah is a range of natural skincare products formulated with plant extracts and I've heard a lot of good reviews about it so I'm really excited when I received it. Can't wait to try it out and I'll share with you guys whether it's good or not :)

1. Natural & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask (sample)
The vital purity lift mask is designed to tighten pores and smoothen skin texture. Well I've tried this yesterday and it doesn't works on me. Maybe you have to use it for a few times then only you can see the differences.

2. JASAENGSU Bio Traditional Korean Medicine (Su) Collagen Essence Mask @ RM8.90
JASAENGSU mask is famous for its cute packaging and it's enriched with extracts of traditional Korean medicine. This essence-soaked mask is designed to permeate deep into your skin so it is moisturized from within. Note that it is suitable for all skin type.

3. Touch In Sol Vitamin C Lemon Mask Pack @ RM5.90
Essence Lemon Mask sheet pack heightens moisture retention, with concentrated nutrients that hydrate and cleanse skin. Keeps skin looking healthy and fresh forming a protective barrier against pollutants. Great for those with sensitive skin. Btw their packaging so 3D feel right? :D

Since I've not used the products before, I can't really comment anything but I'm satisfied with the products that they handpicked for me :) Reviews will be up soon! Btw not forgot to mention, they have free nationwide delivery when you spent RM50 or over, which is a plus point!

Spotted something that you like? Head over to or subscribe to their newsletters for exclusive offers at or like their Facebook page.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Beauty Review] Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

Greetings everyone! Erhem it is my first time doing a beauty/product review so please bear with me if I'm noob in this or you're welcome to share with me your blogging tips too :) So here you go, my first post dedicated to Timeless Truth!
"Timeless Truth Malaysia (TT Mask Trading) was incorporated in August 2012 to support TT Taiwan's market expansion in Asia. TT Mask is internationally Award Winning Halal Certified Facial Masks. Their core values are "honesty, conscience, love and care".

The weather is so hot nowadays that I turn on my air conditioner almost 24 hours a day but fyi exposure to cold air conditioned room can trigger long-term damage to skin and hair. So what else you can do instead of turning on your air conditioner? Put on a hydrating cooling mask! Million thanks to Tammy and Timeless Truth, these masks were delivered at my doorstep just in time when I needed it so much. Let's see what I got in my letter!

TT brochures and two 20% off discount vouchers :)

3 pieces of TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask and a Q10 Intense Elasticity Mask (review coming up soon!)

Main ingredients: STAY-C 50, m-tranexamic acid, calendula, menthol, hyaluronic acid, DI water

Benefits: cooling, moisturizing, smoothens skin, whitening

1. Use after face cleansing.
2. Remove plastic film; adjust mask to adhere entirely over the skin contours positioning openings for eyes and mouth.
3. Stretch to attach to ears.
4. Lift up chin layer and attach to ears.
5. Press the mask slightly with both hands until it adheres completely.
6. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into the skin. Post cleaning is not needed. 

After 15-20 minutes, you may remove the mask and you'll see the positive immediate effect!

 Okay la I know my skin is terrible but it's way much brighter and fairer right? I was shocked when I saw it does minimize my pores too! :D

It is highly recommended when you're in need of a good moisturizing mask! I swear this review is based on my experience and the mask is so hydrating and refreshing that it has so much serums inside the packet. When I was just holding the mask or lying down, the serums keep dropping down on my neck. It was good and the instant brightening effects is superb! I'm gonna try out their green tea phenol soothing mask by using my 20% off vouchers :D

TT masks retail at RM10 per piece and it is currently available at MaskSlim outlets and TT Mask Facebook Store. For more information, please check out their website and Facebook page

**phew I guess I'm doing pretty well with the review right? At least I don't need to refer to the dummies book teeehee! Have a blessed day xx

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

YNOT Graffiti Art Competition Finale @ Genting!

Thanks to Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang, I got to attend the YNOT Graffiti Art Competition Finale at Genting Highlands last weekend. I just came back about two days ago and I started to miss the place already although it's only one-hour ride from KL. I miss the cooling weather up there (I was freezing!), the awesome graffiti artworks, cute funny emcees... basically every single moment that I've spent with my boyf and fellow bloggers.

If you have no idea of what it is about, you may check out my previous post here

So let's start with the highlights of the day, YNOT graffiti showdown. You can see lots of amazing graffiti artworks once you entered the theme park and some of them were still painting. Now I just realize graffiti painting may be a tiring job too as they have started painting since the day before omg :/ Now Imma show you some of my favourite piece ♥

The letter hunter by Mohd Iskandar Firdaus B Ismal (open category)

Blazzin wabbit by Abdul Sariman bin Abdul Rahman (open category) ♥

Fire by Mack Stures (open category)

Simfoni alam by Mohd Amin bin Hadarih (open category)

PandaaFUN! by Teh Wai Yeng (student category)

The clown by Chian Chee Yong (student category)

Masterpiece from 3 top graffiti artists from Asia! I was so amazed when I saw them painting :O

Next, they have BMX stunt performance by 4 talented guys, Muhammad Hafizi, Ahmad Shaiful, Sheikh Myhammad and Raja Shammi. If I'm not mistaken, one of them is only 8 years old! Fuhhh kids nowadays... (Y)

**hello this is dangerous so please don't simply do it at home as they have trained before

Graffiti raincoat art fashion showcase right after BMX performance

Apart from the YNOT graffiti showdown and performances, RW Genting has prepared a "wall" where you feel free to spark your creativity with graffiti. Spray paint in different colours were provided and you may leave your footprints there :)

Tadah my masterpiece! Hahaha I know it's ugly lah but it's very hard to spray nicely okay!

The event was broadcasting live at too. We have DJ Moses, Jinnyboy and XX (sorry I forgot his name T_T) hosting and play games with the audience. DJs with fellow Nuffies! Can you spot me at the back there? :)

Besides, we got to try out the new theme park ride, the waves. It is located right opposite of cork screw and go cart. Well it's slightly faster than the other rides, which I think you might give it a try. **sorry ah if you think it's boring & try to avoid sit on the left side!

While at night there are dance performance by Elecoldxhot & FIX! I've been a big fan of Elecoldxhot since 2008 when they're back in Battleground, can you imagine that? I really love them a lot because they always come out with lots of ideas and double thumbs up for their teamwork. No other dance crew can beat them (Y) Btw we have recorded a video, Harlem Shake with them the next morning hahahaha stay tuned!

LED dance performance by FIX

and my favourite dance crew ever, Elecoldxhot ♥

Here you go, a group picture with Elecoldxhot & FIX! Spot me with the neon green beanie :D

my date of the day ♥

Like their artworks? Vote for them at before the contest ends on 19th April!

Overall, the 2d1n trip was great! Double thumbs up to the organizers (Y) I think they did a great job eh? But I was kinda sad that I didn't really get to talk to any bloggers because I was too shy I didn't know anybody there T_T I'll make sure that I talk more next time alright? Looking forward to the next event ♥ xoxo

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