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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

[Fashion] Mix & Match with Le Bunny Bleu Black Attina Hidden Heel Sneaker

I've been a big fan of Le Bunny Bleu since its opening in Malaysia last year but I've never purchase their shoes before as I have a pair of giant feet that most of the shops don't carry my size. Hence I hesitated when I received an invitation from the Butterfly Project for shoes fitting but who can resist not to try on such awesome collections?!

A brand from New York, Le Bunny Bleu has blended hipster cool New York fashion sense and the effortless European chic-ness. It's the world's largest collection of women's modestly priced flat shoes available through one manufacturer today. Quirky, colourful, charming and cute are the key style descriptors of Le Bunny Bleu. The adorable and unforgettable bunny rabbit mimics the company's core customer ideals - "the desire to be free, go through life with a specific determination, be both charming and fascinating, and to move with a desire that always gets her where and what she wants."

Before I move on, here's a good news for you guys: Le Bunny Bleu is having 30% off storewide! :O So head over to 1 Utama and The Gardens Mall quickly after finish reading this post while designs and sizes are available.

Le Bunny Bleu signature range of shoes cover from classic to avant-garde, with over 100 styles including oxfords, loafers, espadrilles, ballet flats, sandals, rain & wool boots and fashion sneakers.

That's so sweet of them to come out with the idea of mom and kids "couple" collections. I will definitely get one for my child in the future. :P

Look at this pink Deelia flats with a cute bow and glitters! My favourites of all! Now I wish I have tiny feet to fit in this flats :P

I was spoiled with choices and had a hard time choosing that one pair which suits me the most. In the end, I picked this Black Attina Hidden Heel Sneakers which have small studs over the shoe and glitters by the side.

I pair it up with a suspender skirt and a mini sling bag to create a more youthful and energetic look. This Black Attina Hidden Heel Sneaker is actually very versatile that I can just simply pair it up with any outfits (except formal wear, I guess? :P). It's very comfortable to wear yet looking fashionable. I'm so happy to get my first pair of Le Bunny Bleu shoes. I just can't wait to wear it to Taiwan and take more ootd shots! :P

Le Bunny Bleu, The Gardens Mall
S-226C, 2nd Floor,
The Gardens South Tower,
MidValley City Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Website: |


  1. Love that cute bunny♥
    Envy your body >,<


  2. Love that cute bunny♥
    Envy your body >,<


  3. I'm loving their flats! So cute! And I have a pair of heels sneakers just like those. Aren't they so comfy!

    GIG love :)

  4. What an adorable shop - That's just the cutest thing ever. Love your look. Fabulous pieces! <3 GIGLove

  5. Wow. the shop is such a heaven for shoe lovers.! I loved the glittery ones. U have worn the shoes well.. giglove

  6. i super love this Attina you picked ^_^ may I know how much it is priced? I wanted to buy a pair of hidden heels sneakers from Shoeblitz but unfortunately it is limited edition, i dont have the budget now and I cant simply go to Neo Damansara from Melaka just to check out the shoes XD

    1. Hehe I love it too! :P Hmm if not mistaken it's about RM368, more or less about this price. Previously they were having 30% off storewide, not sure if it's still going on.

  7. The bunny's cute! Love the pair you chose too :) Great choice;)

  8. le bunny bleu sounds familiar. i wonder if they are also in sg... hmm, but that le sucre bunny is so cute! i have a mini sized one! love your choice if sneakers. very chic and cute looking!

  9. The brand is not available in my country. The sneakers you got look really nice.

  10. Awww.... The sneakers are so beautiful! I have never been going in to that shop. Feel it is very expensive footwear.

  11. I want that sneakers!! Please!! It's so cute and edgy and I love it!! =D

  12. That is such a cute store and I am digging your sneakers. Great photos dear. GIG love :)

  13. I like the pair you chose. They're definitely something I'd choose myself! We have the same store here but I never took a proper look inside yet. I will now!

  14. Ooh i love this brand. I've seen it in an earlier blog and i completely adore how cute their products are

  15. hehhehe cute store!!i love all their design too!!wish we can bring all home!

  16. Really fab looking pair of sneakers you got yourself. Great choice and I hope they will serve you well.

  17. i love the pair youve chosen! ive got a pair of flats from le bunny bleu and love them

  18. Love your shoes! The bunny looks cute thou xP
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  19. Those shoes are gorgeous!! Would love to get me and my daughter a pair.

  20. judging from the name i thought it is a french brand! haha

  21. Hey! Are u from Penang as well? We should hang out sometime :) x

  22. Woahh!! In love the collection totally! In love with the Glitter Ballet shoes

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  23. loveee these shoes - awesome post thanks for sharing

  24. omg they have a lots of cute collections <3
    i want buy some ...
    so lovely

  25. Hunny you look great and thats an amazing store. <3 GIGLove

  26. these are so cute for sneakers but i am a flip flop and heels person and i dont own a single sneaker lol

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

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