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Friday, January 30, 2009


went OU wif YeeKay, YeeHui & MakZai! :D
abt 1030 YeeKay's aunt fetch us 2 ther
thn v went 2 gsc buy ticket & watched InkHeart!
afta tht v had our lunch at TGI Fridays
I ordered Fish & Chips
thn v just taking photos & chatting kepo thr xD
afta lunch
just shop shop & shop! :)
v went 2 Forever 21 & keep crazy taking pichas!
errmm i thk v stay in da fitting rooms abt 1 hours? HAHAH
bt yeekay just bought a shirt like jacket1 cost rm100!
damn rich lahh her
4 me sure mm seh dak >.<
thn v just walking arnd thr lor
i bought a scarf ?
EHH NICE1! nt aunty aunty style :D
50% so ma buy lor~ sam tong! ><
abt 6 sth mak zai's dad came & fetch us back 2 yeekay hrs
2day i met Seow Huey tht gang,
(v jz finished da movie bt they goin up 2 cinema)
Tong Sampah,
(bz chatting on da fon! xD)
Uncle Edward,
(da pinkishhh & HAWT boy!! :D)
Kok Yew
(v met him twice & he wore til so yeng!)
& my SIS too!
&& received 5 AngPausss :DD

TAADAA! da pichas :)




guai luiis in da MPH

in Forever 21's fitting room! :D

ignore me! ishh

spot YEEHUI!

da scarf? xD

at Rainforest

blur ><


FUN! :3

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


25 Jan
1st of all
both also cutiees!
at night, my relatives & sis bf came
& had reunion dinner :)
long time nvr c my uncle lerr
eerm abt 10 years ? HEEE
eeee OMG nt enuf place ehhhh
i rampas wif sis
so she wana wait 1 of us finish dinner only can eat lu :P
WOOW damnn fulll! & heavier alr ? xD
afta tht i just walking arnd, chatting & watch movie!!
HAHAH movie girl ?!?
slp at abt 3am 2night! :D

26 Jan

wowoww! 2day woke up early in da morning!! HAHA
at abt 1030 ? maybe.
when i walk 2 living room thr sis all wake up alr & sitting thr watch movie
LOL just left me belum bath & chg clothes
i just wore a simple tee & shorts :D
eee 2day sangat ANG arrrhh!
arnd 11 sth all relatives come 2 my hrs
bt i stil haven gao dim ? HAHAH
v all just chit chatting thr
woooots! i love da feel wif all cousyy & uncle aunty~ ishh :)
eerrmm feels comfortable ? XD
afta tht they all headed 2 uncle's hrs
while at night
v went 2 aunt's hrs
OMG her dogggie superrbb cutee!
like a POALA BEAR!!!!! :D
bt v all damn scare of him
errmm bcz he damn fierce barhh ? xD
2day is uncle's bufdayy!!
aunt bought a BlueBerry cake frm BePastry (if nt wrong spell like this barh ? :P)
wooow superb SMALL bt EX!! cost abt rm80
eeee her hrs gt many games lehh!
psp, ps2, guitar hero, x Box blablahh apa pun ada!
bt NO WII! ):
hiakhiakk waiting sis buy 4 me afta PMR :D
abt 11 sth v went back home & slp at 3am again 2night!
my look 2day xD

ANGPAUs (just a part lar :D)
eat eat eat!!
27 Jan

2day patutnya wake up at 9am
bt let my mom wake me up alr ><
she said neighbour's hrs ada lion dance
ask me mau pergi tengok ant
LOL thn i fas fas bath thn go out & hav a look
evry year aso hav 1
bt i thk this year worse barhh.. eee
abt 1030 thn v leave our hrs & balik kampung
aaaa crazy in da car again ? XD
go thr take time abt 1 hours
so 11 sth thn v reach thr
aunt aso ngam ngam reach thr jehh
eeee! OMG feel scare!!
bcz da DOG!
EEE~ aunt hav 2 pet dog~ errmm baria dog la
LOL their name damn funnyy1!
1 is "da wow wow" while another1 is "xiao wow wow"
EEE!! gilerr! HAHAH crazyyy name nia!
dad bought 2 laptop so boleh watch movie again!!! HAHAH
abt 330 thn v went 2 relatives hrs & back 2 kl at abt 7pm ler
omg vry tired these days!
slp lateee bt wake up early! ><>
eeee bz chatting nw so bubyeee! :D

Saturday, January 24, 2009


just have a look! :D
khai said she vry CUTE ehhhh!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fridayyy :)

2day afta scul v all stay bak bcz wana go 2 dewan 4 d calligraphy competition
teacher told us this kira in ujian bulanan so must go eehhh
bt thn makzai told me she asked chinese society ppl dis 1 din kira
eeee SUAN!
abt 140 oni finishh my calligraphy
OMG my words freaking ulgy! 1st time write lik tat ><
afta tat v all stay at astaka a while thn pergi makan :DD
saw babyyy at astaka nia! woooots~
HAHAHA act wana ask him tat y din come & find me
bt he din heard tat thn nth lorr :X
haha i eat d chao kueyy tiao bt i pick out all da "ya cai" ? HAHA
duno hw 2 say that larrr :P
thn back 2 astaka agn~
saw my 2 honeyy ther! XINGTI & MOJOJO :D
thn v all doing da thgs 4 scout papan notis
WOOOTS! niceee nia!
makzai say ahkIn style HAHA
btw reli kinda nicee la wei! haiyoo
afta tat v do until quite sienz lerr
duno hu start asking sum ques thn all ppl guessing ther xD
haha da ans reli superrb zadao1~ @@
mojojo keep cant get d ans HAHAH so funnyy lar her! teeehee :)
v all just keep highhhing ther! XD
abt 4 sth sis suddenly come 2 scul & wan me bakk!
shockeeddd nia! eeeeee
im playing wif buds nia thn come n ask me bak! hmph! :@
suannn so jz guai guai follow them bak lor~
on da way bak thn i ask them abt d ques v guessed 2day in class
haiyoo they 2 nt funny at all! eeeee huiyo !
HAHAHA btw havee fun wif all my BUDS 2dayyy
Love ya buds :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

19 Jan

eee 2day afta scul straight pergi 1u!!! :D
my sis bring my clothes, shoes aaaa & hp come~
HAHAHA 1st time chg clothes in d car !!!! eee
& makan nasi juga >< &&& da 1st time tie up my hair & hanging out arnd & wear til so KIK SUI niaa !!
afta tat v keep shopping arnd & get CNY clothes~
eeee v go in Samuel & Kevin & take all d jeans inside & try~
HAHAHA thn v keep exchange & tryy~
bt v din buy larr cz d jeans nt fit aso
so hanya buyy shirts :)
thn v go 2 others shopp~
frm new wing pergi ke old wing
thn go bak new wing lagi~ Heeee :DD
eee plus be4 d shirts i bought nw i hav 9/10 shirtssss 4 CNY ! :P
5 shorts & 1 shoesss barh ? eeee
gona get more clothes soonn !
errrr v shop til 6pm thn bakk home! XD
be4 tat v buyyyyy McD HAHA ourr lunchh ?
eee SHUANG AR !!!
be4 end this post
eee wana wishh KenKe, PohYee & Dickson

Saturday, January 17, 2009


OMG addicted 2 ELECOLDXHOT!!!!! XO
superrrb yeng when they r dancing !
act 2day goin sunway ther see live showw woohoo!
bt thn cancel alr ><>
so hanya watch it at hrs nia
i loveee da teacher icee cream ! :))
lengzaii la wei !~!!! HAHAHA
im stil da same~ just GAP ZAI !
OMG da Chriz in Ecx 1 damn lengzai!!! :DD
loveee him vryy muchh !
when watching da show
my sis & I keep SS ther xDD
nw sore throat alr ><>
woohoo~ they get NUMBER 1 !!!! :3


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

no friends anymore ?

eee 2day rumah biru punya ppl come & find me
soh yieng wrote my name at pasukan sorakan !! OMG
ee i dunwan lar weii !
sumur i thk my sis dun let barhh ?
bt at last lingling say OK & try c how first
eeee so i follow her lu :X
thn afta tat when recess eunice, minxuan & karying ask me abt it
they tell me that lingling said I WAN JOIN THIS ehh !! eewww !
& she just follow me only
nt me lar wei ! i dunwan join aso d
dammnn !!!
is u tel them say OK d !! nt me lar ! :@
now min xuan aso dun trust me bt trust u !!!! shuang liao la ?
deng ! act kelian infront others ppl la !! eewwww !!!
really superr geram when i heard that !
u make me very HATE you now.

p/s who saw this blog don't spread it out.
I just wanna let off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"LUCKYY" niaa~

scul reopen 1 week onlyy bt ditahan 3 times ! :X
bcz my socks la ! eeee~
2day wear da wrong socks ? HAHAHA
OMG v wana buy a LONGGGG socks~ walao reli damnnn long 1 xDD
afta go bak class jz take it off eewww !!!
nanti i wil post d pic of da longg socks here XD
haihhh repeat doing da same thgs in scul evryday
sienz la weii ! evrytime afta recess i sure feel slpyy~ 2day aso !! ><
when SJ period JiaJia & I jz keep talking ther
cz almost fall asleep sumur vry boreddd larr. LOL
1. 20 p.m agn~ buaiii !
saw babyyy twice in scul 2dayy XD

nwadays cant alwayz on9 lu ):
banyak hw & keep study & studyyy !
bt my blog r always updatedd :))

nth muchh 2 ritee

Monday, January 12, 2009

12 Jan

eee 2day is mondayyy ( saying crap ! :X )
da Ahhh Ong cakap byk lagi LOL
he talked frm 730 until 810 !!!
eh ehhh v r standing d lehh CHAM niaa~
woahhh ! 2day 3S & 3M ditahan lehhh !!!
only 2nd week niaa
v all tot spot check bt only jz sum advice abt d assembly nia
when da prefect talking, kaiwen jz bside me thn she keep saying sth damnn funnyyy ! xDD
be4 recess ahkIn asked me abt d trip 2 pulau redang 7 dayys bt rm300 ONLYY ehhhh
4 me reli cheapp larr hahah cz 7 days nia !
stil nt sure yet tat i can go ant.. scare mom dun giv eeee :X
while when recess v went 2 dewan sit down & chatting ther
hahah talkk abt tripp lagi !!
v said afta PMR straight go genting or afta d dayy PMR larr
woooots !!! damn shuang d lehhh
v keep saying therr & SS alrr~ :DD
eee chinese new year aso haven pass nia thn v talk abt AFTA PMR !! :S
bt i thk 75% din go d larr.. makzai they all mom dun let barhh ?
so our planning jz 4 SHUANGGG !!! :PPP
2day da 1st time SV period niaa
i heard many ppl say abt her alr LOL
afta recess v stil wan stand outside & waiting 4 herr !!!! grrrr
blablablahh she said she cant spell chinese name well
so mayb she wil giv sum ppl nickname !!! OMG
thn she asked hu sensitive 4 spelling his/her name
yau hong & jin yang raise their hands up xDD
she said nw all children r protected
thn she ask hu come scul by parents sending here
eh ehhh ehh !!! lik dis thn protected ?! ( my feeling lar )
abuden walk here mehh ?! =~=
2dayy damn tired aso~ hahah
almost evryday im gona fall asleep in class alr ><
afta scul stayy bakk agn !
eeeee wana get scolded alr ehh ><
aaaaww i saw tigerr babyyy !!!!
he wave his hand damn funny ehh ! HAHAHA
if i gt bring hp sure record it downn
darn kik sui larr wei ! :P
2day sir kok wah bufdayy !
v celebrated 4 him at Pak Hailam ther & bought a smallll cake too :)
abt 3pm thn he wana go bak work le barhh ?
bt v stil continue chatting therr half an hour oni bak 2 scul
afta my sis come 2 scul fetch me thn v went 2 cekap & SSTC ask 4 d bm tuition
eeee both tuition centre aso no En Suguz he onlyy teachh f4 & f5 ><
thn my sis forced me 2 tuition SC & MM at SSTC
eeeewww i dun like la weiii !!
keep forcing me aso no use d larr
i noe sis damn worry abt my results & i noe my results vry bad 1
bt reli dun feel like wana tuition at ther ehhh !
nahh let c~ although i reli pergi sana tuition my heart nt ther thn my results stil same aso larr !! ):
thn afta tat Sir talk 2 me a while
he say he wun force me 2 study ther bt he jz wan me 2 thk abt it
if i dunwan force me aso no use 1
let me decide my thgs myself ! :@
&&&.. don't call me baby alr larrr~

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2day YeeHuiii & ChuiXiing bufdayyy :DD
ytd wishhhed maoo at 12 sharp ~!
hahah touchhh ?
eeee u 2 r my buds 4ever :)

10 Jan

2day woke up at 730 lidat
cz mom make appointment 2 c doctor~ ewww !
on d way 2 hospital jz slp in d car~ xDD
reli darn tireddd lar wei ! ):
bt d belt make me reli damn em song
alwayz kik zhe LOL
when i reach ther thn wana wait & wait agn~ zz
i go hospital jz 4 do xray & check 4 backbone
yessshh ! doctor said nth changes stil ok
bt half year ltr wana come bak & check agn lu :X
eeee he say i can do anythgs nw
if half year ltr no chgs thn means nth liao lu~ :DD
afta tat v went 2 sunway pyramiddddd !!!!
evrytime afta c doctor aso go 2 sunway d :P
thn v hv lunchh at DRAGON-i~
eee i ordered a La Mian wif taiwan fried chicken,
shanghainese steamed meat dumpling, almond beancurd dessert
& orange juiceeeee :)
v spent abt 1 hours at ther agn~ LOL
afta tat SHOPPP agn !!
i saw 1 shirt damn niceee in Forever 21
when i tel my sis abt dis
she said im nt 21 pergi sana buy wad la
walaooo she arhh vry wad d ! eewww
be4 bak home i bought a pair of NIKE shoesssss :)
eeee NIKE fansss niaa ! loveeee it~
abt 3 wana rushhh bak home alr cz nanti stil gt guitar lesson eehhh
bt i stil late alr..
ytd i practice alr bt nt vry shou lar
so keep on play wrong d note
OMG damn la wei !! ><>
afta tat bak home & on999 agn~

da appointment card

in da room

while waiting mummyy
my x-rayyy
this niceee ! :3
inside tau fuu ! eeaakkk~
in Forever 21
damn many hw !!! ):

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