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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graduan Aspire 2015: Corporate Luncheon with CEOs & Booth Visiting

"Kick start my weekend with an exclusive corporate luncheon with CEOs from top notch companies (Y)" was definitely the coolest moment ever in my life Instagram. As I've mentioned in my previous post, Graduan Aspire 2015 Career & Postgraduate Fair is back in KL Convention Center with a much bigger scale this year and going a step further, they are bringing in the most sought-after corporate luncheon from UK to Malaysia for the first time at Graduan Aspire! A highly anticipated activity in Graduan career fairs in the UK, Aspire+ Corporate Luncheon is an exclusive, invitation-only networking session between Malaysia's leading corporate leaders and high calibre talents, conducted within a casual dining setting.

Out of the thousands of resumes received prior to Graduan Aspire 2015, only about 200 graduates and working professionals were invited to be part of this rare opportunity to meet and engage with top-performing corporate CEOs and senior management and I'm just so lucky to be one of them!

Before the luncheon starts, there was a CEO Forum and Q&A session where the fresh graduates and working professionals get to glean in-dept industry knowledge and impress potential employers with their skills and abilities; it also allows corporate employers to attract some of the best talents Malaysia has to offer to their organisations. It was an honor for me to attend this corporate luncheon and rub shoulders with all the CEOs and listen to their stories and career guidance. Highly recommended to all fresh graduates and working professionals because it will definitely enrich your life experience!

Followed by the corporate luncheon, we went down to the exhibition halls for talent networking fair. This year, there are over 120 top corporations and institutions like Maybank, Shell, PwC, Nestle and a large number of leading universities and colleges like Universiti Malaya, Taylor's University, Lim Kok Wing, and Sunway University participating in Graduan Aspire 2015.

"Since its launch in 2011, Graduan Aspire has served as a strategic platform that connects both ends of the employment spectrum. Our growing list of exhibitors and innovative activities have not only helped match thousands of quality talents with leading employers; it has also provided jobseekers and post-graduates with timely and essential information to help them make informed decisions with regards to their future careers," said Puan Elia Talib, Managing Director of Graduan.

It is my first time visiting a career fair and it's kinda different from what I thought. Besides booth visiting, there are many other activities like conferences/forum, exciting games or even audition on the spot! I would say it's a must to visit Graduan Aspire career fair especially for fresh graduates, take this opportunity to attend to your desired employer and clear all your doubts. Remember to bring along a copy of your resume as well because you might just simply bump into a corporate CEO anytime! Who knows :P

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Graduan Aspire Career and Postgraduate Fair 2015

"Hey, which Company are you going to apply after graduate?", "Are you planning for further studies like Master's degree?", "I'm going to apply XX Company, what do you think about it? Is it good?" Here are some examples of questions that people always ask nowadays and most of the fresh graduates are clueless of what to do next. Now you have no more worries because Graduan Aspire Career and Postgraduate Fair 2015 is back to answer all your questions!

Working with leading organizations in Malaysia, Graduan Aspire 2015 will offer talents the opportunity for a better insight into their future with this two-day career and networking fair. Designed to promote better interaction between talents and organizations, Graduan Aspire 2015 will be the gateway to a successful future. On top of that, talents interested in pursuing their education in postgraduate studies will be able to receive the necessary information they need via the many university booths. This year, Graduan promises an even more impressive list of exhibitors like Maybank, IOI Group, Universiti Malaya, Taylors University, Resorts World Genting, the Big 4 Accounting Firm and so on.

If you're not aware of, I'm actually working with KPMG right now; I have yet to complete my studies as my course would require a 3-years working experience before I go on with my Advance stage papers. Honestly I didn't do much research before I join hence there are many things that I didn't realized until I come in but of course I'm not regret with my decision too. The firm is being very supportive and they provide so many different type of training (FOC!) for you to continue develop yourself in terms of skills and knowledge.

It is a very good option especially for those who would like to further their studies and work at the same time, so be sure to attend this Graduan Aspire and get a better understanding of your desired employer. I believe that the other companies provide the similar offer as well.

And guess what, the best part of Graduan Aspire 2015 would be the exclusive corporate luncheon with CEOs from the top notch companies! This networking session will allow CEOs and senior management to gain a better insight and interact with the top percentile of Malaysian talents whilst dining in a casual setting. It's time to accelerate your career with in-dept industry knowledge from CEOs themselves!

I'm so thrilled and I can't wait for the exclusive luncheon with CEOs! Once again calling all fresh graduates, don't miss out this biggest affair of the year and you can log on to to register for the career fair, conferences or even the most sought-after corporate luncheon. See you!

Graduan Aspire Career and Postgraduate Fair 2015
Date: 9th to 10th May 2015
Time: 11AM - 6PM
Venue: KL Convention Center (Hall 3, 4, 5)


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