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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Special for you! :D

The EX-Monday :D ;

The one-week holidays is officially over ;(
and we are going back to school now.
Today, class 4k was performing on the stage during the assembly for Minggu Moral :)
so YuenChee and I were sitting vry front thr and enjoy :DD
but too bad, I only can listen Eunice and MunHui's voice ><

in afternoon session :)

after school, most of us were stayed back for JingWen's bday celebration :DD
I am so lazy to blog so just upload some pichas and caption added :)

here our surprise for her :D

the cake we baked :) Cheeeeesecake!

& her expression :&

LOL ;x

after that, we went PaoBing :D
only for ZhuZaiGang members :)

8 of us :D except YiWen!

and here the late-comers!

6 of them ordered this :)

and again, :D

HAHAHAH its relight candles :D
thats why she cant blow it off :)

and she freaking happy after she did it :DD!


the POSER! :DD


and 2nd :D they are looking in each other's eye :))

I wondering that he watchinggg~~ ?XD

the PIG!

with US :D

YiWen :)

Xuannn :D


see, this is what childish ppl pose like HAHA!



Pin :)

and this is what childish ppl DO!

that's all :D
and more pichas in camera will be upload soon XD

gawd, I'm so like orang cacat now =/
fell down yesterday infront of my hrs
both knees hurt badly
and now my situation just like last year
bleeding non stop! =(

and this,
souvenirs from YuenChee @ Aus :D LOL


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