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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lame but me likey :)

Hello people. I shall come back with some updates here about outing with my awesome girlfriends on Monday. So sorry that I wasn't in mood to update so only a few pics here. :)

brunch @ Kim Gary :D and see, stalker ni!

I've no idea why is she so shy of camera ;p

my face sucks but I look slim here, is it? ;p

camwhore as usual :D

"I'm expensive" ;)

always the awesome girlfriends ♥


and after; xD

poser sial :)

Back to VinYee's house around 3pm and play around in her room ;p
Still, I miss her husky a lot :D EFFING CUTE!

again, makan kat kfc :D

Thanks girls and Woon! And someone who came over just to acc me for an hour plus ;)
I'm really HAPPY today :D *NOT because of him* ;p


  1. hmn, someone is into "someone"..(curious)

  2. Roonie; someone lah :)

    John; lol hmm.

    chenlin; HAHAHA ;p

    cody; lol that's my friend lahh :)

    Jamie; hah yeahh yellow color!

  3. So...someone huh...My friends got scolding by some sales girl while messin around in the fitting room...XD

  4. Jaerragus; haha yeah huh someone ;p wow, really? Luckily so far I nvr been scolded by any ppl xD


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