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Friday, December 19, 2008

Again~ wheeeeee x)

went da same place wit da same ppl AGAIN~
hahaha 2day went MidValey wif makkk, zixuuuan & yeeehuiiiii !!!
makzai be4 buk ticket 4 da movie alr so v went ther early 2 take ticket~ :D
bt d zixuan aaa said 3 minutes reach thn abt 7 min thn reach barhh :S
at d station v saw boon lay's sis ehhh
she kinda hardworking d larr.. go tuition~ lols
hahah mayb i haven take medicine so in ktm i laugh non stop~ XD
wooooots maoo wear damn SOK !! :P
zixuan wear daoooooo PINKKKIE !! & her shirt damn "long"~ LOL
v watch The Day The Earth Stood Still !
d movie nt bad mar~ XD quite niceee d~
in d cinema walao ehhh cold daoooo !!!! behtahan !!
i din bring jacket TT
so bolo handbags frm them~ XD
afta finish d movie abt 130pm luu~
v duno wana go wher & jz shop around~
hahah v kinda "wan gat" d cz makzai went Romp twice alr~ bt v didnt buy anythgs~

lol reli wan gat !!! XD
v took many pichas at centre court xmas decoration ther~
ermmm nt bad aso marr~

ltr gona upload pichaaaas hereee XD
xmas & New Year jz around d corner so many discounts here~ woahhh !!
v went d Present4Them~ d bear so cuteee x100 !! heart' em :)
makzai bought a bear !!!! aiyooo i love her bear ehhh !! bt i nt bear 2 use my money !!!! :(
v went many shop & walk walk walk~~ shuang aaaaaaa !!!!! :D
eeee act abt 3 pm thn v wana go 2 north court cz hv d SNOW TIMEEEEE !!!!
last year i went ikano when xmas & gt snow too~
bt v passs d time jor ehhhh
at 245 thn v went 2 Secret Recipe & hv lunchhh !
LOL mao & me order KID'S MEAL !!!!!! XD
hahah reli paiseh ehh !! so v ask zixuan help us order lor~
OMG sat lai aaa !! :D
stil gt alphabet fries~ ==
hahaha its quite cuteee d ehh
lol makzai said when im eating kinda dao gei~ ehem btw im nt kids ? :P
afta tat v order CAKESSS too ! hmmmm yummyyyyy !!!! hahah
bcz of dis so v pas d snow time ehh ):
so afta finish lunchh v rush 2 north court
bt paiseh ehh i lead d wrong wayy :D
wheeee thn v walk 2 another wayy~ bt v stil pass it jorrr~
hahaha mayb d cake tooo delicious so make me blur blurrr~ :P
abt 430 thn v go back centre court 2 wait SANTA CLAUS come out !! wheeee~

hahah i missed d snow alr so i cant miss this !!! XP
v wait abt 10 min thr thn finali he came out !!!!!! woooots~
while waiting thn me & sexaay yeehuii take pics NON STOP !! hahaha
eeeeeyerrrr kinda ugly all d pics ( me lar XD ) so take until puas hati luu~
owhyeaaaa when v eating cakes zixuan go 2 mph & buy PORN !!!!! :)
v shop shop shop & buy sumthgs thn go bak at 445pm luu~
2day v walked d whole MidValey !
frm north to south~ frm east to west
thn v go The Gardens too~
eeee i wana go bak at Segambut station myself ehh >.<
2day reli damn shuang !!! shuang shuang shuang !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puassssss hatiiii

MidValey Xmas deco~ :

me & makkk~ 'V'

she's mine !!

4 of us :)

my KID's mealll !!!! :P

hohoho santa claus~~


I heart MONSTER ! :D


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