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Thursday, December 04, 2008

what I want ?!

nowaways reli damn no mood~
dis few days seldom on9 alr
no mood wana chat sumur dunwan ppl disturb~
arghhh !!
sth happened in my family & nw my dad in hospital~
anythg else can i do ? haih ><
nw evry nite aso same gona go hospital visit dad~
he alwayz lubbs me d most~
in d room when he luk at me.. wad can i reply ?
talk ? talk wad ? SRY DAD TT
i cant stop thk of d thg ):

sometimes i feel tat i started feel bored wif my life~
I hate my life >.<
wad else can i do ?
where can i go ?
i hope can travel 2 anywhere & relax ! );

Don't thk abt it ? I CANT !!
Don't cry ? SRY IT'S HARD 4 ME ! TT


  1. jiun :)
    bad things may be happen in da same time..
    so u just gonna be tough n faced it :)
    u may cry!! dun force urself not to cryy..its damn tiring :)
    if u feel better after crying..just cry it out!
    cheerrrs babe :)
    will support you always!

  2. hmmmmm~~
    i know ur feeling...
    last time my dad also same like ur dad~~
    bad things will gone...
    if wan cry.....juz cry~~
    dun force urself.........
    i will support u alwayz!!!!!!

  3. thx buddz ! :)
    im alright nw~
    my dad can bk home alr~
    thanks !!


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