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Saturday, September 26, 2009

First day working :D

woke up early & get rdy to go WORKK :DD
went to sis bf's shop, The Soya Shop at Mont Kiara Plaza
only me and mummyyy at thr for da whole day
its my vry first time to work :)
and also did many mistakes larhh
i dont knw whr da thgs put, da food price and also hw to use da cashier blahh ><
so da first time thn sia sui infront of a guy ==
i dhk if unclee thr sure i will get scolded
bout 3 pm thr's so many customers came & mummyyy and I were so so busyy thr rawr!
so 4 pm i only had my lunchh somemore da bao wan ><
and now I'm so so dammmn tired plus hand painn

happpyyy working day! :D
learnt many new things
and also earn experience frm this time working =)
but, dammmnn tiring dayy =(

have to off now and studyy
thr's nt much time left
11 dayyyys <3

going work 2mrw again
it's FUN :D

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