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Sunday, October 18, 2009


well, changed my blog layout
and I'm so addict to it nw :DD

finally PMR had over and I'm FREE now!
going back to my SHOPPINGGG life <3
was having kh & bc paper for da last dayy until 3 plus
and that's why we cant plan outing straight after exam =(


went to skul like usual and have to return text book
evryone was sitting gang by gang & chatting thr ;]
aaa JinShen is going migrate to USA by Nov =(
chit-chatting for da whole dayy & talking bout those behci topic XD
heard teacher said after PMR we got many program & competition ==
still thought can playy & gossip in class d lahh
but thn have to go to da hall & listening craps ><
ee and we going Zooooo Negara on 5 Nov :DD!
hiakk hiak~


skipped school
woke up early & on9 for da whole day =X
and and
FINALLY, sign up facebookkk!
as I promised my Joyceyyy few months ago :D

Bubuuu! <3


got up early & prepared myself
went OU with mameeeee :)
shoppinggg YAYY!
had our lunchh at Garden
niceee environment & servicee good! <33

da view~

my fooood! ;]

wid mumyyyyy!


went to kln hrs at night
his sis bdayy party
met Yeekayy at guard hrs and go in together
thr like abt 13 ppl squeeze into his room LOL
we all were talking our own topic thr
and thn went to playground & walkkkk!
sweatingg alot!
back to his hrs,
some playing ps2 and some playing cards thr
and thn we go down and EATT
lol we just keep taking dessert lik jellyy and tart :DD
after eating went playground for a walk againnnn
with my honeeyyyy <3
btw had a nice dayy thr <3!

blur **



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