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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finally? .___.


gotta woke up superb early in da morning .__.
cause I'm going sista new shop grand opening later! :D
well, its her second shop of nutrition club (:
and she promised me a new gift once she got promoted
lubbbs her! <33

having buffet thr and da food taste good ;)
went The Curve with mummyyy after that
owh it had been a long time nvr shoppingggg man =(
finally bought twooo tops!!~

went over YeeKay's hrs
and spent hours with herrr :D

well, watched Drag me to hell
its damn scaryyy and disgustinggg!
yuckssss! ;x
but luckily I didnt scream like hell :D
after that went to da playground opposite of Jo's hrs (;
wow her dog, superrrrb giant size!
and we showed our middle finger to it before we back ;P
we talk, laugh out loud
until da whole street can listen our voice i dhk? HAHAHA
and thanksss her for cooking me maggi + ham
& serve me orangeeeee juice
LOL although da ham looks disgusting & taste like dumpling skin

she said da umbrella looks lik japanese? ;x


ignore my face & just to show hw pro am I ;P

a snail :D

diff pose here LOL

mine & hersss!

had a superb fun day with muaiii hubbbyyy! ;P
**before i was thought that her hrs key doesnt welcome me
whn i reach her hrs she tried many times and cant open da gate lol


yeaaarh another outing with my girlss!
- Kay, Makkkk and Xuannn! <3

went The Curve and sing k @ RedBox (:
for me, i dhk i would prefer neway @ OU
althouogh da price more expensive than here lol
we damn high esp singing englishhh song :DD
ESP me & Kayyyy! ;P
we sing from 12 plus until 3pm
thn v just walk arnd and seek for FOOOOOD.!
had our lunch at Mr Terpanyaki @ E Curve
quite cheapppp can say? ;D
finally my dreamm phone launched!
Sony Ericson Aino :DD
but it cost bout rm1999 @.@ *fainted*


kinda blur @@

due to some reasons
we gotta back earlier and stay at ZiXuan's hrs until 6 plus :D
they were playing cards & I'm sms-ing & sending song (:
well, da BECHI Xuan & Makk keep snapping photo of me
but I didnt knw ==
somemore videooooo! ><

*omggg dont post to fb pls ==




she nt dare to take pic with it :P

and now I'm addict to da SuperPokeee!
my pet, Zhuu Zhuu ;P
kyuteeee nya :DD!

its time to go to bed (:
kinda emo nw? =X

you ; MINE :D


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