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Monday, May 03, 2010

We Are Happy Family :D

Oh gosh, its monday again..
schooling day like usual & idk why I'm freaking high tdy XD HAHAHH
& I guess today is not-so-lucky day for me?
called by Herman bcz I didn't change shirt after recess ._.
demerit 3 marks & kena 'fit' luu~

WayHannnn aka lou dao :D
don't be shy lahhh!

VengYie looks so hardworking huh?

my aunttt XD

Seriously ignore us!! XD

waaaaa, BIG lorr :O

HAHAHH, the moment Chee Seong comes in
VengYie & I scream like hell bcz we too happy dy XD

my cool momma always :D

When VengYie said En Lim at outside lol..

looks so formal? LOL



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