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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holiday is ♥

Yeah, finally the three-weeks-exam is over! :D
Overall was okay but the results sucks
without those careless mistakes, I would score better in addmaths ._.
Oh and sorry leaving my blog so dead for a long time, it's sucks w/o pichas ;x

Hmm, thr's loadsa things I want to blog bout but
the very first thing comes to my mind is..
today's outing day ♥ :O

Morning, jogging & badminton with buds & the saman-ed baby ;)
Next, shopping with YeeKay @ OU
& we watched The Karate Kids :D
it's freakyy awesummmm, rated it 8/10 ._.

Iced Choc, Garden

Hers; Iced Coffee

both of us are too free!! ;p

@ Rock Corner :D

After 5 mins rest, & I'm rushing to tuition again
What a tiring day ._.
But, I'm HAPPY!!

Till now, i got full planning every day :) hehh
I'm currently enjoying my hols to the max :D


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