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Thursday, June 17, 2010

17 June

Such a boring day staying at home and not going anywhere else ._.
Oh, I just argued with my mom and now I locked myself in my bedroom with air-cond :)
yeah, I feel so lifeless D:

And for your information, finally I had a hair cut yesterday
I trim my hair and keep the same length but I cut my fringe ._.
looks so childish wye! *I pin up my hair dy ;)

fyi, and I've changed my layout but it's still in grey colour :D me likey!
& seriously I love my header much but is there smt missing? ._. feel so empty up there
btw I need you guys comment bout the new layout :) Thankyou!

signing off, CIAO!


  1. maybe it would be better if it is wider? :)

  2. agree with munn
    btw, i like ur layout!! especially ur header

  3. oh, okay :)
    thanks for the comments :D


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