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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Headgears on!

Hellooo! How you guys spent your Christmas eve? Celebrated with your loved one or just sitting down & watch drama at home? TEEHEE well for me hmmm.. Uncle Jang in the afternoon with my two bestie, Carynn and Jessica, spending quality time with my sister boyf's puppy and family, Christmas party with Zhu Zai Gang at night!♥ It would be my best moment if only my boyfriend was here as well aww :)

Back to the topic! The Christmas party was quite a last minute plan that we booked the restaurant an hour ago and designed Running Man-alike-games on that day itself. We don't really have a theme but since everyone has a headgear on their head, so that's it lah :D

Dine in @ Little Korea, Mont Kiara

From the left; Jing Wen, yours truly and Yi Wen 

Well we got a small room ourself so we can talk, laugh and camwhore like mad inside HAHAHA! We also did a lot sia sui things inside T_T

Number 1-7 according to our birthday :D

individual pic is a MUST too!

loving my hairband wee 

After dinner and enough of taking pictures, we went off to Cold Storage, Soho KL for games yo! It's kinda like Running Man 'cause we have few missions to complete and one of my friend act like Dong Wan FD walking around omg. I feel so paparazzi cause we have so called "VJ" taking videos of us when we doing mission :p I wish we can have a water gun party next time hehee

pretty Christmas deco @ Soho KL :) 

Jing Wen and I; tired yet excited face after games! 

Chill @ Chilla Cup and waiting for countdown weee

the only one who got her Christmas present 'cause most of us forgot to bring/haven't buy ._.

We have been together for 6 years and I hope it's still counting on :) Zhu Zai Gang rocks!!! Thanks god it's not end of the world yet. MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN! 



  1. Hope u had a merry little christmas! :D
    Cute headbands, I have the exact same ones hehe

  2. Aww! u look adorable in the headbands babe! :)

  3. I want your headgear weh, so cute one! :P So semangat lah you guys, still have time to organize games like RM hehehe

    1. Go get it at S&J hehe :p Haha aiyo we only meet up few times when we free sure wanna make it more fun lor XD

  4. wha, everyone also has christmas head gear other than those tradisional hat. merry christmas to you..:) glad that you're back in blogging.

    1. Haha it's way more cuter than those hat that's why :p thanks!


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