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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First half

Hello, 你好, apa khabar, 안녕하세요, こんにちは kon'nichiwa, bonjour, privet, alo, ஹலோ, sawadeekap, salam, হ্যালো, ahoj, tere, γειά σου geia sou

So whassup guys! Finally I'm back to blogging world :) DO YOU ALL STILL REMEMBER ME?!

I AM REAL SORRY but I've been very busy with my college stuff, so yeah. After one year plus, I'm kinda outdated and strange with this new layout, so please bear with me and kindly leave me your blog link down there :)

First of all, a lil' update of myself ;)
  1. I'm 18 finally! :D At least I'm half legal now, can watch 18pl movie without feeling guilty, go to pub (well, I guess so? :p) and many more
  2. Currently pursuing the CFAB course in Sunway University College. Anyone's here too? *hands up*
  3. Found my another half who is also in the same course with me :p
  4. Part time worker who is selling lomo cameras & accessories @ Midvaley or Publika

2012 has been treating me well; met many new friends, took part in lots of activities & events and stronger relationship with my family & boyf :)

Let me intro you my bestie in college heh  Carynn on the left and Tammie, the middle one. Our characteristics are much similar (talk loud & laugh out loud, that's why we get along so well :p) and we stay in the same area coincidently. BUT, good thing doesn't last long. Tammie was leaving and changed to Matriculation in June :( Well, we do still keep in touch and hang out whenever she's back from Perak.

I'm really shocked that how we act like we have known each other for few years but actually I just met them few weeks ago. The others even thought that we knew each other before we enrolled. Maybe this is what we called fate? :)

23.3.2012 Meet Girl's Generation @ KLCC! Thanks to my friends for the golden fan zone ticket & I'm so close to them aww :3

16.6.2012 Poolside BBQ session with course mates + farewell + birthday celebrations

24-26.6.2012 unforgettable Genting trip with course mates! It is fabsome, indeed ♥ 

 A drunk night too :) Most awesome night ever!

Oh and not forgot to mention, fyi I'm a flashmobber now! :D Joined a few flashmob events in college, had fun learning dance and made lots of friends yay

13.10.2012 Beach getaway + 3 monthsary 

27.10.2012 Big Bang's concert!

I'm not really a big fans of Big Bang but I went to queue up since 6am wtf ._. *rub your eyes* Yes, it's 6 o'clock in the morning! Poor me got the cheap ticket RM188 that's why need to go there early to get the best spot. You can't imagine how close am I to the stage that I'm just right behind VIP zone MUAHAHA power of queue up since 6am :D

동영배 Dong Yeong Bae aka Tae Yang

강대성 Kang Dae Sung

권지용 Kwon Ji Yong aka G Dragon

최승현 Choi Seung Hyun aka T.O.P

 the part where all the girls fell for him aww :) 

이승현 Lee Seung Hyun aka Seung Ri/V.I

I tear right after the concert ended. It's really very touching 'cause I know how hard is it to get 'em back up after Dae Sung's incident and perform again T_T It is totally worth it despite all the injuries I got while running into the stadium and standing all day long under the rain. BIG BANG YO! 

13.12.2012 5 monthsary with boyf @ i-City

OHH wait wait! Lastly a good news to share with you guys, my eldest sister is getting married!!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy that I've been waiting for years okay! HAHAHA. Well it's very happening throughout the year but I just can't sort out every single event in a post. Aiteee, thankyou people for your patience to finish reading the post :)

Signing off...



  1. Welcome back Yuhjiun!! :D Of course I still remember you HEHE Blog moreeee!

  2. welcome back Yuhjiun ! Looking forward to read more blog post from you ! =p

    1. Yes boss! Hehe will update more when I'm free :D

  3. welcome back! hoho! i still remember u! do u remember me? TT

  4. awwww welcome back! and woo! ada bf de. do u still rmb me? :P

  5. Welcome back :D Nice blog header too! hehe

  6. Love all the pics! Pure happiness!


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