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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

YNOT Graffiti Art Competition Finale @ Genting!

Thanks to Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang, I got to attend the YNOT Graffiti Art Competition Finale at Genting Highlands last weekend. I just came back about two days ago and I started to miss the place already although it's only one-hour ride from KL. I miss the cooling weather up there (I was freezing!), the awesome graffiti artworks, cute funny emcees... basically every single moment that I've spent with my boyf and fellow bloggers.

If you have no idea of what it is about, you may check out my previous post here

So let's start with the highlights of the day, YNOT graffiti showdown. You can see lots of amazing graffiti artworks once you entered the theme park and some of them were still painting. Now I just realize graffiti painting may be a tiring job too as they have started painting since the day before omg :/ Now Imma show you some of my favourite piece ♥

The letter hunter by Mohd Iskandar Firdaus B Ismal (open category)

Blazzin wabbit by Abdul Sariman bin Abdul Rahman (open category) ♥

Fire by Mack Stures (open category)

Simfoni alam by Mohd Amin bin Hadarih (open category)

PandaaFUN! by Teh Wai Yeng (student category)

The clown by Chian Chee Yong (student category)

Masterpiece from 3 top graffiti artists from Asia! I was so amazed when I saw them painting :O

Next, they have BMX stunt performance by 4 talented guys, Muhammad Hafizi, Ahmad Shaiful, Sheikh Myhammad and Raja Shammi. If I'm not mistaken, one of them is only 8 years old! Fuhhh kids nowadays... (Y)

**hello this is dangerous so please don't simply do it at home as they have trained before

Graffiti raincoat art fashion showcase right after BMX performance

Apart from the YNOT graffiti showdown and performances, RW Genting has prepared a "wall" where you feel free to spark your creativity with graffiti. Spray paint in different colours were provided and you may leave your footprints there :)

Tadah my masterpiece! Hahaha I know it's ugly lah but it's very hard to spray nicely okay!

The event was broadcasting live at too. We have DJ Moses, Jinnyboy and XX (sorry I forgot his name T_T) hosting and play games with the audience. DJs with fellow Nuffies! Can you spot me at the back there? :)

Besides, we got to try out the new theme park ride, the waves. It is located right opposite of cork screw and go cart. Well it's slightly faster than the other rides, which I think you might give it a try. **sorry ah if you think it's boring & try to avoid sit on the left side!

While at night there are dance performance by Elecoldxhot & FIX! I've been a big fan of Elecoldxhot since 2008 when they're back in Battleground, can you imagine that? I really love them a lot because they always come out with lots of ideas and double thumbs up for their teamwork. No other dance crew can beat them (Y) Btw we have recorded a video, Harlem Shake with them the next morning hahahaha stay tuned!

LED dance performance by FIX

and my favourite dance crew ever, Elecoldxhot ♥

Here you go, a group picture with Elecoldxhot & FIX! Spot me with the neon green beanie :D

my date of the day ♥

Like their artworks? Vote for them at before the contest ends on 19th April!

Overall, the 2d1n trip was great! Double thumbs up to the organizers (Y) I think they did a great job eh? But I was kinda sad that I didn't really get to talk to any bloggers because I was too shy I didn't know anybody there T_T I'll make sure that I talk more next time alright? Looking forward to the next event ♥ xoxo


  1. Lovely event!~ Enjoy for the whole 2D1N.. :)

    1. Teehee I saw you there too! Nice meeting you :D

  2. so happening ah... not bad the graffiti artist quite talented :)

    1. Haha yup I love the way how they paint it so detail :D

  3. I thought that person fell down.. haha.. after reading the description only know he's doing stun.

    1. Hahaha but they did fell down, just not in the picture :p

  4. Haven't been to Genting for some time d. Miss the cold weather! So many talented graffiti artist!

    1. Yeah right especially nowadays so hot! Hehe yup, they are :)

  5. The graffiti arts are mindblowing!!! Awesome talents they have!!

  6. that was sooo nice! you're soo lucky!! it's been ages since i've been to genting!

  7. Looks like it was a lot of fun. You have some pretty good friends. :p

  8. You din play water with us!!!

  9. envy you all in West Malaysia.. always have events to attend and can meet so many new people.


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