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Monday, July 29, 2013

Spa Party @ Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI

Good morning babes! Sorry for abandoning my blog for two weeks as I've started my internship and my life is all about work-eat-sleep now haha :p I'll try to update more on weekends okay! So now I'm gonna update you guys about the spa party happened a month ago :) 

Kick start the party with beautiful deco by Tres Chic Party Planner!

The wall of fame feat. various collaborators :) The spa party was a huge success because of them! 

 And what's a party without food?! Finger lickin' snacks from Good Friends Cafe to boost our energy!

A short but heartwarming performance from Ayna with her pinky ukelele before the spa party starts officially! 

And a welcome speech by Tammy and the founder of PinkNProper :)

Oh wait, did I mention that there was a fashion runway by PinkNProper too? :D 12 bloggers models were there to rock the stage! Photo credits to Yin Yin

Honestly it was one of the best party I've ever been because they have so many stations such as manicure, pedicure and massage to pamper ourself. That's so sweet lah awww...

Happy girl enjoying pedicure ngek :p Photo credits to Swee San

Tadah, the final outcome! I chose the pastel purple colour, suit me? :)

With my manicurist, Mandy :D 

There was also a DIY foot scrub station and some yummylicious lip scrubs for sale too :) 

Finally I get to meet this superwoman, Illy! She's so friendly and looking cute in her bathrobe :p 

The massage station. Although it's just a 15 min massage, the massage therapist did it professionally and I feel so relaxing after that :) 

Mask station by TT Mask Malaysia where we can claim a piece of mask home! :D

Lastly, how can I miss out the photobooth and not taking pictures with my girls? Props by Fotobox :)

Memories taken beautifully :3

Goodies by our kind collaborators! #whatsinmygoodiebag

Thank you so much for the awesome party, Butterfly Project! 5 hours aren't enough for me, I NEED MORE!!!! Looking forward for more awesome projects from you people! :)


  1. Looks like you have lots of fun in the party! Btw, the purple nail polish looks sweet! :)

  2. lol i tot quite long ago adddd one? =p anyway syok laaa u all beauty bloggers! =D

  3. I've never got the chance to join any butterfly bloggers gathering yet T__T

  4. hehe! glad to meet u there and had a good time with u too! :D

  5. =) nice to see you we appriciate your work. also check rectangular trampoline for adults and kids both.

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