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Monday, July 29, 2013

The 5 Star Massage Party @ Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Following by the spa party, here's another pampering session organized by the Butterfly Project x Amante Nail Spa & Body Care! At first I was wondering should I join as Seri Petaling is quite far from my place and I'm not familiar with the road there but how can I resist such a great party holymama T_T So ended up I was there to join in the fun and carpool with Trislynn :p

Can you imagine that I was greeted by these pretty deco upon arrival? Those scenes only came out in my dreams or movies before, now the Butterfly Project has made my dreams came true O-O!!!

And being paparazzi for the day :p Photo credits to Photobooth Malaysia :)

Beautiful settings by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party!

Foods provided by Teaffani Patisserie. I've heard a lot of good reviews about it before and finally I've the chance to try it out! The cake and pie were yummmmm

A wide range of nail polish; how can you miss this out when you step into a nail saloon? :)

Couture de Minnie; such a cute series! I bet most of the girls love it right :p

Seriously I love the environment so much! It's very relaxing and comfortable - one of the best way to release your stress while doing mani/pedi :)

Can you spot the candy crush nails? :P I should've pick that to distract my boyf from looking at his phone all the time teehee

My partner of the day, Trislynn :D!

Ben Dan and I after getting our nails done teehee :3 photo credits to her :)

tadah! prettyyy? :p

After our mani session, here comes the main point of the day - massage! Carolyn and I opted for the hot stone massage since it was one of their signature treatment. At first I feel quite ticklish and hot when they place the hot stone on my back (sorry ah first time go massage T_T) but overall it was very relaxing :)

Photo credits to Carolyn :)

By the way not forgot to mention Photobooth Malaysia has prepared a beautiful backdrop and props for us!
From the left: Choulyin, Carolyn and yours truly :) 

My favourite girls ever ♥

Last but not least, a group picture! Spot the one with flower, that's our mama-san, Tammy ♥♥

To be honest I enjoyed very much during the massage party and feel so relaxing with them :) I must not miss out any events/party from the Butterfly Project anymore. Remember to pick me ah, Tammy! :P


  1. woots i love the massage party!!!! wana go again!!! hehehe

  2. wow. very pretty setting. so many effort put in by the organizers!

  3. food, beauty and relax... what else more that a girl want? :D

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