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Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Beauty Review] Miracle happens with Mireica

Mireica nutri-peau is a product developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland, in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland, starting with a skin supplement known as the first internal skincare and later with another skin supplement containing the first internal sunscreen. Now, Mireica nutri-peau is the world's first skin supplement that helps revitalize skin stem cells to promote skin rejuvenation. Their concept takes internal skincare beyond collagen and anti-oxidants, common in most other skin supplements, to a new and higher level involving protection and rejuvenation of skin stem cells.

There are some natural yet beneficial ingredients included in Mireica such as Acerola, Blackcurrant, Ceramides and Marine Collagen to ensures that Mireica is multi-dimensional - great for skin and overall health too! No artificial colouring is added into Mireica and it's the natural algae, Astaxanthin, that makes Mireica red (the colour).  Astaxanthin is a super nutrient as studies have proven that it improves skin moisture level, causes wrinkle reduction, protects your cells, organs and body tissues from oxidative damage. It also used to treat many brain diseases and used for preventing cancer as astaxanthin exhibits very strong free radical scavenging activity.

Besides, one important thing that makes Mireica unique is that it does not contain fructose. Fructose is contained in many other collagen drinks and it makes your drink taste sweeter and nicer but fructose actually accelerates aging and it affects the skin collagen and in return reduce skin's elasticity and softness. So when you look at the other collagen drinks, be sure to look at the ingredients and watch out for fructose. :)

There are 30 sachets in the box and one sachet daily will be sufficient. For people starting with poor skin condition, it is possible that consuming more may produce better results earlier. According to them, you should experience improvements in skin hydration and in skin tone within the first month. Over time, your skin will be better protected against the environment, premature photo-aging and chronological aging.

Mireica is best taken daily on an empty stomach so your body can absorb as much nutrients that's in Mireica. Drink it first thing in the morning or just before bedtime. For me, I take Mireica everyday before I go to bed :)

How to drink Mireica?
  1. Get ready cold water/juice, a cup and a sachet of Mireica.
  2. Empty the sachet content into glass.
  3. Add in cold water/juice (so that it tastes nicer).
  4. Stir till effervescent powder is dissolved.
  5. Drink immediately.

After one month of consuming Mireica, there's not much changes for me but it does slightly improve my skin's hydration and youthfulness. I feel that my skin is more vital now but my uneven skin tone problem still exists. Besides, I don't like the smell and taste of Mireica even though it is natural berry taste. After all, I won't repurchase it as I don't see any significant changes on my skin and I can't stand the smell that I have to pinch my nose and finish it quickly every time.

Availability: Guardian, Watsons, Caring, Alpha, Healthlane, Vitacare & independent pharmacies


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