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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Ice cream fondue birthday party on New Year!

So I was invited to a sweet affair at Haagen Dazs, Soho KL on New Year for our mamasan, Tammy's birthday! As the founder of the Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers, she has invited 50 butterflies to her birthday party. Special thanks to Hermo Malaysia who made this happened :)

As you can see in the picture above, the place was well decorated with ribbons and birthday-themed props, perfect spot to take pictures eh? :P

So we started off the party with some games, so called "ice-breaking" by playing Happy Family card games and my group happened to be the first winner woots :D After that, there's another drawing session where we have to draw our faces and write greetings for the birthday girl. Everyone started off with their greetings "Dear Tammy..." as we didn't know how to draw ourselves T_T

But still... Jjang! my masterpiece♥ I'm sucks at drawing I know T_T hope that Tammy will like it hehe

Then here comes the highlight of the day, cake cutting session! Drools over the Haagen Dazs ice cream cake :p

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Tammyyyy
Happy birthday to you ♥

While Tammy is enjoying her birthday cake, we're also having our sweet affair with Haagen Dazs ice cream fondue ♥ om nom nom! Sorry that I can't hide my overly-excited face as this is my first time having an ice cream fondue :D

I bet most of you are drooling over this picture right? Look at that dripping hot chocolate ♥

Although it's Tammy's birthday, she is so generous to give out some homemade chocolate to everyone as gift :)

A blog post specially dedicated to you, Tammy ♥ I would like to thank you for having me as part of the Butterfly Project and you just made my life even better. Honestly, you're the most kind, generous and friendly person I've ever met that everything you do you will think for the others first. Once again, happy blessed birthday mamasan! Stay young, stay pretty and stay awesome x :)


  1. wow!!! I so need to eat a dessert now :D everything looks yummy :P Belated Happy Birthday Tammy :)

  2. Ice cream fondue! :D What an amazing idea for a party, it looks like everyone had fun from the birthday girl to the guests.

  3. Ice cream fondue!? I didn't even realise that was a thing! Looks like such fun <3

    Jess xo


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