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Friday, January 10, 2014

Press Closing of Eulogy Writing Competition 2013

10th January 2014 marks the day of press closing and announcement of winners for Eulogy Writing Competition 2013. The eulogy writing competition titled "Appreciating Our Ancestors and Love Ones" held by in collaboration with, aims to create filial piety among the Malaysian Youths and remembering their ancestors. It's also the way to make youth's today to think a creative way to deliver the message of honoring their ancestors. 

"In conjunction with and to promote Filial Piety among college youths and also to promote English writing in colleges, we came up with the idea for an eulogy-writing competition and we were pleasantly surprised. We thought the response would be poor as we felt that the younger generation of Malaysians are generally out of touch of values such as filial piety, but we are glad to be wrong. We are very pleased to see many wanting to write about their ancestors and the stories were indeed very inspirational and truly touched," said the founder of, Kevin Leow.

Mr. Mohd Ar Rahman Hussin, director of Academy Belia, also shows his support towards the eulogy writing competition. Having been involved with volunteer work since his university days, he is passionate about creating youth leaders who are undoubtedly the future of our beloved Malaysia. Started his career in the pharmaceutical industry, he has experiences in multiple fields that includes journalism, politics and media prior to Academy Belia, a civil society organization dedicated to empowering policy and holistic youth development program which aims to produce a number of young leaders in various fields.

A brief introduction of, Asia's first internet based portal that provides a place to create Obituary, Memorials, Pet memorials and sending messages through e-mails and mobile phone. This portal provides a specific site that is interactive for posting information and also acts as a notification service for direct and personal invitation to relatives and friends on information such as the location of the funeral wake service, memorial services, religious prayer times, cremation and burial information.

It is a web portal for the families, friends and the loved ones to access the obituary of the departed and to express condolences messages, tribute's and sharing of memorable stories, photo's and video's. These moments are irreplaceable. The portal also creates a family tree should family members connect to their website. This will then create a great ancestral family tree, years later for the families. A place for the future generations to remember, treasure and memorize the achievement of the dearly departed, that's what for.

As the press closing of eulogy writing competition goes on, it's time for the announcement of winners and prize giving ceremony. And here's the first runner-up, Kum Peng Han holding his prizes, RM1,500 :)

 Andddd.... *drum rolls* the grand winner of eulogy writing competition, Jassie Looi! Jassie was unable to attend the press closing as she was stuck in traffic jam and hence someone took the prize for her instead. Anyway, congratulations on your winnings! :)

So the eulogy writing competition 2013 has ended officially with a group photo of the directors and winners. I believe that there will be more competitions/events in the future to promote filial piety among the Malaysian youths and produce more young leaders. Stay tuned! :)


  1. awwh i got invited too but didn't get to go , seems like a nice youth platform

  2. Nice platform for the youth...


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