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Monday, May 12, 2014

✈ Day 3 in Bangkok: Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, Sukhumvit

Voila! I'm back with another travel post! Yes, it's May already and I'm still blogging about Bangkok which I feel really sorry about that. Anyway, today I'm going to blog about Terminal 21, one of the latest shopping mall in Bangkok. They don't offer the cheapest price in town but what attracts me the most is its cutting-edge concept; one floor one theme shopping mall. It is decorated based on well-known streets in cities such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo and London, and now you can travel the world inside the mall itself! What a great idea isn't it? :)

Floor themes:
LG Floor - Caribbean
G Floor - Rome
M Floor - Paris
1st Floor - Tokyo
2nd Floor - London
3rd Floor - Istanbul
4th Floor - San Francisco (City)
5th Floor - San Francisco (Pier)
6th Floor - Hollywood

Caribbean Beach Town theme decorated with a beach, sea anchor and a lighthouse in the centre of the shopping mall. Just like the usual shopping mall, there's a Gourmet Market at LG Floor, banks and convenience shops.

Had a stroll in the city of love, Paris :)

Move on to 1st Floor, Tokyo!

Upon arrival, we can see lots of (fake) sakuras and a giant size Maneki Neko beside the escalator. 

Tokyo is actually one of my favourite themes and it's so well-decorated that I thought I was escorted to Tokyo for a second. You will find more ladies' boutiques here while men's wear on the 2nd Floor with themed London.

Looking at these Turkish lanterns, you can tell we're in Istanbul now! This floor is reserved for mini-shops of shoes, bags, jewellery, gifts and decorations.

Not forgot to mention that you must visit the toilets (every floor, literally) in Terminal 21 because it's simply amazing and astonishing! Just like the shopping mall itself, they have different themes each floor too. I love how they put so much effort even in decorating the toilets and it's not stinky at all. Yes, we did visit every floor's toilets and selfie in front of the big mirror but I'm just too shy to upload them all :P

Another one with subway station theme and it looks so real! :O

One of the highlights of the shopping mall, the longest escalator in Thailand up to 36 metres where you can go all the way down to M Floor, Paris from 3rd Floor, Istanbul. It's pretty scary actually!

Toilet hopping again and it's Caribbean theme this time! One of my favourites actually :D

Here we are, Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco (City) and this floor is all about Thailand's famous restaurants while international restaurants and food court Pier 21 located at San Francisco (Pier).

Pops! A group photo while we're resting and recharging for night market later :P

Up, up to the highest floor, Hollywood, the place that I've been dreaming to go! As usual, it contains a cinema, fitness centre and IT & Mobile products zone.

A picture with Sheriff Woody since we're here in Hollywood already :P

After a long day in Terminal 21, we traveled back to Siam Square for dinner and night market and this picture is actually taken outside Central World in conjunction with Christmas! I gotta they have much better and prettier decorations than our country T_T

Anyway, we had so much fun in Terminal 21 and I think it's way more than an usual shopping mall. I will definitely revisit this place because it's simply amazing! Their stuffs are not cheap but it's pretty unique and good quality indeed. Remember to bring your camera with full battery and dress nicely for photo opportunities and you will need half day to discover the whole shopping mall. Happy shopping!

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall
2,88 Sukhumvit Soi 19,
Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoei,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.

BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit line to Asoke station and take exit 1. It is connected to M Floor of Terminal 21 Shopping Mall.

Operation hour: 10:00AM - 10:00PM daily
Website: |


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  1. Oh my goodness, this mall sounds incredible, how amazing are the floor themes!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. This place is really nice. Even toilet also look so cute. =D One day, I am going to visit here too. =3

  3. Waaaah, how cool is this?! And this shopping mall is SO big. 6 floors?! Wow o:
    gig love <3

  4. Such a beautiful place , Love it ! :)

  5. i love this mall alot..the toilet all so pretty!!i love japn and london level the most!

  6. This place looks like a dream come true! :O

  7. I'm all booked for bkk in July and now the protests are coming up again for their election in July! :(
    I'll surely drop by this mall if I can go ahead with the trip. But when you say things aren't cheap, what is the price range? Like sg malls?

    1. Aww pray hard that everything's okay in July! Hmm they aren't expensive actually, but definitely not cheaper than night market or platinum mall if you're planning for shopping only. It depends on the brand and quality, starting 300 Baht to few thousands :)

  8. the mall is too pwetty!!!!! I'm going to Bangkok this dec and hopefully I get to go there!

  9. gosh! how can a mall be so cool?? why we dont get this here wtf =D

  10. Brilliant concept. Love the idea of a different city on each floor. Love the photo of the lanterns too.

  11. Wow - It looks liked a wonderful adventure. I love all of these pictures. So jealous! <3 GIGLove

  12. the place is super nice.. i want to visit bangkok someday :)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  13. How quirky is this!? I love it, reminds me of Las Vagas. Love your pics! I hope to go Bangkok one day.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  14. waw the mall escalator is totally scary lol. . the fake sakura look real :D. You really have a nice vacation
    gig love

  15. The photos are beautiful! I'm glad you had a great time. :)

  16. This looks like an interesting place ! I shall visit this on my next visit to BKK.. :D

  17. I've never been in Bangkok and your photos are marvellous! I want to go there a day in the next future!
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  18. Beautiful pictures and Bangkok is surely a place to visit... Loved the post xxx

  19. That looks like such an amazing shopping mall! I think Tokyo would be my favorite too. I want to visit one day!

  20. I love your posts about Bangkok. Never been there but hopefully I can visit there sometime.

  21. I missed time when I was in tokyo. I loce theat city so much. It's so full of life and cute.

  22. i really want to go to that shopping mall. its so unique!

  23. so great trip! :(
    never been there before..
    nice recommendation :D

  24. Wow, what an amazing place to shop. So many themes!

  25. Interesting themes I say! I would to visit Bangkok. Shopping there would be fun :) giglove

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