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Monday, August 17, 2015

[Beauty Review] Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover

I've never realized the importance of removing makeup until my face getting more and more sensitive that I have to visit dermatologists. I understand that most of the women nowadays couldn't live without makeup and feel insecure - especially on those nights of glitz and glam. Despite the glow it affords our skin, if we do not remove makeup properly, the same saving grace can become your nemesis. Besides, skin is our largest organ and tends to expose to UV rays and pollutants on a daily basis which will destruct our skin tissue, hence it explains why do we have to use makeup remover even if we didn't put on any makeup.

Now, I bet most of you are well aware of the makeup remover brand, Bifesta, which was previously known as "Cleansing Express" in 2006. Bifesta is Japan's 1st drugstore water-based makeup remover and they are specialize in makeup removers only. As the name suggests, Bifesta embodies the meaning of "Beauty Festival", a celebration of beauty where beautiful skin can be achieved quickly, easily and joyfully with effective, fuss-free makeup remover.

So I'll start off by reviewing my favourite product, Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover Cleansing Lotion (300ml @ RM34.90). There are four categories of cleansing lotion catered for different skin types, namely Enrich (Dry Skin), Moist (Normal to Dry Skin), Bright Up (Combination Skin) and Sebum (Oily Skin).

I'm currently using Moist makeup remover and I love how convenient is it especially when I come home late after a long day at work that I just want to remove my makeup quickly and go to bed. It is so easy to use that you just need to take a cotton disk, apply about three pushes on the nozzle per disk and wipe off gently until the cotton remains unsoiled.

The cleansing lotion contains adsorptive hyaluronic acid for translucent skin so it is recommended not to wash your face again with soap or any other cleansing product which will wash away the moisturizing ingredients. For waterproof and heavy eye makeup, Bifesta Water Based Eye Makeup Remover would be a better option as it contains oil after all.

Next up would be Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes (46 sheets/276ml @ RM24.90). Similar to the cleansing lotion, it comes in two different type, Moist (Normal to Dry Skin) in pink and Bright Up (Combination Skin) in purple packaging.

Basically this cotton wipe works pretty the same as cleansing lotion - wipe off type and no need for a second wash. Take out one sheet at a time and use it on dry skin. One sheet of cotton wipe is large enough for full face coverage so you can refold the sheet to use the clean part and repeat this until the sheet remains unsoiled. I would say cotton wipes are definitely the best creation ever especially for traveler and I'm bringing this with me to Lombok trip next week!

Here comes the highlight as well as best selling product, Bifesta Water Based Eye Makeup Remover (145ml @ RM19.80). This eye makeup remover contains two types of moisturizing ingredients, Vitamin B and E derivatives, that are gentle on eyelashes and the eye area protect eyelashes and keep the skin moisturized.

The dual effects of the water based layer which contains skin lotion-derived cleansing ingredients and the oil based emollient layer removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner effortlessly yet thoroughly without rubbing or tugging.

Since there are dual effects of water and oil layer, shake the bottle well and ensure the water based and emollient layers are well mixed before apply it onto a cotton disk. Place the moistened cotton for about 10 to 15 seconds and wipe off gently. First wipe could remove most of my makeup hence there is no need for rubbing hard.

Previously I was kind of skeptical of water based makeup remover thinking whether it can remove my makeup properly. Furthermore, all of their makeup removers are wipe-off type and doesn't require second wash. I always have the thought that water based makeup remover could never beat oil based makeup remover but it has totally changed my mind! Oil based makeup remover leaves an uncomfortable oily residue and requires an additional step of cleansing but this single bottle just does all wonder!

I'm totally loving these makeup removers and it leaves my skin clean with toned and smooth effect. I'm so surprised because it helps to prevent breakouts as well and I get quite a number of compliments that my skin is getting better day by day. ;) I'm halfway through my first bottle and I'll definitely repurchase it! Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover series are available at major Sasa, Watsons and Guardian outlets. Cheers to healthy and glowing skin!

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