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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sat :)

went Ikea, Ikano, The Curve & Cineleisure agn wif sis
v go thr 4 Urban Dance Festival 2009 :D
ishhh! 2 see ECX!!
abt 12 sth oni reach thr & da event start at 2.22 p.m. so v walk arnd 1st
thn v had lunch wif sis's bf at Little Penang Cafe
afta tht went 2 Cineleisure & wait 4 d event start xD
v stand thr 4 vry long time thn keep gap zai HAHAH`~
abt 245 lik tht only start LOL
2day is workshop & showcase performance
weeeee waiting 4 ECX :)
da 1st performance by Ultimax wooohoo!
quite yeng lahhh
afta tht solo arrr blablahh banyak performance xD
finally ECX came WOOHOOO!
OMG banyak lengzai lahhh! fuiyohh~
they just rush back frm Genting so late alr
haiya act 240 shud gt a L.A Hip Hop Workshop by ECX
haihh late alr so i dhk cancelled ):
afta performance they go back Genting agn 4 2nite Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards
aiyaa so fast lehh! haihh sad nia ><
btw their performance damn yeng! WOW! *fainted*
sis & I keep SS thr alr hahah!
v saw others dance crews thr aso
such as Twister Genies, DT4, RhytMusic(Fei) & others dance crews frm other places xD
RAWR! all so darn yeng nia :)
v keep using hp 2 recording until no battery haha xD
p/s khai dun envy me :P

before start

they damn HOT! :D

Twister Genies xD




while at night stay at hrs 2 see d TV shows Live Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards

woooots! :D

OMG banyak lengzai dan lenglui lahhh! envyyy :3
sth thg v always do -- SS again! HAHAH~~
RAWR! i was like crazeeee :DD
i love Raymond Lam & Linda Chung!
weee da best couple xD
lengzai plus lenglui nia HEE
OMG all girls fainted bcz of Raymond Lam! especially when he smiling :)
AAAWW takboleh tahan lahh HAHAH!
&&&! Moses Chan!
OMG he damn lengzai lahh 2day
veeeevittt! (:
okay, gona stop here abuden i really cant slp 2night ler xD


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