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Monday, February 09, 2009

8 Feb

went Ikea, Ikano, The Curve & Cineleisure wif parents LOL
i lie my mom tht i wanna buy referrences books bt afta tht shopping!
BT HOR dad goin lehh!! ):
he hate shopping!
abt 12 reach thr & walk arnd until 3pm back
OMG so fast!
didnt buy anythgs bcz my DAD!
2day wanna see Uncle Edward in formal look bt when i reach thr thn he berada di OU alr
RAWR! so sad lahh ><
abt 6sth goin 2 Angel's hrs
weeee` her bufday party! xD
so paiseh lehh kosong tangan & go thr
bcz present at ZiWei thr
&&& i saw a pair of *blablahhh*
SH & MJ lehh OMG
thn i fast fast sms YeeHui & tel her tht!
AND! VIVI JIE ada pergi lehh
(weiyan's wife! :D)
she so so so Aunty lahh wei!~ xD
aaa duno hw 2 say lahh
afta eating thn v play cards! woooots`
1st round i won! taadaa :)
so so so yeng u know? HAHAH
wiiiiyan teach us play a game tats "PIG"
eeee duno how 2 explain here lahh bt v all play until damn crazy & so high!
hmm i thk just me gua? haha!
keep laughing while m playing :DD
at last hor da ppl tht teach us play dis game LOSE!
weeee orang itu ONG WEI YAN :)
hahah & his punishment is
v all faster take hp record it down :P
play until half d thn v go out thr sing bufday song & take pichaaaas :)
afta tht CONTINUE eeee!
omg thr so hawt lahh! til now i stil swting lehh =~=
thn v chg place & play killer
dulunya im always da first killed by them
so if im killer or police vry obvious lahh
but now okok lahh nt me alr! yeshh! :D
weee` v play until so shuang 2day!
2day just keep playing & forgot take pics nia ><
abt 1115 thn back home.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

ZiXuan so SEXY! :D

rmb don't turn your speaker so loud! *ehem*


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