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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I miss my home suddenly :(

it had been a GOSSIP day tdy
rained in da early morning
make me feel so sleepy o.o

having BC seminar in da skul hall before recess
& we went down earlier to help teacher arrange chairs
lol be4 d talk start,
ah ong came & give a speech in chinese
bt nt over 5 mins aiyaa ><
his voice damnn NICE leh xD
and d talk start bout 8 plus
da ppl who give talk is disabled wan
bt his mind vry positive lahh
even he can play guitar
and his assistant also
even her writing nicer than mine alot!
da talk meant alot to me :)

after recess En Yahya dint came so we stay in class & playy! :DD
damnn shuang lah!
and six of us start gossip thr :P
nw I knw that sometimes we just cant too believe in someone
I nvr expect that she' this kind of ppl
I was thought that she vry serious about love
but mayb I'm wrong
yeaa, what he said r right
it's nt my buisness why should I care bout it?
wadeva lahhh
& i thk u guys will knw what I talk bout another 10 more days
da last two period were Moral
teacher also dont care bout us so we just continue our topic
bt YeeKay gotta go back to her class ><
thn ZaZaa start talk bout her family's prob
her mom really superb over lahh
aiyaa btw dont thk so much lahh
just like da ppl this morning
thk positivly! :)

hehh and!
i'll try to be moreee LADY! :P
since ahkln they all say me lik that ishh

well, had a SUPERB NICE day in skul!


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