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Monday, July 06, 2009

A week

Wed, 1st July

its da 1st of July
& three more months to go ;x


da 1st period Pn Au came in our class & ganti
evryone was act like so guai thr do homework
got da class pichaa tdy
all boys head become round wan & da background changed
da ground is dewan but background grass LOL!
& da another one behind gt ppl pulak!
and da third period~
Fire Drill.!
we all like not nervous at all & still laughing thr :DD
damnn funny lahh
thn JiaJia& I act lik vry scare thr
da weather is so darn hot lahh & we still had to line up & listen to da ppl ;x
after that still gonna go back class continue p&p ><>
darn fun lahh at last i got to ans da ques also ;D
& another 5 ppl who cant ans gotta go infront thr Sing & Dance :DD
and nw I only knw that SohChen same kindergarten with me :)
knw him for almost 12 yrs? LOL

Fri, 3 July

having PARTY in da class during bc lesson :D
hiak hiak~~
be4 my class won a comp & we got a rm100 coupon
so we all bought snacks & drinks :)
damnnn shuangg! :D
after skul staying back with buds :)
to see da final singing comp & my Ice Kacang <3>
we tot da comp held in da hall bt thn is Block D? ;x
SoonYen said that Block D all FULL
so we just stay at astaka thr & chat luu
bout 2 smt went out for ICE KACANG :D
but before that we need to "throw" MakZai to her Mr Right first :P
& find Mao :DD
LOL both of them so kek lahh
just talk & playyy da whole day
bout 5 plus only back home ;x
and thanks Kay & my dear for acc me tdy :)

my bf :P

my husband :DD

Sat, 4 July

its Saturdayy
& I can sleep until 12pm :DD
gaah just did nth tdy
went guitar class like usual thn watch movie :)
and night, went Aunt's hrs @ DPC :DD
& she fetched us to cousin sis hrs to see her BABYYY :3
she's a GIRL!
just give birth few days ago
but her finger damnn long
aaaw darn cutee sia! :DD
heard my Aunt say she sleep all the time!
and cry evry 15 mins ;D
we all talk so damn loud thr & she still not awake xD
PRO niaa!
bout 10 plus we went back to Aunt's hrs & gossip thr :DD
hahaa our family all GOSSIP PRO! ;P
& we get a name for da baby =)
she just got a eng name nia that's Abigail :)
goshhh damnn fun thr :DDD
cz we keep saying all those funny name wan xD
and went back home bout 12 plus :DD

Sun, 5 July

went Aunt hrs again in da afternoon :)
to borrow DVD & fetch grandma back
heee and ofcz i won't forget to buy Mcd as my lunchh
ngek ngek~
back home,
study & watch moviee!
bout 6 plus went out for dinner & watch movie :)
finally watched
aaaw. Meganfox was so damn HOT in da movie :3
and she got a sexayyy body
back home bout 11 plus
before that got a new metronome & a polish for my guitar :3

Mon, 6 July

its tdy :D
Form 3 is having Intervensi 3 this week
bt I nvr study for this time exam ;x
dying soon ><
& this Friday gonna be Hari Terbuka
having BM & BI paper tdy
kinda easy? ;x
for me lahh. cz i simply do wan xD
LOL ZhanFeng am gong also just gt 7 wrong!
geee actually exam got its benefits also
got time for me to SLEEP :D

will be less on9 these days i think?

can I just say a STOP? ;x

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