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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


finally our plan to Sunwayy suceeeed! :D
about 18 ppl goinggg! (:
meet at kepong ktm at 9am
but still got ppl come lateee & da one is RonKittt
reachh thr bout 11am & had McD as lunchhh
and went ICE SKATING :))
its my vry first time and ofcz nervous lahhh
i dont want pokai ><
three of us scream darn loud inside thr omggg ><
just went in for two round thn come out again ==
but at last i still dont knw ice skating rawr!
after that went for a movieeeee, Pandorum!
just 8 of us went to watch movie and others shoppingggg
not really nice lahh but scaryyyy =X
after that straight went back & reachh thr bout 8pm :)
another nice day with honeyy & buds <3

looking forward da next outing (:


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