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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Good things come in the end.

And yeah, I have a super great ending of February. :)

On the 27th of February, we were having a belated birthday celebration for SheyLin and JingWen at Daorae since they wanted to eat Korean food. Before that, we went to Metro Prima and play. Games, I mean. We used to go there very often and always play together. Aww, somehow I miss those fun :( Then we off to Daorae later for dinner. Seriously I love the food there, it's superb ♥ And mostly we were drunk! No, I mean we LOOK drunk :) HAHA. Super awesome girls night I had, loves!

And it's my 23rd monthsary with the boyf on 28th! AHA, the stupid one gave me a small present and I love it much :) ♥ Oh yay, counting down for another 28 days to the 28th of March, it will be our two years anniversary :) Edward Tan, I looking forward for something special haha :P

By the way, I've got back my Chinese paper that day too. Surprisingly it's... *thumbs up* :D Attention: the main point here haha. My friend read it and she said it's very touching until she almost cry!!!! Seriously I shocked because I know that my writing skill is not that good :( Sobs.. And it's the main reason why I am so freaking happy :D

WOOHOO! February was a blast and I think March would be even more awesome? Let's shout yes babe!



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