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Thursday, March 03, 2011

A great girls night, indeed ♥

Another gathering this weekend! Or I should say it's a birthday celebration, too (: So at last, we've decided to have our dinner @ Daorae. It's a typical BBQ Korean Restaurant, in case anyone doesn't know about it.

Games before dinner @ Metro Prima :D We had lotsa fun there!

Go Go Ball on the run!

Around 7 o'clock at night, we off to dinner @ Daorae, which is just next to Carefour, Kepong.

Super Junior's poster with their signature on it!

both the birthday girl :D

Cakes from Secret Recipe. It tastes awesome man :(

AHA, present giving ceremony time :D present for Shey!

It's super nice seriously! Made me wants one too :(

AHA look alike? :D

Ops, thumbs up for my picture! :p

some side dishes were served :)

Kimchi soup that we ordered :D I tell you, it's freaking yummmmmm!

KarYing's one. It looks nice but actually not (according to what my friend said lol)

AHA, nice photo ever! :)

Yian Bing on the left and Kar Ying on the right :)

 JingWen and her DOTDOTDOT... 

And now, pictures time! Ahaha, we are all camwhore pro now!

KarYing and I :D

yours truly with freaking messy hair here, I know D:

Yuen Chee, the one who sits beside me in class :)

with ze bday girl :D:D

And last but not least, group photo is a must! *thumbs up*

Oh, and last picture with JingWen's beloved one HAHA.

It was great accompanied by the bunch of lovelies! Awww ♥ Imma looking forward for more outings with them. By the way, I've made myself a shopping list, to-do list & etc. HAHA no choice, I'm too free and I even plan for March's holidays. LOL another outing this weekend, enjoy! (:



  1. WOAHH it looks like so much fun : D SUJUUUU<33 Who's your favorite member?? Mine's forever and ever YeSungieeee! *_* His voice is so freaking amazing! And soooothing.. -sways- xD haha

    I wanna try Korean BBQ! : O is it only pork? Or can u get chicken/beef too? Cause I don't eat pork >_<"

    Oh.. and I love the gif in the beginning xD Haha

  2. 나니: Hahahaha I don't really fancy Korean singers or what actually. Errr, got chicken & beef there too :D got lotsa choice lahh heh :D It really tastes awesomeeeee! Ahah, thankyou btw! :)

  3. its always very fun to hang out with friends and dine with them.. awesome! ^^

  4. you did that first picture...??

  5. Qi Wen: YAYYYY :D jom, we go out!

    Casley: Aww, agree much :D

    Miss N: Hmm, by using photoshop gif :)

    Jayren: Aha thanks!


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