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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My teacher camwhores too!

There is a good news and bad news today. So I think I better reveal the good one first. That is... I've finished exam already YAY! And I have more time for shopping blogging nao. :D Seriously I found out that I update more often during exam period, because I have no outings I guess. One last paper today morning, I didn't really study most of the subjects so GBM at least an A-? :(

There goes my good news. While the bad news is I gonna have a new Science teacher soon. Yeah, that's a bad news 'cause I love my current Science teacher very much :( So our class, 5B decided to have a farewell for her.


Tadah, we bought her a cake since she always buy cakes for us last year.

My Science teacher aka my former class teacher ♥

 both class monitor :D

Ops, she bought us tarts! De Pastry Chef, YUMMMM!

It tastes nice, really :DD

with my Maths & Moral teacher :D They do camwhore like us too, and freaking pro poser!!! ♥

ze gents;

and girls! Too bad, it's blurred D:

Ops, don't misunderstood! She's still teaching in our school but not our class anymore :( Sobs.. anyway, wish her all the best in the future :) ♥ And, happy belated birthday!



  1. now i know y u all like your teacher so much! she's juz like us youngest, happy and active :)

  2. procne: YES IT IS!!

    Simon: ehh, why so smart one? HAHA yesh! & she always buy us cake eh :(

  3. Wow you have young cute teachers! You look different in uniform :D

  4. Nice that you have a good relationship with your teachers. :)

    You look so pretty in uniform. :P

  5. ur teacher look so young onee....

  6. Rolling Fumbling Thug: Hahaha yesh! err, do I? :D HAHA.

    Kelvin: Yesh :) Thankyou!

    Jessy: super young lorrrr, they camwhore & shopping like us :O

  7. Damn you now that you make me miss my school day.. haha =D

  8. your school uniform is cute!
    I LOLed at 'They do camwhore like us too, and freaking pro poser!!!'
    ahahah! :))

  9. Qi Wen: aiyah, sorry lor then haha :P

    Calvin: Hahaha thanks! LOL, serous lah, damn poser :P

  10. your teacher smile dam wife lo LOL

  11. Dam WIDE********* omg what I comment -,-

  12. waaa seeing this make me hungry


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