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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

N years ago,

Ohai people, I'm half dying now. I was supposed to go to kite flying and picnic with the bunch but I am stuck at home now & blogging here. Thanks to the fking period pain that made me freaking suffer since the early morning until now. Oh my mama miaaaaaaa ._.

Fyi, I've stop blogging for more than a month and I guess I haven't update about Yi Wen's birthday bash right. So now I feel like posting it up. We had a lil celebration for her at De Pastry, Bandar Menjalara since she wanted to eat spaghetti :) P.S. It was N years ago haha.

#1 My awesome girlfriends :D

#2 Take two after Kar Ying leaving. =3

#3 the b'day girl :D she's looking damn lady tdy :)

#4 both the sampat one heh. :)

#5 the only guy who attended that day :) 

#6 Yuen Chee and the b'day girl :)

#7 Kai Pin was there too heee :)

 #8 I don't know why we love to do this pose that day aha =3=

#9 ah bang & Yi Wen :)

 #10 Teehee my turn to take picture with the b'day girl :D

#11 so called b'day kiss :P ♥!!

#12 Another group picture before leaving. It's ..... taking picture infront of the entrance o.O AHA

Oh yeah, our dress code was skirt :D You can see that everyone of us were wearing skirt :) After lunch, we went to Yi Wen's house. Weeee we talked and play a lot! It was a crazy yet fun day instead :D

#13 spot the big big doraemon :(

Before I stop here, Imma post up a video and share with y'all :) Watch it! (Y)

Shoo sweet right heheh ♥ Alright I guess it's time to bump into my bed now since the pain just won't go away ._. Although my holidays is going to end soon, but I'll still keep this blog alive and updated, alright :) Stay tuned for the next blog post from me xoxox



  1. YEAAAAAA :) the video is really schweeeeet!! <3

  2. i watch the video's too over, but i couldn't say that i dont like it...*shy*...^^ so damn sweet la!!! I wanna get married..!!!!haha!

  3. hahah you are one of the few didnt wear spec :P I wonder you look nerd or not while your spec on with it hehehe

  4. tracey: agreeeee :)

    Eunice: AHA, memang over but I like it :)

    Kian Fai: Ahaha, totally student look! :P

    Kyril: Come come :P


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