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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tonight, we're living it up!

hello weeee :3

Gotcha! Just got my blog a new layout heh, so how is it? I'd prefer bright colour :) I need some feedbacks eh :D So yeah, exam is over finally and time for holidays yay. June is gonna be a good good month for me because I have two weeks holidays! Put your hands up in the air weee :)

I had a real good time bonding with the bunch yesterday :D It was a good hair day where seven of us went to sing k as a small birthday celebration for Yuen Chee :)

We're young; we're rock! ;)

After a round of screaming singing, we went for bowling and tea time @ Wong Kok Restaurant. :) Since yesterday was Yuen Chee's birthday, so we got the free big tub of tea! AHAHA, I don't know what other words to use except tub :P

a new different way of taking picha weee :3

 One last picture before JingWen and YiWen are leaving for tuition :( And so left five of us ss there AHA

the b'day girl aka my best best bestie ♥!!

*closer take* It's really a big tub of it :/

And so we all pose with it after that :D Bang on the left and Shey Lin on the right!

Me and Kai Pin :D:D

We also ordered some snacks and toast heh :)

XX Noodles :/ I don't know its name but it tastes good! Nyeheh

Potato Wedges without with cheese sause :D

Ham and Cheese sandwich :)

Tuna sandwich on the top while crispy toast with ham and cheese on the bottom :) both taste not bad!

the b'day girl and I :) ♥ ajajaja

kind of olympic logo heh ._.

Noted: We're all in hot pink which the colour is most hatred by the b'day girl and she's wearing green colour which is her favourite colour heh.

There are more pictures actually but I can't post it out due to privacy and some are not with me now :) Alright, that's all for today and I gonna get some rest! June, please be good to me and you know I love you heh.

Signing off...



  1. Yah, welcome back!! I am leaving right now... hahahahha will be back after i submit my spm art assignment :P

  2. I LIKE YOUR LAYOUT :O and woww. what a big "tub" of tea :P

  3. i love the first photo~ everyone looking stylish~ nice nice~

  4. ehhh cool way of taking pics like that with the mirrorrrr><

  5. Joanne: AHH, faster come back okay :P

    Pris: weeee thankyou :3 heheh

    Magdalene: AHAHA thanks!!

    domokun: Yeah weyy, new style :D

  6. Your layout is nice, vintage! OMG! That was freaking big tub of tea... Can you manage to finish up? Stomach is goona exploded :P

  7. I prefer yr new layout (: Niceeeee!

  8. Kelly: Ahhh thankyou! :D AHAHA, five people share still can't finish it :/ next time shall call more people heh

    Hilda: Thanks babeh :D

  9. i still remember this big tub of teh ais, where my lovelies celebrated my birthday for the first time :)

  10. Joeanney: woots :D so sweet lahh :)

  11. New Layout Nice ah!!!!! *thumbs up*
    And love ur "new way of taking pic" hehe cute!


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