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Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Gone Wrong

Hello hello, I just got home from badminton and so I'm super energetic now to blog :D Yesterday I went to watch drama titled "I'm Sorry" with my sister at PJLA, Jaya One :) Fyi, there are three different love story directed by three director and one of them is my sister's boyf :B He got free tickets for us teehee :D

Honestly, their storyline is quite touching and suitable for couples to watch because you will learn how to appreciate your loved one. :) My sister actually cried too although she watched for the second time. shh :p

The first story was directed by my sister's boyf :) 《错爱》之《偷偷表。错情》

《错爱》之《不要再酱错下去,好吗?》 The second story not bad too! *thumbs up*

& it's the last story :) 《错爱》之《(不能)错过的爱》

nyeheheh :)

with Fayse :) he is so friendly & humour :D

with JC :D He's a model & quite handsome too. But this picture okok only ._.

the lovebirds :) my sister & her boyf!

taken by me heh :D nice kah :)

Overall it is superb! I'm waiting for the next show :) oh btw I got a good news to share :) Last Saturday was our school's sports day & you know what, KASAWARI, blue house is the big winner woots! After 8 years, blue house finally won heh. I've been shouting all the way during the prize giving ceremony :D congrats yeah!

I'm proud to be a kasawarian :D

Whoops, I shall continue study nao kthxbai! xx


  1. HELLO! hari ini hari cuti istimewa :D

  2. wow, your sis's boyf is a director ? Awesome much :) I wanna watch this !

  3. shuwen: haha yes yes! :) aww too bad, no moreeee dy :(

  4. Sounds like a pretty good show XD

  5. Lucky you! Can take pic with leng zai XD

  6. Isaac: HAHA not sounds like, but it is! :P

    Lynette: AHHAHAHA :D

  7. woots to ur sister's talented bf!@


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